FAO recruits 01 Partnerships and Engagement Specialist

FAO t 01 Patnhp and Engagmnt Spalt


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Jo Dpton  CALL FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST – VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT: 2002334   Patnhp and Engagmnt Spalt Clo Dat: 27/Ot/2020, 11:59:00 PM Oganzatonal Unt: FRSSDJo Typ: Non-taff oppotntTyp of Rqton: Conltant / PSA (Ponal Sv Agmnt)Gad Lvl: N/APmay Loaton: Soth Sdan-JaDaton: 6 month wth pol xtnonPot Nm: N/A IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Pla not that Clo Dat and Tm dplayd aov a ad on dat and tm ttng of yo ponal dv FAO ommttd to ahvng wokfo dvty n tm of gnd and natonalty Popl wth dalt a qally noagd to apply All applaton wll tatd wth th ttt onfdntalty Th nmnt may -agnd to dffnt atvt and/o dty taton dpndng on th volvng nd of th Oganzaton Oganzatonal Sttng Th man am of th FAO onty off, whh a hadd y an FAO pntatv, to atant govnmnt to dvlop pol , pogamm and pojt to ahv food ty and to d hng and malntton, to hlp dvlop th agltal, fh and foty to and to th nvonmntal and natal o n a tanal mann.

Th FAO Rpntaton n Soth Sdan oganzd n th man nt: pogamm, Opaton and admntaton. Th nt potfolo of pojt n Soth Sdan nld atvt latd to Aglt (op), Lvtok, Fh, Natal Ro managmnt, Food nfomaton ytm and mplmntd wth hmantaan, tantonal and dvlopmnt fndng. Th nmnt wll ontt to th onty’ pogamm and potfolo a fon n th pojt h/h wll oodnat and agnd. Rpotng Ln Th Patnhp and Engagmnt Spalt pot to th FAO Rpntatv.

Thnal Fo Comphnv v on ntwokng and Patnhp; na and tngthn Patnhp and knowldg ntwok wthn and otd th Oganzaton, wth natonal, gonal and ntnatonal dvlopmnt patn, NGO, and pvat to, to ppot onty-lvl aton gdd y FAO’ Conty Pogamm Famwok (CPF).

Tak and ponlt · At to th dvlopmnt and mplmntaton of th FAO Statgy fo patnhp wth non-tat ato and th FAO Statgy fo patnhp wth th pvat to;

· Implmnt and monto ollaoatv wok wth patn, nldng mtng, jont pojt, nfomaton hang, t.; · Povd adv and mantan an ovght ol on th atvt mplmntaton y patn n onltaton wth Pojt Manag and Rponl Off; · Idntf and analy nw tatg Patnhp oppotnt and nt xtng Patnhp n th aa of food ty and ntton, advoay, nnovaton and pogamm mplmntaton and monto Patnhp atvt at th natonal lvl; · Gd Pojt Manag n th all fo Expon of Intt (EOI) and Call fo Popoal (CfP), ppot th valaton of Thnal popoal to dntfy th Sv Povd and fnalzng daft LOA; · Play ky ol on dgt ngotaton ppotng th Rponl Off wth th Patn fo fnalzng LOA dgt. · Mantan th LOA takng tal n lo oopaton wth th Pojt Sppot nt and Pojt Manag to at tmly tgg on th pot and paymnt; · Analy th qalty, ontny and appopatn of onty- pf patnhp matal, atvt, po and mag had wth patn; · Ov and vw th qalty, ontny and appopatn of onty- pf patnhp matal, tool and po; · Lad n pdatng and mantanng th Rk gt dataa and pdatng n PIRES; · Pfom oth latd dt a qtd. CANDIDATES WILL BE ASSESSED AGAINST THE FOLLOWING Mnmm Rqmnt    Advand Dg  n Govnan and Dvlopmnt, Fnan, Bn Admntaton, Aontng, Statg Managmnt o oth latd o. At lat fv ya of lvant xpn  n managmnt of omplx pojt on lvlhood dvfaton, val han, al n dvlopmnt and agltal maktng pfaly n Fagl o onflt afftd tat.Wokng knowldg of Englh and lmtd knowldg of on of th oth FAO langag (Fnh, Spanh, Aa, Chn, Ran) FAO Co Comptn Rlt Fo TamwokCommnatonBldng Efftv RlatonhpStatg thnkngKnowldg Shang and Contno Impovmnt  Thnal/Fntonal Skll Extnt and lvan of xpn n fld pogamm/pojt opaton n th food ty and aglt to. Famlaty wth FAO’ Pojt yl gdln and knowldg of FAO po and admntatv ytm a ondd a tong at.Extnt and lvan of xpn n lang wth ntnatonal dono oganzaton and dvlopmnt patn and n ppang popoal fo fndng, montong dgt and ppang fnanal pot n dono pf fomat.Extnt and lvan of xpn n pogamm/pojt managmnt Alty to plan, oganz, mplmnt and pot on wok.Good knowldg of UN ytm, pod and opaton atvt an advantag Pla not that all anddat hold adh to FAO Val of Commtmnt to FAO, Rpt fo All and Intgty and Tanpany ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FAO do not hag any f at any tag of th tmnt po (applaton, ntvw, pong)

Pla not that FAO wll only ond aadm dntal o dg otand fom an datonal nttton ognzd n th IAU/UNESCO ltIf yo a n poon of langag tfat/ fom UN adtd xtnal povd and/o FAO langag offal xamnaton (LPE, ILE, LRT), pla attah th tfat/ whn mttng th applaton. Fo mo nfomaton, vt th FAO mploymnt wt  HOW TO APPLY To apply, vt th tmnt wt at Jo at FAO and omplt yo onln pofl. Inomplt applaton wll not ondd. Only applaton vd thogh th tmnt potal wll ondd.

W noag applant to mt th applaton wll fo th dadln If yo nd hlp pla ontat:  [email protected]


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