FAO recruits 01 SDG2 National Focal Point


Hmanta (ONG, Aoaton, …), Pojt/pogamm d dévloppmnt

Jo Dpton – SDG2 Natonal Foal Pont (2002042) Jo Dpton CALL FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST – VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT: 2002042 SDG2 Natonal Foal Pont Clo Dat: 11/Ot/2020, 11:59:00 PM Oganzatonal Unt: OERJo Typ: Non-taff oppotntTyp of Rqton: Conltant / PSA (Ponal Sv Agmnt)Gad Lvl: N/APmay Loaton: ChadDaton: Up to 11 monthPot Nm: N/A  IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Pla not that Clo Dat and Tm dplayd aov a ad on dat and tm ttng of yo ponal dv

FAO ommttd to ahvng wokfo dvty n tm of gnd and natonalty Popl wth dalt a qally noagd to apply All applaton wll tatd wth th ttt onfdntalty Th nmnt may -agnd to dffnt atvt and/o dty taton dpndng on th volvng nd of th Oganzaton

Oganzatonal Sttng Aodng to th Gloal Rpot on Food C 2020, almot on mllon popl w lafd n C (CH Pha 3) and Emgny (CH Pha 4) and addtonal 3 mllon w n Std (CH Pha 2) ondton ao Chad. Th opond to a 57 pnt na ompad to 2018. Chad th only onty n th Sahl gon wth pvaln of ndnohmnt ontantly aov 35%. Chon nddvlopmnt, nty and dplamnt, natal o dtoaton and lmat hok a at th oot of food and ntton nty n Chad. Fth, Chad at th momnt pnt th lat tonghold of latv talty n a gon afftd y tom, opn onflt and mav dplamnt.

In th ontxt, th Sahlan Povn of Kanm and Ba-l-Gazhal a dntfd a aa wh th fght agant hng oadly pvd a tgglng. Aft 30 ya of natonal and ntnatonal ontno ffot, food nty man at th hght lvl wth almot 200,000 popl n gnt nd of food atan (CH Pha 3 and aov) fo th lat two ya. Undntton man a ommon ondton fo many hldn, mgaton ondd y many yoth a th only opton to ahv a dnt ft, and natal o dtoaton oadly n a navodal. Don-makng and o a hghly ntalzd wthn th Govnmnt. Whl val gonal govno and loal lad a amto and ag to ngag on olton, thy gnally lak th o to ontt, o thy awat appoval fom th ntal Govnmnt. Thnal govnmntal apaty wak and th Govnmnt ha qtd atan to talh a gla ad oodnaton mhanm. In th ontxt, WFP, FAO, Unf and Oha and th lvant lt (Ntton, Food Sty, and WASH) ppotd y th Gloal Ntwok Agant Food C a ladng an all takhold’ nlv ffot amng at ovhalng th ffot aond hng adaton n Chad (tatng fom Kanm and Ba-l-Gazal povn) to ahv maal pog agant a ommon ojtv jontly dfnd a: d hng y mpovng food and ntton ty. Rpotng Ln Th nmnt wll wok nd th gnal pvon of th FAO, WFP and Unf pntatv (o th dpt a fom aangmnt n off) n th onty of agnmnt, th thnal pvon of th gloal Food Sty Clt Coodnato and n ppot to th fo lt oodnato at onty lvl. H/h wll wok mpatally wth all mm of th 4 Clt and n lo ollaoaton wth all oth lvant lt n od to mpov nt jont plannng wthn food ty ntton WASH and Halth ato and wth oth lvant to and lt. Th jo wll ltmatly am at ppotng mpovd opatonal ohn tanndng th tadtonal dvd twn hmantaan and dvlopmnt aton.

Thnal Fo Sppot to th talhmnt and th mantnan of a omphnv hng adaton platfom ootd n th fld and fod aond th hmantaan, pa, dvlopmnt nx nldng loal, natonal and gonal takhold. Tak and ponlt Bldng on th ahvd lt, th Hng adaton (SDG2) foal pont wll ppot tngthnd oodnaton along th nt pogamm yl ppotng th maxmzaton of lnkag and yng twn dffnt lvant to a wll a twn hmantaan and dvlopmnt aton. Th wll nld ppot to jont nttoal nd analy atvt to hlp nng that old vdn a analy wll ppot ohnt ntgatd pon plan. Spfally, h/h wll:

Rglaly onvn patn and food ty and ntton takhold aond th x of an mpovd ntgatd plan lt on had old analy at natonal lvl and ppot h/h homolog n poty povn n dong o n th fld;At patn n ovomng dffn, ld and mplmnt ommonly agd “pogammat adjtmnt plan” fo mpovd onvgn;Wth th thnal ppot of th gloal tam and th thnan fom ndvdal patn t-p a ommon montong famwok and a montong plan ppotng th olltv aton;Ung th ommon montong famwok ppot olltv advoay on ommonly dntfd pot fo aton ng th latd n pogammat adjtmnt fom patn o/and on addtonal fndng qd;Sppot patn on th dntfaton of gogaphal pot fo platon and adaptaton of th appoah n oth povn of Chad.  CANDIDATES WILL BE ASSESSED AGAINST THE FOLLOWING    Mnmm Rqmnt Advand nvty dg  n food ty, onom, lvant oal o natal n, o oth latd dpln lvant to th mandat of th Oganzaton;  Mnmm of 5 ya of povn knowldg and xpn  n pot dat mgny and haltaton amnt and pogammng, and oth lvant thnal xpn;Wokng knowldg of Englh o Fnh and lmtd knowldg of any oth offal langag of th Oganzaton (Aa, Chn, Spanh and Ran). FAO Co Comptn Rlt Fo TamwokCommnatonBldng Efftv RlatonhpKnowldg Shang and Contno Impovmnt  Thnal/Fntonal Skll Al to wok nd p and adapt to an volvng and omplx hmantaan ontxt and wthn mltdplnay and dffnt ltal akgond tam; Alty to onvn and ha mtng ppotd y a old xpn of what th lt ytm and how th hmantaan and dvlopmnt ahtt wok;Famlaty wth dffnt food ty and ntton thotal famwok, amnt tool and pogammat toll, mthodolog and pat;Expn n fomlaton, oodnaton, mplmntaton, data analy and ntptaton, and potng fo amnt  and analy po;Expn n pfomng pon plannng and pon analy;Expn n oodnatng a lag nm of takhold;Exllnt ommnaton kll, oth val and wttn;Efftv tam ladhp and don makng kll wth tong ndvdal plannng apaty;             Sond knowldg of hmantaan pnpl. Pla not that all anddat hold adh to FAO Val of Commtmnt to FAO, Rpt fo All and Intgty and Tanpany ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FAO do not hag any f at any tag of th tmnt po (applaton, ntvw, pong)

Pla not that FAO wll only ond aadm dntal o dg otand fom an datonal nttton ognzd n th IAU/UNESCO ltIf yo a n poon of langag tfat/ fom UN adtd xtnal povd and/o FAO langag offal xamnaton (LPE, ILE, LRT), pla attah th tfat/ whn mttng th applaton. Fo mo nfomaton, vt th FAO mploymnt wt  HOW TO APPLY To apply, vt th tmnt wt at Jo at FAO and omplt yo onln pofl. Inomplt applaton wll not ondd. Only applaton vd thogh th tmnt potal wll ondd.

W noag applant to mt th applaton wll fo th dadln If yo nd hlp pla ontat:  [email protected]


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