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FAO t 01 W Dgn and Dvlopmnt Conltant


Hmanta (ONG, Aoaton, …), Pojt/pogamm d dévloppmnt

Jo Dpton – W dgn and dvlopmnt onltant (2002368)

Jo Dpton; 2002368  W dgn and dvlopmnt onltant Clo Dat: 25/Ot/2020, 11:59:00 PM Oganzatonal Unt: FRRWAJo Typ: Non-taff oppotntTyp of Rqton: PSA (Ponal Sv Agmnt)Gad Lvl: N/APmay Loaton: RwandaDaton: 35 wokng day ov 4 monthPot Nm: N/A FAO k gnd, gogaphal and lngt dvty n t taff and ntnatonal onltant n od to t v FAO Mm n all gon. Qalfd fmal applant and qalfd natonal of non-and nd-pntd mm ont a noagd to apply.  Pon wth dalt a qally noagd to apply.  All applaton wll tatd wth th ttt onfdn. Oganzatonal Sttng Th Intgatd Conty Appoah fo ootng dnt jo fo yoth n th ag-food ytm (ICA pojt) anhod n FAO’ Statg Ojtv 3 “Rd al povty”. In patla, t wll dtly ontt to tatg ojtv 3 Oganzatonal Otom 2: Cont nhand a of th al poo to podtv mploymnt and dnt wok oppotnt, patlaly among yoth and womn. Wthn th Otom, th pojt wll manly ontt to th otpt on Poly ppot and apaty dvlopmnt n th fomlaton and mplmntaton of tatg, pol, gdln, and pogamm to nhan dnt al mploymnt oppotnt, ntpnhp and kll dvlopmnt, pally fo yoth and womn.

Rwanda yoth n Agn Fom (RYAF) wa ntatd y th Mnty of Aglt and anmal Ro and FAO a a platfom to ng togth dffnt yoth oganzaton, ndvdal yoth fam and ntpn n Aglt Sto wokng n op podton, lvtok, ago-pong, npt and oth Ago-v (xtnon, maktng, food pakagng, fam mhanzaton, d mltplaton t.) a wll a ICT fo Aglt n Rwanda. Th platfom am to pomot th potv mnd-t among th yoth v-à-v aglt, whl ontng yoth to ah ot to oth famng gop to a awan on th pat of n-ontd aglt. Th xpt hd to gv Thnal Atan n th vw and pgad of th Rwanda Yoth n Agn Fom (RYAF) Wt n tm of IT nfatt, w dgn, and xpn.   Rpotng Ln Sh/h wll wok nd th Gnal pvon of th FAO Rpntatv n Rwanda and dt pvon of th Atant FAOR/Pogamm and wll wok loly wth th Natonal Coodnato of ICA pojt .Th whol wok to ndtakn wll don n lo ollaoaton wth Rwanda Yoth n Agn Fom and th Mnty of Aglt and Anmal Ro a th Mnty n hag of ovng RYAF. Th Natonal Conltant wll pot to th FAO Rpntatv (FAOR) and th pot wll fnalzd n ollaoaton wth th ICA Natonal oodnato nd th gdan of FAO Atant n Chag of Pogam. Thnal Fo Th wok wll fo on th analy of nt RYAF wt alty and ngagmnt and th dvlopmnt and p-ttng of a nw wt dgnd ad on th fdak and nd of RYAF mm and ky takhold. Tak and ponlt Th onltant wll ponl of mplmntng and potng atvt latd to th analy and pgad of RYAF wt. Th nld: 1) Analy of RYAF wt A th IT nfatt and ty of th nt RYAF wt and t ntgatd omponnt (nld RYAF mmhp potal and RYAF hop pag) Analy th ngagmnt wth RYAF onln ontnt thogh w and oal mda analyt.Conlt RYAF managmnt, RYAF taff n hag of th wt and oth dgtal hannl, and MINAGRI a th Mnty ovng RYAF, n od to dntfy xtng gap and xptd lt of th wt pgad. Th wt pgad popoal hold alo flt RYAF -dfnd von and tatgy.Collt fdak on RYAF wt alty fom a mall t vad ampl of (nt and poptv) , fong on RYAF mm and patlaly tho lvng n al aa, n od to ndtand what ndd to mpov th xpn wth th wt and th gtaton potal. Th ah an ondtd oth onln wth xtng and offln wth andom yoth n al aa, nldng ft-tm .  2) Upgad of RYAF wt Bad on fndng and ommndaton of th analy, dvlop a popoal fo pgadng RYAF wt, nldng th latd RYAF hop pag and th ntgatd mmhp gtaton ytm. Th popoal wll pond to th dntfd gap and povd th opondng thnal and fntonal qmnt nldng opton fo w dgn and layot, ntfa, wokflow. Th popoal wll alo nld a dtald wokplan and tmln fo mplmntaton, nldng mgaton of xtng ontnt to a nw CMS (Typo3, Von 8) and t-p of a mlt-langag wt (to aommodat nfomaton n Knyawanda, Englh and Fnh). A pat of th pgad popoal, dntfy opton fo nang alty of th wt ontnt and th gtaton ytm y yoth wth lmtd onntvty o poo dgtal kll, xplong omplmntay hannl (.g. SMS, IVR).A pat of th pgad popoal fo th RYAF hop pag, dntfy an ntatv -omm fat that wold faltat lnkag twn th RYAF ato wth y n th onty, .g. gv th oppotnty to xhto to dplay th pod and y to gt n ontat wth hop.  Dvlop a tt von of th nw wt and mmhp gtaton ytm ad on th appovd popoal and oodnat wth RYAF taff fo p-ttng t wth a mall t vad ampl of , n od to ollt fdak and adjt t aodngly.Optmz and mgat xtng ontnt and pofl to th nw pgadd wt and mmhp dataa.Ppa a handy manal and tan lt RYAF tam mm on th managmnt and mantnan of th nw wt to n that thy a al to pdat, akp and mantan th wt and latd mmhp potal flly fntonal n th long-tm. Dlval Th followng dlval a xptd fom th Conltant: An npton pot ompng an analy of RYAF wt n tm of ICT nfatt, ty, alty and ngagmnt, a wll a a dtald popoal wth mok-p and wokplan fo th pgad. Th npton pot ha to mttd no lat than 15 day aft gnatoy of th ontat. Tt von of RYAF wt and latd mmhp potal to mttd no lat than 15 day aft appoval of th dtald popoal.Flly fntonal pgadd RYAF wt and latd mmhp potal, to mttd no lat than 10 day aft ttng and povon of onoldatd ommnt fom MINAGRI, RYAF and FAO.U manal and tanng to lt RYAF tam mm on how to manag and mantan th nw wt. CANDIDATES WILL BE ASSESSED AGAINST THE FOLLOWING Mnmm Rqmnt Bahlo’ Dg  n nfomaton thnology o qvalnt qalfaton Mnmm 5 ya of povn xpn  n gaph dgn and dvlopmnt of wt, onln dataa and w v (anddat hold povd a potfolo of th wok)Flny n wttn and pokn Englh qd.Knowldg of Knyawanda qd.Knowldg of Fnh a nft.Natonal of Rwanda o dnt n th onty wth a gla wok pmt. FAO Co Comptn Rlt Fo TamwokCommnatonBldng Efftv RlatonhpKnowldg Shang and Contno Impovmnt Thnal/Fntonal Skll Knowldg and ndtandng of th of yoth n Agn Expn n th dgn of yoth-fndly wt and onln dataaExpn n ah and analy of ngagmnt wth dgtal podt and platfomExpn n hman-ntd dgn and dgtal nlon a tong atAnalytal kll and alty to wt la and on ontnt n Englh and KnyawandaAlty to wok nd p and wth lmtd pvonExllnt tm managmnt kllTamwok and Rlt ontdAdvand pofny ng CMS, n patla Typo 3 ttly qdSold ndtandng of ntfa dgn pnpl Slton Cta Aadm akgond (25%) Wok Expn (35%)Thnal kll (40%) Pla not that all anddat hold adh to FAO Val of Commtmnt to FAO, Rpt fo All and Intgty and Tanpany.  ADDITIONAL INFORMATION • FAO do not hag a f at any tag of th tmnt po (applaton, ntvw mtng, pong).• Inomplt applaton wll not ondd. If yo nd hlp, o hav q, pla ontat:  [email protected] • Applaton vd aft th long dat wll not aptd.• Only langag pofny tfat fom UN adtd xtnal povd and/o FAO langag offal xamnaton (LPE, ILE, LRT) wll aptd a poof of th lvl of knowldg of langag ndatd n th onln applaton.• Fo oth , vt th FAO mploymnt wt:  http://www.fao.og/mploymnt/hom/n/

HOW TO APPLY To apply, vt th tmnt wt at Jo at FAO and omplt yo onln pofl. Only applaton vd thogh th tmnt potal wll ondd.Canddat a qtd to attah a ltt of motvaton to th onln pofl.If yo nd hlp, o hav q, pla ontat:  [email protected]


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