FHI 360 recruits 01 Administrative Assistant

FHI 360 t 01 Admntatv Atant

Jo Smmay

Th poton haatzd y th pfoman of a vaty of admntatv and off ppot dt. Poton q knowldg of oganzatonal and dpatmntal pol and pod n od to ommnat nfomaton nvolvng pogam, fnton, and v. Dt pfomd may nld ppaaton of domnt and pot, th of off thnology, omplng od, oganzng and mantanng fl, potng nfomaton, gtng / fng/atng oth, mal dtton, and photoopyng. Th ang of dt nld, t not lmtd to, olltng and vfyng data, mmazng and onlng nfomaton o fnanal data, od managmnt, vw and pong, ah and nvntoy. Poton may v a th pmay taff atant to a dpatmnt o manag. At th advand lvl, may v a a lad wok o may povd pvon to oth mploy.


Anw phon. Tak mag o fld/anw otn and non- otn qton. Povd nfomaton to all. Wok n oopaton wth oth Admntatv Aoat to ov phon. Povd admntatv ppot to taff fo opyng, faxng and lag- al malng. Rpond to taff qt fo admntatv ppot a ndd. St p and mantan fl, ppa pot, pntaton and gaph, povd mploy wth off ppl, pfom data nty, poofad, and ompl pal pot. Rv and dtt nomng malng and oodnat otgong mal, nldng o v, potag mt aont, and ntoff mal dtton. Shdl mtng and mtng aangmnt. Povd mtng ppot a ndd (.g. hdlng onfn oom, oodnatng food, logt). Commnat wth oth ntnal and xtnal ponnl a qd. Ppa and mantan domntaton, plan, pot, hdl, dataa, pad ht, log t. to ppot fnton. Agnmnt vay ad on dpatmnt and/o fntonal aa.  May handl pal pojt and xt ah and data analy tak.

Appld Knowldg & Skll:

Dmontat a ndtandng of th aa of palzaton, of pogam pod, mthod, and pat to nld knowldg of pogam and taff ponlt. U talhd flng and data ytm, fnton, and/o pod that q knowldg of th pogam. Rvw data and nfomaton fo ompltn and aay ng tandad gdln; pfom tak wth attnton to dtal. Undtand oftwa d to pfom day-to-day fnton. U a off oftwa pogam, nfomaton ytm, and off qpmnt to a, npt, and vfy tandad nfomaton. Commnat nfomaton laly to taff, lnt, and/o pl aot v, po, and pod ng pd o talhd gdln. Utlz pogam pf tmnology. Gath adly avalal nfomaton fom off od to daft -mal, mmo and oth domnt. Poofad domnt fo gamma, pllng, pntaton, and a fomattng. Povd anw to qt fo gnal nfomaton. Rod and domnt nfomaton aatly.

Polm Solvng & Impat:

Idntf and ognz polm that hav talhd pdnt and lmtd mpat. Rf non- tandad qton and polm to hgh lvl. Eo an aly and qkly dttd wthn th mmdat wok nt and wold lt only n mno dpton o xpn to ot.

Spvon Gvn/Rvd:

Clo pvon nvolvng dtald ntton and fqnt montong of wok pfoman. Contat a pmaly wthn mmdat wok nt. Contat nvolv otanng o povdng nfomaton qng lttl xplanaton o ntptaton.
Jo qmnt


Hgh Shool/GED Dploma o Intnatonal Eqvalnt.


0 – 3 Ya of latd xpn. Alty to gath, ommnd and mmaz data fo pot, fnd olton to vao admntatv polm, and potz wok. Wok q attnton to dtal n ompong, typng and poofng matal, talhng pot and mtng dadln.

Thnology to Ud:

Ponal Compt, Mooft Off (.. Wod, Exl, PowPont, t.), -mal, tlphon, pnt, allato, op, ll phon, PDA and oth hand hld dv.

Tavl Rqmnt: 

L than 10%

Th jo potng mmaz th man dt of th jo. It nth p no tt th xat tak that may agnd to ay ot th dt. Th domnt hold not ontd n any way to pnt a ontat of mploymnt. Managmnt v th ght to vw and v th domnt at any tm.

Po potl à pot vllz vt  fh.wd1.mywokdayjo.om .

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