FHI 360 recruits 01 Deputy Technical Director

FHI 360 t 01 Dpty Thnal Dto

Jo Smmay

Lad th dvlopmnt and mplmntaton po of a ompany’ v nvolvng dpatmntal o o-fntonal tam fod on th dlvy of nw o xtng pojt. May tattal analy ytm, h a SAS, a appopat. Plan and dt hdl and monto dgt/pndng. Monto th pojt/pogam fom ntaton thogh dlvy. Oganz th ntdpatmntal atvt nng omplton of th pojt/pogam on hdl and wthn dgt ontant. Slt, dvlop and valat ponnl to n th ffnt opaton of th fnton .

Fo PQC jo only:

In addton to th ponlt, th PQC (Podt Qalty & Complan) Aoat Dto, Thnal poton wll manag th ttng la and vw monthly fnanal pot and dgt analy. Sppot th dpatmnt and laoatoy wth managng pojt, mantanng adhn to ntnatonal laoatoy tandad (ISO 17025) and ppotng th Dto wth day to day atvt of dpatmntal atvt and fnton.


Povd thnal ovght to on o mo pogam to n omplan wth ompany pol and pod. Dgn, monto and valat atvt gadng tmnt, ontaton, and pvon of tam who lad th atvt. Sppot apaty ldng and ontt to th ovall tatg goal of any agnd pogam. Cat o v popoal a nd to faltat tatg goal. Tan taff on pod and pol to ahv dpatmntal and oganzatonal goal. Sppot managmnt wth ommndaton fo po mpovmnt to ahv tatg goal. Sppot pfoman managmnt and pofonal dvlopmnt of dt pot, nldng ongong fdak, oahng, and a ppot.

Appld Knowldg & Skll: 

Comphnv knowldg of tho, onpt, and pat wth pojt managmnt. Exllnt oal and wttn ommnaton kll. Exllnt oganzatonal and analytal kll. Dmontatd pojt and thnal ladhp. Alty to motvat, nfln and wok wll wth oth to ahv ompany goal.

Polm Solvng & Impat: 

Wok on polm of omplx op that q analy of taton and data of vao fato. Ex jdgmnt wthn oadly dfnd pat and pol n ltng mthod and thnq fo otanng olton. Don mad gnally hav majo mplaton on th managmnt and opaton of an aa wthn a dpatmnt.

Spvon Gvn/Rvd: 

Manag taff to mt dpatmntal and oganzatonal goal. Manag th dgt, mthod and tatg of th dpatmnt. Rommnd olton to managmnt on tatgy, opatonal, and n don that afft th dpatmnt. Typally pot to a Dto.
Jo qmnt


Bahlo’ Dg o t Intnatonal Eqvalnt • Knowldg/Infomaton Sv, Commnaton, Edaton, Envonmnt, Halth, Bhavoal, Lf/Soal Sn Intnatonal Dvlopmnt, Hman Dvlopmnt o Rlatd Fld.


Typally q 8+ ya of pojt managmnt xpn wthn a ah nvonmnt. Atlat, pofonal and al to ommnat n a la, potv mann wth lnt and taff. Mt al to ad, wt and pak flnt Englh. Rlatd po wok xpn pfd.

Typal Phyal Dmand: 

Typal off nvonmnt. Alty to t and tand fo xtndd pod of tm. Alty to lft 5-50 l.

Thnology to Ud:

Ponal Compt, Mooft Off (.. Wod, Exl, PowPont, t.), -mal, tlphon, pnt, allato, op, ll phon, PDA and oth hand hld dv.

Tavl Rqmnt: 

Gat than 25%

Po potl à pot vllz vt  fh.wd1.mywokdayjo.om .

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