FHI 360 recruits 01 Driver

FHI 360 t 01 Dv

Jo Smmay

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Polm Solvng & Impat:

Idntf and ognz polm that hav talhd pod and lmtd mpat. Rf non-tandad qton and polm to hgh lvl. Eo an aly and qkly dttd wthn th mmdat wok nt and wold lt only mno dpton o xpn to ot.

Spvon Gvn/Rvd:

Gnal pvon and ntton gvn fo otn wok and dtald ntton wth pod wok vw gvn fo nw atvt o pal agnmnt. Contat a typally wth ndvdal wthn own dpatmnt and wth ontat otd th oganzaton. Contat nvolv otanng o povdng nfomaton o data qng om xplanaton o ntptaton.
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Hgh Shool Dploma/GED o qvalnt


0-3 ya of latd dvng xpn. Mt hav a tad tt tfat, a vald dvng ln and a lan dvng od. Expn n th opaton of lag vhl; o an qvalnt omnaton of xpn and tanng.

Typal Phyal Dmand:

Typal off nvonmnt. Alty to t and tand fo xtndd pod of tm; alty to lft 5-50 l.

Thnology to Ud:

Ponal Compt, Mooft Off (.. Wod, Exl, PowPont, t.), -mal, tlphon, pnt, allato, op, ll phon, PDA and oth hand hld dv.

Tavl Rqmnt:

L than 10%

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Po potl à pot vllz vt  fh.wd1.mywokdayjo.om .

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