FRC recruits 01 Head of delegation

FRC t 01 Had of dlgaton – Dama – SYRIA – H/F

Contxt of th poton

Th mon of th Fnh Rd Co (FRC) to pvnt and allvat all hman ffng, and ontt to all ffot latd to potton, oal wlfa, pvnton, daton and halth a.

Th Fnh Rd Co wa atv n Sya fom 2009 to 2012 and ppotd th Syan Aa Rd Cnt (SARC) n mdal nt.

Th FRC ha opnd a nw dlgaton n Sya (Dama ad) n Dm 2019 to ppot th SARC n WASH atvt, mo ply Mntal Hygn Managmnt (MHM) pomoton and a to wat atvt. Th FRC alo ppotng SARC’ Rpon plan to th COVID-19 Pandm.

Th poton

Und th ponlty of th Dk Manag n Pa, th Had of Dlgaton wll n hag of th:

Coodnaton of th tatg poton Dvlopmnt of th fndang tatgy nldng popoal wtng and dgt ppaaton Ntwokng and patnhp dvlopmnt Implmntaton and montong of th atvt Spvon of fnanal and logt o managmnt Commnaton managmnt and potng Sty Managmnt

Und th athoty of th Dpty Dk Off ad n Pa, th Had of Dlgaton tak a dvdd nto 6 atgo:

Etalhmnt, oodnaton and tatg potonng Implmntaton and follow p of th atvt Spvon of th fnanal and logt man managmnt Hman o managmnt Commnaton and potng Sty managmnt

Hahal lnk:

Wok nd th ponlty of th Mddl Eat Had of Zon ad n Pa (HQ) I ponl of all th natonal and xpatat taff on th mon, n ollaoaton wth th Natonal Soty

Fntonal lnk:

Wok ntnally wth th Dpty Dk Off, thnal advo and oth ppot v n HQ o n Bt and alo th gonal pntatv (Had of Zon) ad n Lanon

Expén / Fomaton

Th pofl of th anddat:

Mat’ dg n hmantaan pojt managmnt o n a mla fld Expn n a mla poton fo at lat 3 ya Expn n pojt managmnt Expn n tam managmnt Expn of FRC o RC & RC Movmnt Expn n th Mddl-Eat wold an at Englh mandatoy (oal and wttn) Aa wold an at

Jo qmnt:

Lnkd to th Had of Dlgaton poton:

Atonomo, mlt-klld, adaptal Good latonhp, dplomat Good kll n pojt managmnt Compt tool ltay (omplt atonomy on Wod and Exl) Wtng kll and xpn n pojt popoal and pot wtng Good apaty to analyz and ynthz

Lnkd to th pf nvonmnt of th mon:

Dpln, patn, flxl and adaptaton kll Patn Expn n taff fom dffnt lt managmnt. Good tam wok apaty Comfotal and adaptal n ntttonal laton Good knowldg o xpn n th RC/RC Movmnt (opaton, mandat…) Dpln, flxlty and adaptaton kll Adaptaton and ngotaton kll


Loaton : Dama, Sya Daton: 12 month To flld: Janay 2021 Stat: xpatat poton

Th Fnh Rd Co v th ght to fll th poton fo th long dat fo applaton Pqt:

Papot vald fo mo than 6 month at th momnt of dpat Up-to-dat vanaton ad / ftn fo tavl

Onln tanng:

To tt aqantd wth th Rd Co Rd Cnt Movmnt, w nvt yo to follow two tanng on onln, f and al to all that onttt a al advantag fo yo applaton:

WORC (Th Wold of Rd Co and Rd Cnt) an -lanng o on th fndamntal pnpl and opaton of th Rd Co Rd Cnt Movmnt. It 12 modl add jt h a th ogn and htoy of th Movmnt, t fndamntal pnpl, t mlm, th Intnatonal Fdaton, th ICRC and natonal ot. It ntndd fo all: volnt, mploy, mm o popl whng to gt mo nfomaton on th ggt hmantaan movmnt n th wold.

Stay Saf ntndd fo vy taff n a poton to ay ot ntnatonal mon on half of th Fdaton o a Natonal Soty of th Rd Co Rd Cnt Movmnt. Th o am at dvlopng a ommon lt of ty managmnt wthn th Movmnt n od to nal a tt ndtandng of th man that and k fo hmantaan ato n th fld, and off olton to tan th mpat.

Yo wll fnd th lon on th IFRC Lanng Platfom opn to all y lkng on th followng lnk:

Commnt potl

Pla nd yo m and ov ltt.

Clqz po potl


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