French Red Cross recruits 01 Administrative, Finance and HR Coordinator

Fnh Rd Co t 01 Admntatv, Fnan and HR Coodnato – El/Baghdad– IRAQ – H/F

Mon Contxt

Th mon of th Fnh Rd Co to pvnt and allvat all hman ffng, and ontt to all ffot latd to potton, oal wlfa, pvnton, daton and halth a.Th Fnh Rd Co ha n opatonal n Nothn Iaq n 2013, n Dohk, Nnwa and El govnoat. FRC povd atan n a ang of to nldng WASH, Lvlhood, and Edaton, fong ntally on th nflx of Syan fg, thn on th IDP and th hallngng tn of poplaton nto nwly-latd aa. Th Iaq pogamm pntly mploy aot 27 natonal taff and 4 ntnatonal taff. Th Fnh Rd Co wok n patnhp wth th loal anh of th Iaq Rd Cnt Soty (IRCS).In 2020, FRC wll ontn t mgny and aly ovy atan fo Syan fg, Iaq IDP, tn and mot vlnal hot ommnt n ollaoaton wth th Iaq Rd Cnt Soty. Th wll nld, n patla:

Contnng to mpov daton a to hldn of Syan fg, IDP and hot ommnt n Iaq Kdtan Povdng tanal WASH falt & v fo th mot vlnal poplaton n Snja, n Nnwa govnoat Th mplmntaton of a jont FRC/IRCS dat k managmnt pojt tagtng poplaton n Iaq Kdtan a wll a n Fdal Iaq

Th Admn/Fn/HR Coodnato ntly ad n El, t th poton wll mov to Baghdad n th lat qat of 2020, wth gla vt to plannd to El and Dohk a.


Und th ponlty of th Had of Dlgaton, th Admntatv/Fnan/HR Coodnato n hag of th fnanal, admntatv and lgal apt of th pojt n addton to th ovall managmnt of HR. H/h wll gaant th mplmntaton of goo and tanpant pod to flfll th ojtv of th mon n ln wth FRC and dono’ gdln.

Lgal famwok Staff managmnt Admntatv managmnt of hman o Fndng and dono Aontany, ta, dgt plannng & montong Commnaton, potng and pntaton

Hahal lnk :

Th Admntaton, Fnan and HR Coodnato nd th ponlty of th Had of Dlgaton H/h th ln manag of th Dpty Admntatv Coodnato (ad n Dohk)

Fntonal lnk :

Dt ollaoaton wth th Logt Coodnato, Pogam Coodnato and Pojt Manag, a wll a th Fnanal Contoll ad n Pa

Expén / Fomaton

Edatonal akgond and xpn:

Gadat o pot-gadat dg n Fnan/HR Yo hav alady wokd n a mla poton fo at lat 2 ya Exllnt fnanal and analytal kll Exllnt ommnaton and daftng kll fo fftv potng on Pogamm Fnanal pfoman Knowldg of th ad ytm and ndtandng of dono qmnt Alty to manag a fnanal/montong tam and dmontat ladhp Alty to ay ot apaty-ldng ffot to loal taff Expn wth FRC and/o RCRC Movmnt wold an at


Stong ommnaton, analy and potng kll Good latonhp, patn Managmnt qalt Alty to wok nd hgh p wth a gat lvl of ponal oganaton Englh mandatoy (oal and wttn); Fnh/Aa/Kdh wold a pl Stong ntponal and ntltal kll Po atvty and flxlty Atonomy and n of tam wokng


Loaton: IRAK – El (Iaq Kdtan) / Baghdad (Iaq) Lngth of agnmnt: 12 month Stat dat : Oto 2020 Stat: Expatat

Commnt potl

Pla nd yo m and ov ltt.Th Fnh Rd Co v th ght to fll th poton fo th long dat fo applaton. Pqt:

Papot vald fo mo than 6 month at th momnt of dpat Up-to-dat vanaton ad / ftn fo tavl

Onln tanng:

To tt aqantd wth th Rd Co Rd Cnt Movmnt, w nvt yo to follow two tanng on onln, f and al to all. Th tanng on onttt a al advantag fo yo applaton:

WORC (Th Wold of Rd Co and Rd Cnt) an -lanng o on th fndamntal pnpl and opaton of th Rd Co Rd Cnt Movmnt. It 12 modl add jt h a th ogn and htoy of th Movmnt, t fndamntal pnpl, t mlm, th Intnatonal Fdaton, th ICRC and natonal ot. It ddatd to all pofl: volnt, mploy, mm o popl whng to gt mo nfomaton on th ggt hmantaan movmnt n th wold.

Stay Saf ddatd to vy taff n a poton to ay ot ntnatonal mon on half of th Fdaton o a Natonal Soty of th Rd Co Rd Cnt Movmnt. Th o am at dvlopng a ommon lt of ty managmnt wthn th Movmnt n od to nal a tt ndtandng of th man that and k fo hmantaan ato n th fld, and off olton to tan th mpat.

Yo wll fnd th lon on th IFRC Lanng Platfom opn to all y lkng on th followng lnk:

Clqz po potl


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