General Motors Corporate Grant Program (United States)

General Motors Corporate Grant Program (United States)


General Motors accepts and considers grant requests to support programs and initiatives aligned to the following strategic focus areas:

1000 new grants and donors
STEM Education
Vehicle & Road Safety
Community Development
In addition to focus area alignment, grant applications are evaluated to ensure they will successfully:
Achieve a specific set of key social outcomes
Create opportunity to reach targeted audiences
Demonstrate innovative approaches to address a defined social issue
Advance GM’s core value of serving and improving communities
General Motors believes that creating a global community will transform the world into one that is more livable, sustainable and prosperous.

Eligibility Criteria

All grant requests must satisfy the following criteria:

View and receiving grant information
Applicant is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in good standing with IRS
Applicant submits a logic model that supports how desired social outcomes will be achieved (only required for requests $25K and above)
Applicant submits a completed project budget that does not exceed 15% in indirect costs/overhead expenses
Applicant demonstrates a strategy to accomplish its mission, successfully operate programs and evaluate/learn from outcomes
Applicant demonstrates a level of cash reserves that can sustain the organization
Applications are only accepted via an online system

No multi-year commitments will be considered
Requested funds may not be used retroactively
Organization that have previously received grant funding will not be reconsidered until all reporting requirements have been met

Funds are not available for the following organizations or purposes:

Deadline Free Grants
Capital campaigns, endowments or naming rights opportunities
Faith-based organizations organized for religious purposes
Government/tax-supported entities including schools
Hospitals and medical-related facilities
Individual requests, such as personal scholarships and vehicle donations
Political candidates, campaigns or organizations
Private clubs, fraternities or sororities
Sports and race teams
Organizations that discriminate based on race,religion, color, sex, national origin, age, marital status,mental or physical ability, sexual orientation,gender identity or expression
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