Good Neighbor Citizenship® Company Grants Program (United States)

Good Ngho Ctznhp® Company Gant Pogam (Untd Stat)

Dadln: 31-Ot-20

Th Stat Fam ntly aptng applaton fo t Good Ngho Ctznhp® Company Gant pogam.

Sd Gant Stat Fam and th Stat Fam Compan Fondaton val dvty and nlvn. Chatal fndng ntndd to advan a, qty, and nlvn whl doagng hamfl dmnaton ad on ag, poltal afflaton, a, natonal ogn, thnty, gnd, dalty, xal ontaton o gnd dntty, o lgo lf.

Stat Fam mak t th n to lk a good ngho, hlpng to ld af, tong, and tt-datd ommnt ao th Untd Stat. Thogh th ompany gant, thy fo on th aa: afty, daton, and ommnty dvlopmnt.

Fndng Infomaton

Th Gant amont qtd mt $5,000 o mo. Fo Aa

Safty Gant: Stat Fam val th mpotan of kpng th ngho af. Th natonal and loal fndng dtd towad: Ato and oadway afty; Tn Dv Edaton; Hom afty and f pvnton; Dat ppadn; Dat ovy. Commnty Dvlopmnt: Stong nghohood a th fondaton of a tong oty. thy a ommttd to mantanng th vany of th ommnt y atng nonpoft that ppot: affodal hong, ft-tm homown, nghohood vtalzaton, fnanal ltay, jo tanng, and mall n dvlopmnt. Thogh ommnty otah and ommnty dvlopmnt gant and nvtmnt, Stat Fam gv ak to th nghohood t v and hlp dvlop tong nghohood y nvtng n th ommnty. Th natonal and loal fndng dtd towad: Affodal Hong; Jo tanng; Nghohood Rvtalzaton; Small n Dvlopmnt; Fnanal Ltay; Ft Tm Homownhp. Edaton Gant: Th daton fndng dtd towad ntatv that ppot: Aadm pfoman mpovmnt pogam that mpat K-12 tdnt. Edaton ntatv that mo dtly ppot ndvd ndvdal (13 ya and old), hlpng thm noll n pot-onday daton and otan th kll and dntal thy nd to fl n today’ wokfo. Sv-lanng pogam that povd tdnt oppotnt to onnt and apply lanng kll fom th laoom to add nmt nd that xt n th ommnty. Tah dvlopmnt pogam. Elglty Cta

Th hatal ontton may awadd to:

Edatonal nttton; Pogam ondtd y Mnpal, onty, tat, o fdal govnmnt ntt that algn wth th Stat Fam® hatal fo; 501()(3) hatal nonpoft oganzaton; 501()(4) volnt f ompan; 501()(6) ham of omm. Fo mo nfomaton, vt

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