Government and Private Sector Adviser, Food Systems Dashboard Workshop

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The GAIN/Johns Hopkins food systems dashboard aims to provide data and decision-making guidance for policymakers who are able to strengthen the enabling environment for nutrition within food systems. As part of this process, we will explore how key stakeholders identify and prioritize policy actions, what data they use, and what information gaps they have identified. Additionally, we will engage a cadre if multisector stakeholders to test the usability of the GAIN/JHU dashboard including its usefulness for informing advocacy and policy work.

To achieve this, a workshop will be held with officials from national statistical agencies, national and international research organizations, and other relevant government ministries in Senegal, relevant business leaders (e.g., upper-level management of large- and medium-scale food enterprises), civil society stakeholders (e.g., NGO directors and program staff, farmer associations, consumer advocacy groups), and academics (e.g., professors at national universities) to engage them in a dialogue on the food systems dashboard.

Following this dialog, a detailed interview will be conducted with some of the stakeholders who participated in the workshop soliciting their feedback on their use of the Dashboard and gathering their reflections to understand: 1) the potential value of the Dashboard for informing their work and decision making; 2) which decisions, questions, and/or challenges they face in their work that the Dashboard might inform; 3) if and how the stakeholder would use the Dashboard; and 4) how they would suggest adapting and/or improving it.


  1. To solicit feedback on the draft Dashboard from policy makers, business leaders, UN, USAID Missions, iNGO and CSOs, private sector, civil society and other decision makers and practitioners in Senegal.
  2. To define next steps for Senegal to make the Dashboard a more useful policy tool for them

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