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Gant fo Cvl Soty Oganzaton Wlom Popoal

Dadln: 15-Nov-20

SOCIETIES patn a plad to annon th opnng of a Call fo pojt popoal fo vl oty oganzaton that hold pomot oal nlon of popl wth dalt. Th pf ojtv of th Pogamm a to nhan th apat of vl oty to fftv and aontal ndpndnt ato al to ngag onttvly wth govnmnt on ky otal hallng.

Sd Gant Pojt “SOCIETIES 2 Sppot of CSO n Empowng Thnal kll, Inlon of popl wth dalt and EU Standad n Wtn Balkan, 2nd pha” appovd fo fnanng y th Eopan Unon, pntd y Eopan Common.

Th gloal ojtv of Th Cvl Soty Falty and Mda Pogamm 2018-2019, nd whh th SOCIETIES pojt ha n appovd to nhan gonal oopaton, good ngholy laton and onlaton, and to tngthn patpatoy dmoa and th EU appoxmaton po n th Wtn Balkan and Tky.

Ojtv of S- Gantng

Ojtv of th -gantng a:

To ppot and na ommnty ad oal v and oal ntp, managd y CSO, th fotng th oal nlon of popl wth dalt (PWD) and mntal dod. to ppot th ovy to CSO/Soal Entp (atng/wokng wth popl wth dalt and/o popl wth mntal halth polm) ad y COVID 19 v, thogh ppot to th dvlopmnt towad tong and mo lnt tt and to nnovat th v and/o podt, o thy an tt fa vntal nxt pod. Fndng Infomaton

Th maxmm amont avalal nd ah Call fo Popoal wll € 66.000 p onty. Th maxmm z of gant ddatd to a ngl popoal wll € 8.250 (n loal ny). Mnmally 8 ntatv p onty wll ppotd. Co-Fnanng not nay, t t allowd and wlomd. Daton Th plannd daton of an aton mt not low than 9 and hall not xd 18 month.

Elglty Cta

Th all opnd fo th loal ga-oot CSO whh a xlvly atng/wokng wth popl wth dalt and/o popl wth mntal halth polm.

In od to lgl fo a gant, th applant mt:

lgal pon; non-poft-makng; a loal ga-oot CSO of o wokng wth popl wth dalt and/o popl wth mntal halth polm; talhd n on of th followng IPA nfay ont: Alana, Bona and Hzgovna, Koovo, Montngo, Sa; dtly ponl fo th ppaaton and managmnt of th popod aton; Only oganzaton that w gtd at lat on ya fo th annonmnt of th Call an apply (gtd fo 30th Sptm 2019) Inlgl aton

Th followng typ of atvty and ot a not lgl fo fnanal ppot:

aton that fall wthn th gnal atvt of omptnt tat nttton o tat admntaton v, nldng loal govnmnt; aton onnd only o manly wth ndvdal ponohp fo patpaton n wokhop, mna, onfn, ong; dt and dt v hag (ntt); povon fo lo o potntal ft lalt; pha of land o ldng; ny xhang lo; Slton Po

Th ta fo th lton:

Rlvan of th pojt dgn Fnal nfa, tagt gop Stanalty of th aton Bdgt and ot-fftvn of th Popoal Soal apt Mlt-takhold appoah Rlvan and omptn of th Applant Fo mo nfomaton, vt http://pojtot.og/all-fo-popoal-gant-fo-vl-oty-oganzaton/

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