HFJ’s Community Innovation Grant – US

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HFJ’s Community Innovation Grant – US

Deadline: 2-Sep-21

The Headwaters Foundation for Justice (HFJ) is seeking applications for its Community Innovation Grant to support communities to use problem-solving processes that lead to more effective, equitable, and sustainable solutions.

This grant invests in communities to increase collective understanding of an issue, generate ideas, and/or test and implement solutions.

Funding Information

Applicants can request the amount needed for their Community Innovation Grants project, within the $500 to $20,000 range.
Eligibility Criteria

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To be selected for funding, organizations must be a legally incorporated entity with 501(c)(3) status or have a fiscal agent.
Headwaters Foundation for Justice does not fund individuals.
Organizations must carry out their work in Minnesota.
Headwaters’ support cannot be used for partisan efforts.
If your organization has received a grant from Headwaters Foundation for Justice in the past, you must complete all reporting requirements in order to be eligible. You cannot have overdue or outstanding reports at the time the application is submitted.
If you have received a Community Innovation Grant from Headwaters Foundation for Justice in the last 12 months, your project must be complete and your final report submitted in order to apply again.
Headwaters Foundation for Justice encourages emerging and established organizations to apply for funding.
Headwaters Foundation for Justice does not accept incomplete or late applications.
If your organization received a Transformation Fund grant from Headwaters in June 2021, you are not eligible to apply for a Community Innovation Grant at this time. They want to prioritize organizations that haven’t yet received significant resources ($75,000 or more) from Headwaters in 2021.
For more information, visit https://headwatersfoundation.org/apply-for-a-2021-community-innovation-grant/