HI recruits 01 Area Coordinator North East

HI t 01 Aa Coodnato Noth Eat – IRAQ

Pla:  IRAQ

Lngth:  12 month

“Otagd y th njt fad y popl wth dalt and vlnal poplaton, w ap to a wold of oldaty and nlon, nhd y o dffn, wh vyon an lv n dgnty”

Handap Intnatonal hangng h nam and om « Hmanty & Inlon ». HI, Hmanty & Inlon an ndpndnt and mpatal ad and dvlopmnt oganaton wth no lgo o poltal afflaton opatng n taton of povty and xlon, onflt and dat. W wok alongd popl wth dalt and vlnal popl to hlp mt th ntal nd, mpov th lvng ondton and pomot pt fo th dgnty and fndamntal ght.

Sn th oganaton wa ft fondd n 1982, w hav t p dvlopmnt pogamm n 62 ont and pondd to many mgn. Today w hav a dgt of aond 150 mllon o, wth 3500 mploy woldwd.

HI ngagd n an mploymnt poly n favo of dald wok.

Fo fth nfomaton aot th aoaton:  www.h.og .



Th Syan th gatt hmantaan of th lat 20 ya. Aodng to th latt UN fg, aot 11.7 mllon popl a ntly afftd y th n Sya, nldng aot 6 mllon IDP, whl ov 5 mllon Syan hav oght fg n nghong ont o n Eop. Th nt hmantaan pon only povd a pathy and patal ovag of th gowng hmantaan nd. Eght ya aft th gnnng of th , th nm of njd pon n Sya kp ng, wth a v lak of haltha n many aa. In lag aa of th onty, th loal onomy n ad hap loal poplaton and IDP a n nd of lvlhood atan. Th nlon of th mot vlnal, nldng pon wth dalt, n th hmantaan pon man a majo onn.


HI managng a lag hmantaan pogam fom th dffnt h (Bt, Noth-Wt and Noth-Eat), along th man plla:


    Sppot to halth patn (hoptal, pyhooal ppot nt, loal NGO) fo th povon of mltdplnay haltaton v (phyal haltaton, pyhooal ppot and/o potht and othot) and tandalon pyhooal ppot v, thogh tanng, thnal pvon and donaton of atv dv and/o qpmnt;


    Edaton to th k and fft ad y onvntonal wapon (nldng mn, xplov mnant of wa and mall am lght wapon) and non-thnal vy of hazado aa;


    Lvlhood atan, wth a omnaton of ah fo wok, voatonal tanng, mall gant fo n and appnthp;


    Tanng and thnal ppot to oth hmantaan ato on th nlon of pon wth dalt and oth vlnal pon n th hmantaan pon (wth a pal fo on nlv halth and nlv lvlhood).


Th atal ntvnton ad on a mx of mot managmnt of natonal tam, mot patnhp wth loal tt and oganzaton, and dt mplmntaton pogam.




Yo man ponlt

Th Aa Coodnato th offal pntatv n th aa fo th whol of HI, oth ntnally and xtnally, and pomot th xllnt ptaton and potv mag of HI. H/h ponl fo dvlopng and mplmntng th pojt pat of th Conty Pogamm opatonal tatgy fo th onty n whh h/h ad H/h ontt to oganatonal tanfomaton n ln wth th Smplfaton, Shad Sv and ROOTS pojt. In th vnt of an mgny, h/h tak ponlty n aodan wth th pon famwok dfnd. Und th gdan of th Thnal Unt, onty-lvl MEAL and Sppot Sv manag, and dployng all appopat tool, h/h n th montong of opaton n th aa, a wll a fnanal ontol, omplan wth HI pol and famwok (n patla HI Pojt Montong & Evalaton poly) and pt of ontatal ngagmnt towad dono. H/h atvly monto and analy dvlopmnt n th ontxt n h/h gogaphal aa n od to dntfy k and oppotnt, and popo aton to th Conty Dto


Yo mon


1.1: I th manag (dt pot) of an opatonal tam ompod of Fld Coodnato fo ah govnoat of ntvnton


    Contton to th pogamm’ opatonal tatgy and HI famwok & glaton

2.1: Contt to th dvlopmnt of th pogamm’ opatonal tatgy, and t mplmntaton and annal montong fo h/h aa, n laon wth th Conty Dto.

2.2: Implmnt th pojt pat of th pogamm’ opatonal tatgy, nldng o plannng:

2.3: En th dploymnt of and omplan wth HI’ gloal famwok, ntttonal pol and tandad.

2.4: En fnanal ontol and montong of pojt nd h/h ponlty:

2.5: Wth gad to potntal oppotnt and k, ontt to th montong and analy of nt dvlopmnt n th aa, n laon wth th Conty Dto


    Offal pntatv

3.1: H/h th offal pntatv n th aa fo th whol of HI, oth ntnally and xtnally, and pomot th xllnt ptaton and potv mag of HI.



Th Noth-Eat gon wh HI’ nt ft a loatd latvly olatd and th tp fom th lot ntnatonal apot n El (Iaq Kdtan) to th 1t a tak aond 8 ho y a, nldng th ong of an ntnatonal od. Th 2nd a and 3d a a aond 3 / 4 ho y a yond th 1t a, n dtant loaton.


Intnatonal taff lv n olltv gtho wth 3 to 6 pmannt taff and oaonal vto. Lf ondton a good, wth wll-fnhd ndvdal oom, fll-qppd kthn, AC and hat, and ta/gadn.


Th ty taton n th Noth-Eat aa ha ddnly wond n th ft half of Oto, atng ntant on ft a to th aa, fo gadally talng n th lat wk of Oto. Mot of th ntnatonal tam ntly loatd to El, managng th atvt n mot ontol. Nvthl, no dt ndnt agant HI’ taff hav n odd and vt of ntnatonal taff to th Noth-Eat hav md n aly Novm. Appoxmatly 65% of HI’ atvt a ongong n mot ontol. 35% of HI’ atvt a tll pndd t thy mght m dng Novm and Dm.

Expén / Fomaton


Yo hold a Bahlo’ dg n latd fld (poltal n, hmantaan wok) Yo hav Mo than 7 ya wokng xpn a hmantaan wok wth pogv na n ponlt Yo hav at lat 4 ya wokng xpn managng tam, patlaly n gnalt poton (Pojt Manag, Aa Manag, Conty Manag) A pvo xpn wokng n hmantaan pogam n th Mddl Eat and n mot ontol pogam wold pfal



Statng  dat :  03/02/2020 Lngth  of th  ontat :  12 month Salay  fom 2 970 € go/month gadng th xpn of th anddat Pdm  : 629,09 nt/month Hadhp allowan  : 500€ nt/month Inan  : mdal hath ovag, tmnt plannng, pataton Pad holday  : 25 day p ya R&R  : 1 wk of R&R vy 8 wk Stat  : poton naompand Hong  : Colltv takn n hag y HI

Commnt potl


Only onln y jonng a CV and ov ltt va th followng lnk:


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