IFPRI recruits 01 Research Analyst

IFPRI t 01 Rah Analyt

Th Intnatonal Food Poly Rah Inttt (IFPRI) k a Rah Analyt I (RA) fo a on-ya, nwal appontmnt n t Makt, Tad and Inttton Dvon. Th RA wll at no ah n mplmntng th ah omponnt of th Famly Famng, Rgonal Makt and Co od Tad odo (FARM-TRAC) pojt n Wt Afa. Th ojtv of FARM-TRAC a ) to ontt to an mpovd knowldg of th fntonng of tad n agltal and food podt  n Wt Afa, ) n pog on th f movmnt of agltal podt n Wt Afa and ) ontt to th fomlaton and mplmntaton of gonal pol and tatg fo pomotng tad n agltal and food podt.  Th poton ad n Daka, Sngal. Inttd applant mt hav wok athozaton to wok n Sngal.

Ental Dt

Spf dt and ponlt nld t a not lmtd to:

At wth onom modlng and onomt analy; Pfom vao tak nvolvng data ollton, domntaton, and data lanng of pmay data and onday data fom vao o; At wth th ppaaton and platon of Poly Bf, Don Pap, and Data Rpot ; Oth lvant dt a agnd.


Rqd Qalfaton

Bahlo’ dg n Eonom, Agltal Eonom, Intnatonal Eonom, Statt, o loly latd fld pl two ya of lvant wok xpn o a mat’ dg n on of th aov fld Expn wth data analy ng vao tattal oftwa pakag (STATA, R) and/o mathmatal pogammng pakag (GAMS) Expn n qanttatv ah mthod and data pong and analy Alty to handl mltpl tak and pod ompltd podt on tm Exllnt val and wttn ommnaton kll n Englh Exllnt ntponal kll and alty to wok ndpndntly and fftvly wth ollag fom dv lt.

Pfd Qalfaton

Pofny n oal and wttn Fnh Famlaty wth latd to tad, povty, food ty, and agltal o al dvlopmnt n Afa. Expn n managmnt, nldng manplaton of lag datat;

Po potl à pot vllz vt  phf.t.talo.nt .

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