Infobip recruits 01 Senior Sales Manager

Infop t 01 Sno Sal Manag, Sngal

At Infop w dam g. Lat ya, ov half of th wold’ poplaton ntatd wth n thogh th Infop platfom. It ddn’t happn y han: thogh 50+ off on 6 ontnnt, w a tly ommttd to hlpng o 200 000 ntp lnt ah and ngag mol . Jon n dvng th ontno of Infop y atng podt that o tom lov.

Jo Dpton

A a Sno Sal Manag yo wll hav th oppotnty to o ft mpon on all poptv lnt n th makt. Yo wll opn doo to all of o tagt lnt, manngflly fllng th top of th Sal fnnl, wth a ompttv dv to d.

Why th ol mpotant at Infop?

Pntng o v to a ang of potntal n patn. Fqntly holdng mtng wthn th gvn ttoy to oot poft and dvlop latonhp wth tom. Intnv makt ah wth fo on xpandng th ompany’ tom a and dntfyng nw n oppotnt wthn th agnd ttoy. Attndng tad fa and oth ndty vnt n od to xpand yo ntwok and oot o n latonhp. Colltng podt fdak and onvyng da fo mpovmnt to o thnal tam. Managng th nt al po wth analy of omptto and n ntllgn atvt. Sppotng Tam Lad n dvlopng nw jon/ povdng hadow ont dvlopmnt oppotnt Indvdal go poft/taff ponlty fom nw aont aqton Rgla and tmly pdat of pog/atv aont on CRM


Yo pak flntly to lnt, patn and ollag alk and  Englh and Fnh Expn n th SaaS ndty mandatoy. 5 to 10 ya of xpn n B2B Sal Dvlopmnt o Lad Gnaton ol (IT/Tlommnaton ndty) Extng/Stong ntwok of Entp typ lnt/ontat that th anddat an appoah Exllnt ommnaton kll – ng langag wth pon, aly pntng agmnt and ynthzng pot. Stong analytal and oganzatonal kll, hghly ytmat ponalty Yo a al to pnt podt and da wth a, onfdn and ptn. Yo tak onltatv and atv appoah to attnd to lnt’ nd (vn f thy a omtm not awa of tho nd). Yo hav a flxl ponalty. Yo a not afad to ngag n th al po and ngotaton. Yo hav tong analytal kll and paon towad thnology.

Addtonal Infomaton

Whn yo om a pat of Infop yo an xpt:

Awom lnt – W v and patn wth th majoty of th ladng mol opato, OTT, and, ank, oal ntwok, agggato and many mo. Soly, o lnt a ally ool. Wok wth th wold’ ladng ompan and mpat how thy ommnat wth th ! Oppotnty knok. Oftn. – Bng a pat of a gowng ompany n a gowng ndty – w hallng yo not to gow! Whth t’ hozontal, vtal, o angla, w want to ppot th path that yo want to av. Lan a yo gow – Statng wth a fantat onoadng pogam, to ntnal daton, daton o, -lanng to xtnal daton, w nvt havly n mploy lanng and dvlopmnt. Connt gloally – Wok wth popl fom all ov th wold. W pt th “gloal” n gloalaton. Pay & Pk – Compttv alay, halth nft, a tam takng a of all th qpmnt yo nd, tam ldng and oth oganzd atvt … Talk aot a aland lftyl!

Po potl à pot vllz vt .

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