ACF recruits 01 Acces & security coordinator 

ACF t 01 A & ty oodnato

Catd n 1979, Aton ont la Fam a non-govnmntal oganzaton that fght agant hng. It hat of hmantaan pnpal- ndpndn, ntalty, non-dmnaton, f and dt a to vtm, pofonalm, tanpany – ha n pat of t dntty fo mo than 40 ya. It mon to av lv y lmnatng hng thogh th pvnton, dtton and tatmnt of nd-ntton, patlaly dng and aft mgny taton lnkd to onflt o natal dat. Aton ont la Fam fo t aton on 5 man aa of xpt:  Ntton and Halth – Mntal Halth and Ca Pat, Gnd and Potton – Food Sty and Lvlhood – Wat, Santaton and Hygn – Advoay . In 2019, Aton ont la Fam povdd ad to 17 mllon popl n mo than 49 ont woldwd.  www.atonontlafam.og


Conty:  Lya


Th taton n Lya ontn to dtoat. Th ongong onflt ontn to ak down th nfatt and ytm of a onty alady havly afftd y onflt n th downfall of Ghaddaf n 2011. Today naly on mllon popl ot of a poplaton of 6.6 Mllon hav ot of gnfant hmantaan nd. Of that poplaton n nd only 300,000 hav o fa n ahd n 2019; wth patlaly gnfant hol n th povon of halth a (pmaly fo a dnt poplaton) and potton (pmaly fo mgant and fg). Hmantaan opaton n th onty a oth dfflt to opat and gnfantly ndfndd (wth only 70 mllon dolla of th 200 mllon dolla qtd n th ya HRP now fndd – and th US / EU makng p 75% of that fndng). In th nangly omplx nvonmnt wth nang nd, Aton Agant Hng k to ng t’ xpt to Lya ov th nxt ya; to ld an fftv and tanal pn to hlp th mot vlnal n th fogottn onty.

Yo wll jon a mall tam to t p a nw mon and al to tak ntatv, potng dtng to th Conty Dto.

Lngth of ontat : 3 month, tatng a oon a pol (15


 of Oto)  

Th poton:

Yo wll pt n pla th afty and ty managmnt ytm, a awan and talh potool to n th afty of ACF n Lya and Tna.

Mo ply, yo wll n hag of:

Dfn and mplmnt ACF ty managmnt ytm Dgn ACF hmantaan a tatgy Tan and mak ACF taff awa of ty nvonmnt, pod and l Managmnt of th ty tam

Do yo ft wth th poton?

Yo alady wokd n n ontxt and hav at lat 3 ya of xpn n afty and ty pat and afftng ad wok gloally, Yo hav xpn and knowldg of ponnl and oganzatonal ty , that/k amnt, ty managmnt and ty and awan n an n nvonmnt, Yo hav th qalfaton to ld and lad a tam to talh a a n a hazado ontxt, and yo alady hav pvo xpn n ttng p pogammng and a. Yo a atonomo, al to aly at ntwok and xpnd n xtnal pntaton, xtnal oodnaton and a al to pnt ACF. If yo alady wokd n Mddl at o noth Afa t wold ondd a an at If yo alady wokd wth ACF and a famla wth o po t wold ondd a a pl Yo a flxl and al to adapt qkly to fat pa omplx dynam and hangng ontxt, yo hav ltal ntvty and xpn wokng n onflt ntv aa. Yo a al to adapt to nd and alan dmand of nfay and ty ato whl mantanng appopat ontxtal NGO ty adv and oodnaton. Yo hold al to tavl to oth Tna and Lya and flxl to adapt to dffnt pha of dvlopmnt ft ad n Pa, thn Tn and fnally Lya. Flny n Englh wttn/pokn omploy a wll a Fnh and Aa f pol

Manag’ wod :

Unq xpn to ld th a tatgy of a mon, n an volvng and dynam ontxt

Stat:  3 month xtndal povdd y ACF aodng to th Fnh lglaton.

Rmnaton and nft  :

Monthly go alay  fom 2400€ to 2800€ pon xpn. Conty allowan  450€ P dm and lvng allowan : nt, fld pad. + 16% of monthly go alay  a mmnt of tmnt nan fo non-Fnh tzn. + Chld allowan , lmtd to 5 hldn.

Tanpotaton and aommodaton :

Covag of tanpotaton ot to and n th mon. Indvdal oom n gtho ovd

Mdal ovag :  100% ovag of mdal xpn + pataton nan.

Lav and RnR :

25 day of pad lav p ya. + 20 RnR p ya. + 215 € at ah RnR pod (avagly vy 3 month). Covag of th tanpotaton xpn to th RnR aa of fn

Tanng  :

F and nlmtd a to th tfyng -lanng platfom Coknowldg ©. Thnal tanng at HQ o gonal lvl (avagly 1 p ya). Oppotnty of oahng o mntohp. Patpaton to xtnal tanng ot pon lglty of th qt.

How to apply

To apply, pla vt o wt:  http://tmnt.atonontlafam.og/ndx.php/f/off/5017

Clk h to apply


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