Oxfam recruits 01 Governance Project Officer

Oxfam t 01 Govnan Pojt Off Réfén Sala xxx/ mo Loalaton Daka / Sénégal Expaton 04 Novm 2020 Off vté Dpton d l’off Govnan Pojt Off Daka PROJECTS OFFICER FOR GOVERNANCE PROGRAMME Contat typ – Fxd-tm, 2 ya Rpotng to – Had of Pogam Staff potng to th pot – N/A Loaton – Daka, Sngal Annal Bdgt ponlty – TBC Jo famly Pogamm Jo Gad – D1 Salay al xxx Shapng a tong Oxfam fo popl lvng n povty Jo Ppo To ontt to th Govnan pogamm mplmntaton n Sngal. Fo wll on pomotng good govnan of pl fnan, xtatv o, oal aontalty, tznhp and patpaton dvlopmnt and vl oty mpowmnt. Ky Rponlt and Aontalt Ky ponlt of th Advoay and Govnan Pojt Off nld: Statgy and Plannng • Contt to th fomlaton and mplmntaton of Oxfam n Sngal tatgy, nd th ladhp of th Had of Pogam, • Povd tatg dton on Oxfam tatg potonng and ngagmnt n pf govnan hm; Spfally dvlop thnal not, ad on onty xpn to gd CO n th don aond govnan gt h a t not lmtd to govnan of pl fnan, xtatv o, oal aontalty, tznhp and patpaton dvlopmnt and vl oty mpowmnt, womn and yoth mpowmnt, • Atvly ppot onty annal aton plannng/dgtng wth taff and patn, • Povd tatg fdak, ommnt to opoat domnt and ontt to opoat po nldng wtng and vwng annal pot, valaton pot, poly and oth tatg domnt, • En th hght dg of patpaton of th poot, womn, and yoth n all pha of th onty tatgy, govnan pogam and pojt yl, Inflnng, Advoay and Ntwokng • Sppot th Conty off to ngag n a oad poly dalog on aov top, • Engag wth ky mnt and oth lvant takhold on pol fom and lgal and glatoy famwok vw, a dtmnd y Govnan Pogamm Manag, • Lvag gloal o gonal poltal advoay to ppot natonal poly fom ampagn and fom th natonal to th gonal and gloal lvl, • Ntwok atvly wth ky popl and agn wokng on govnan , manly pl fnan aontalty and vl oty mpowmnt, wth mm of Oxfam-Intnatonal and mo oadly wth oth INGO, LNGO and ma oganaton n Sngal • Atvly ngag n don wth patn and oth takhold on fotng xtnal fndng oppotnt and wh ndd ppot th dvlopmnt of pogam wth patn and oth • Faltat th ntwokng twn Oxfam patn and lvant xtnal ato lk knowldg & ah nttt and ntat and faltat pot and any platon n th aa. Thnal npt • Povd thnal ppot to th Govnan Pogamm n gt h a t not lmtd to govnan of pl fnan, xtatv o, oal aontalty, tznhp and patpaton dvlopmnt and vl oty mpowmnt, womn and yoth mpowmnt, • Povd thnal and tatg gdan to Conty Off n th fomlaton of tatg, o molzaton and n th dgn and mplmntaton of govnan pojt, pogamm, ampagn and ntatv, nldng ppot to ldng a poly dalog on govnan wth hot govnmnt and th dvlopmnt patn, • Dtly manag th pojt nttd to hm/h nldng dgt, pojt patn, onltant and all admntatv latd matt, • Cloly oodnat wth dgnatd patn to k fo fftv ntfa to tmlat loal ontton, ffnt mthod of pojt mplmntaton and altnatv fndng o fo th pogamm, to hlp n fnanal, thnal tanalty and n od to noag loal ownhp of th pojt, • Sppot th dntfaton, dvlopmnt and managmnt of th potfolo of dgnatd loal patn, • Ppa gant applaton fo vw and appoval, • Wok loly wth dgnatd patn fo qalty n pojt dvlopmnt and gant managmnt, • Coodnat wth oth Pogamm taff to plot pf modl n dgnatd pojt aa wth a vw to dmnat and/o ntttonal lvant mthodolog n a lag al; • En that pojt flt Oxfam pnpl of gnd qty, patpaton, and patnhp • Faltat knowldg xhang amongt patn and taff • Sppot oth on-gong ntatv lvant to Govnan ld y oth nt wthn th Off • Undtak thnal atan mon to ppot fld lvl ntatv. Montong, Evalaton and Lanng • Mantan dt ontat wth dgnatd patn fo th montong, valaton and dvlopmnt of patn pogamm & th oganzatonal apat. • Intat and faltat atvt onnng knowldg & nfomaton managmnt wth dgnatd loal patn to tngthn th fftvn and mplmntaton of pogamm and lon land. • Condt gla montong vt, wt analytal pog pot nldng ton on follow p, and valaton of gant, analy pojt and ommnd appopat aton a nay • Povd fo th appaal of pojt pog pot, n fdak to patn oganzaton & montong of agmnt, and n gtaton n o admntatv ytm • Contt to fftv mtng n Oxfam whh tmlat lanng ao tam. Co-opat and xhang lanng wth vao taff n th hom off and oth onty pogamm on all of lvan • Sha nfomaton fo nng hgh lvl of tanpany n managmnt of th pojt nldng fnanal tanpany and hgh tandad of aontng and fnanal potng, to Oxfam, dono and loal takhold; • Contt to th onty off’ pot to th oth lvl of th onfdaton Loal Capaty Bldng • Contt n dvlopng apaty of dgnatd patn and povd oahng o that thy an fftv n pogam dlvy and lad loal atvt followng pdfnd mthodolog, • Patpat n Idntfyng hman o dvlopmnt and oganatonal dvlopmnt nd fo loal patn n mplmntng pogamm. Sk tanng, onltant, xhang and oth ppot oppotnt to mt tho nd and ld apaty of patn, pally n ppot of th long-tm managmnt of dvlopmnt n th aa; •Oth tak a qd and agnd y th pvo o th no managmnt Thnal Skll, Expn & Knowldg Ental • Unvty dg n a dpln lvant to th pf aa mntond n laton to dvlopmnt oopaton, pfaly n Eonom/Law o Soal Sn • At lat 5 ya dmontal nt wok xpn wth NGO and ommnty-ad oganzaton n Sngal and/o Wt Afa; on Govnan, pl pol • Sond xpn n pogamm managmnt and ngotaton, nldng patpatoy appoah, oganzatonal analy & patnhp, ntwok, gant managmnt & pogam dvlopmnt. • Analytal thnkng kll, alt to nfln oth and to ahv lt • Exllnt ommnaton kll n Fnh and Englh • Good ndtandng and patal xpn n applaton of qty (Gnd and dvty) • Stong ndtandng on tanal dvlopmnt and ght-ontd appoah • Exllnt oal kll, tam play; po-atv and wllngn to lan. • Exllnt ah kll, nldng dk and fld ah • Al to tavl to pogamm/pojt aa on a gla a Dal: • Knowldg and xpn wth vl oty advoay and ampagn tatgy • Good ndtandng of oth dffnt thm (Lvlhood, DRR, CCA, hmantaan) Ky Bhavoal Comptn (ad on Oxfam Ladhp Modl) Comptn Dpton Dvn W a omfotal to mak tanpant don and to adapt don makng mod to th ontxt and nd. Inflnng W hav th alty to ngag wth dv takhold n a way that lad to nad mpat fo th oganaton W pot oppotnt to nfln fftvly and wh th a no oppotnt w hav th alty to at thm n a ptfl and mpatfl mann. Hmlty W pt w fo m and pla an mpha on th pow of th olltv, nt th tam and play to th tngth of ah ndvdal. W a not onnd wth hahal pow, and w ngag wth, tt and val th knowldg and xpt of oth ao all lvl of th oganzaton. Rlatonhp Bldng W ndtand th mpotan of ldng latonhp, wthn and otd th oganzaton. W hav th alty to ngag wth tadtonal and non-tadtonal takhold n way that lad to nad mpat fo th oganaton. Ltnng W a good ltn who an wh dp lvl of thoght and tat ampton dff. O mag to oth a la, and ond dffnt pfn. Mtal Aontalty W an xplan o don and how w hav takn thm ad on o oganzatonal val. W a ady to hld to aont fo what w do and how w hav, a w a alo holdng oth to aont n a ontnt mann. Statg Thnkng and Jdgmnt W jdgmnt, wghng k agant th mpatv to at. W mak don ontnt wth oganzatonal tatg and val. Slf-Awan W a al to dvlop a hgh dg of lf-awan aond o own tngth and wakn and o mpat on oth. O lf-awan nal to modat and lf-glat o havo to ontol and hannl o mpl fo good ppo. Enalng W all wok to fftvly mpow and nal oth to dlv th oganzaton goal thogh atng ondton of . W paonatly nvt n oth y dvlopng th a, not only th kll fo th jo. W povd fdom; dmontat lf and tt povd appopat ppot. W gv mo fdom and dmontat lf and tt, ndpnnd wth appopat ppot. COMMENT POSTULER ? Apply onln to th jo : http://jo.jovt.om/a/oxfamama/jo/oORdfw4/apply?__jvt=Jo%20Boad&__jvd=gladoo
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