Performance Ctgs Segment recruits 01 Sales Manager

Pfoman Ctg Sgmnt t 01 Sal Manag M/F Ahttal & Dtton Réfén Sala xxx/ mo Loalaton Daka / Sénégal Expaton 05 Novm 2020 Off vté Dpton d l’off Jo Dpton Sal Manag M/F Ahttal & Dtton Rqton ID : JOBREQ1800033610 Pmay Loaton : SN-Daka-Daka-SEN – LSA Sèg Plant Oganzaton : Pfoman Ctg Sgmnt Shdl : Fll-tm Jo Potng : Ot 5, 2020, 9:40:08 AM Dpton A a Sal Manag M/F, ad n Daka and nd th Gnal Dto ponlty, yo wll play a ky ol n dvng yo tam and dvlopng th n aodng to th Gop poly and n aodan to th ojtv, yo wll agnd. Ky Rponlt • Ladng a tam of 7 al pntatv wth vao pofl and not,). Payng attnton to ah ndvdal n yo tam whl fdatng and pomotng tam pt, yo know how to fdato, dplomat t alo mo dtv whn nay to ahv and go yond th ojtv. • Takng pat n th maktng poly wthn yo op: popong tatg podt/ ang ontaton and managng ommnaton. • Dvlopng th Bn thogh yo thnal ppton aton wth ahtt, don mak and yo alty to dtly n hag of a fw tatg ntnatonal tom. • Thnal ppot on t n ppot of al pntatv • Managng and montong thnal domnt and olo hat Qalfaton Qalfaton • A dploma n thnal fld, dt al o managmnt an advantag • Yo hav a mnmm-of 5 ya’ xpn a a Manag and a old and fl xpn n al (thnal atan, phang, maktng…), dally aqd n Bn to Bn o on th pantng/ doatv/ aw matal makt. Knowldg of th Sngal makt and t lt man an mpotant at. • Rognzd fo xllnt ntponal kll, yo al and ladhp at wll ntal to fl n th ol! • W wat fom yo ntham and ngagmnt, vng yo tam, n favo of tom atfaton, of n. • Yo a famla wth IT and fg • Spakng Fnh flntly qd Aot : H at PPG w mak t happn, and w k anddat of th hght ntgty and pofonalm who ha o val, wth th ommtmnt and dv to tv today to do tt than ytday – vyday. PPG: WE PROTECT AND BEAUTIFY THE WORLD™ Thogh ladhp n nnovaton, tanalty and olo, PPG hlp tom n ndtal, tanpotaton, onm podt, and ontton makt and aftmakt to nhan mo fa n mo way than do any oth ompany.. To lan mo, vt and follow PPG on Twtt. Th PPG Way Evy ngl day at PPG: W patn wth tom to at mtal val. W a nghtfl, ddatd and poatv. W hav ntmat knowldg of th makt and o tom. W fo on patal olton that mak a dffn. W a “On PPG” to th wold. W a tt and tong togth. W lvag o al to ah nw makt and ntod nnovatv thnolog a w dffntat and dpt o makt. W tt o popl vy day, n vy way. W nal and mpow o popl to mak th ght don. W a nlv, tanpant and ptfl. O fdak la and atonal. W mak t happn. W hav a paon fo wnnng. W ahv. W dlv wth dpln and ntgty. W ng o t ngy to o wok. W dd and at ntllgntly and qkly. W n t lk w own t. W pt on anoth y ng ponl and aontal. W alway at n th t ntt of o ompany, tom, hahold and o ommnt. W do tt today than ytday – vyday. W ontnoly lan. W dvlop o popl to gow o n. PPG Way: (Clk h to lan mo aot th PPG Way) PPG von: W a On PPG: PPG povd qal oppotnty to all anddat and mploy. W off an oppotnty to gow and dvlop yo a n an nvonmnt that povd a flfllng wokpla fo mploy, at an nvonmnt fo ontno lanng, and ma th da and dvty of oth. All qalfd applant wll v ondaton fo mploymnt wthot gad to x, pgnany, a, olo, d, lgon, natonal ogn, ag, dalty tat, matal tat, xal ontaton, gnd dntty o xpon. PPG val yo fdak on o tng po. W noag yo to vt and povd fdak on th po, o that w an do tt today than ytday. Bnft wll dd wth yo y yo t dng th hng po. COMMENT POSTULER ? Apply onln : http://ppg.talo.nt/aton/pof/jodtal.ftl?jo=JOBREQ1800033610&lang=n&=JB-11440
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