World Bank recruits 01 Team Assistant

Wold Bank t 01 Tam Atant Réfén 102770 Sala xxx/ mo Loalaton DAKAR / Sénégal Expaton 26 Oto 2020 Off vté 223 fo Dpton d l’off Jo #: q8711 Oganzaton: Wold Bank Sto: Admntaton/Off Sppot Gad: GB Tm Daton: 3 ya 0 month Rtmnt Typ: Loal Rtmnt Loaton: Daka,Sngal Rqd Langag(): Englh and Fnh Pfd Langag(): Clong Dat: 10/14/2020 (MM/DD/YYYY) at 11:59pm UTC Dpton Do yo want to ld a a that tly wothwhl? Wokng at th Wold Bank Gop povd a nq oppotnty fo yo to hlp o lnt olv th gatt dvlopmnt hallng. Th Wold Bank Gop on of th lagt o of fndng and knowldg fo dvlopng ont; a nq gloal patnhp of fv nttton ddatd to ndng xtm povty, nang had popty and pomotng tanal dvlopmnt. Wth 189 mm ont and mo than 120 off woldwd, w wok wth pl and pvat to patn, nvtng n gondakng pojt and ng data, ah, and thnology to dvlop olton to th mot gnt gloal hallng. Fo mo nfomaton, vt www.woldank.og. Th Wold Bank, a ladng mlt-latal nttton n gloal onom dvlopmnt, lookng fo a hghly oganzd, ngzd and xpnd pon apal of opatng fftvly n a vy dmandng fat-pad nvonmnt to v a a Tam Atant. Th Tam Atant wll nd dt pvon of th Sno Extv Atant (SEA) who ponl fo h/h thnal and pofonal dvlopmnt and pfoman valaton. Th Tam Atant an ntgal pat of th Sngal Conty Off Admntatv and Clnt Sppot (ACS) tam. (S)H wll povd Admntatv and lnt ppot to th Opatonal Staff. Th jo mpl fqnt ntaton wth oth ntttonal nt, taff n oth loaton (loally and ntnatonally), Govnmnt offal, onltant and xtnal oganzaton. Rol & Rponlty: – Th tam atant a ot th fll ang of off ppot wok, nldng managng po and montong hdl latd to th tam’/nt’ podt and tak. Thy typally pot to an Off Admntato, Extv Atant o Off Manag and ntally wok nd lo pvon and gdan. Thy oodnat xtnvly wth v nt and la fqntly wth tam mm oth at hadqat and n th fld, a wll a xtnal ontpat. TA may alo agnd ponlty fo om apt of th nt’ admntatv fnton. Tam Atant an wok glaly and tantally n mo than on langag, to nld tanlatng/daftng a vaty of tandad domnt, applyng fftv poofadng and gamma kll n Englh and oth langag, t. Th ovall ppo of th agnmnt to povd admntatv, logtal and opatonal ppot to th Wold Bank Sngal Conty Off. Th Man Fnton Inld Bt A Not Lmtd To Opatonal and admntatv ppot Povd ppot fo ppaaton and mplmntaton of Wold Bank pojt and atvt aodng to Bank pod. U dktop pong kll to pod omplx txt, pot, pntaton, hat, fg, gaph, t., aodng to Bank fomat and dtton. Collt and npt data povdd y Tak Tam Lad nto th ntal dataa, nldng pong nw pojt tat pot. Kp aat of th Oganzaton’ dtv and n fftv pong of all pojt domnt. Daft otn opondn (tandad ltt, mmo, …) onfomng to th Oganzaton’ gonal tandad, ng pop gamma, pntaton and tyl and poofad matal. Daft mnt of mtng and povd atan n dtng lag domnt. At tam o wok nt y tanlatng/daftng a vaty of otn domnt, applyng fftv poofadng and gamma kll n Englh and oth langag. Mantan p-to-dat dvonal pojt fl (oth pap and lton) and tv data fom vao o and ompl th fo y tam n th AFCF1 CMU. Inopoat agd ommnt nto domnt, makng fll of had dv and oftwa apalt. In onjnton wth and nd gdan fom taff n a pf dpln (.., Ro Managmnt, t.) monto pf atvt, (.., tak dgt, t.) wthn th tam o lt. Infomaton Managmnt and Clnt ntaton Mantan nt dtton lt, phon/add lt of pojt/podt ontat, and dtt domnt fo th tam. Mantan p-to-dat wok nt pojt and oth fl (oth pap and lton). Tm managmnt & Logt plannng Aang wokng hdl and mtng wth ontpat fo th vtng tam. Co-odnat tm managmnt and hdl, takng nt and ft pot nto aont, antpat and monto hang, and ommnat th nfomaton to th appopat taff, nd and otd th mmdat wok nknt, nldng offal otd th Bank Gop, tak and pot on appopat apt of th Tam’ opatonal atvt. Tak agnd tak/pojt tp/ tmtal ng modn off managmnt thnolog, oodnat wth lvant taff, povd atan and/o nfomaton on pojt-latd matt. Solv non-otn polm atvly and oflly and at n ppaaton and logtal plannng fo vao vnt, .g. onfn, wokhop, ngotaton, oad pntaton and gnng, t. Oth Dt Sv a a ak-p to oth taff and Tak Tam Atant on pojt and admntatv tak. Oaonally pfom Analytal tak a may qtd y th Tam Lad Pfom oth tak a qtd y th Spvo Any oth n. Not:- All applaton (oth CV and Cov Ltt) a to pntd n Englh only, applaton vd n any oth langag wll not ondd. Slton Cta Mnmm Bahlo dg and at lat 3 ya of lvant xpn. Comptn Thnology and ytm knowldg – Dmontat advand knowldg and xpn wokng wth Mooft off applaton (Exl, PowPont, Wod, t.). Ha alty and wllngn to mantan p-to-dat knowldg and kll n thnology. Pojt and tak managmnt – Exht good oganzatonal, polm-olvng, analytal kll and alty to wok omptntly wth mnmal pvon. Dmontat attnton to dtal and qalty. Ha alty to manag mltpl tak and omplt tak wthn agd hdl. Intttonal pol, po, and pod – Dmontat knowldg of own dpatmnt’ pogam and podt, know ky play, ndtand own ol. Dplay ndtandng of WB pol and pod lvant to th aa of agnd ponlt and al to apply/ mplmnt thm. Atttd / Adaptalty – Dmontat flxlty and ptv to th mplmntaton of nw olton. I wllng to tth own apalty. Dmontat motvaton to aval and adapt onlf to fftng hang. Clnt Ontaton – Exht good ommnaton kll, potv and pofonal lnt v atttd; al to ndtand lnt’ nd and omplt thm wth hgh lvl of pofonalm. Lanng, knowldg hang and ommnaton – Good Englh langag kll (val and wttn) Al to wt laly, dt and poofad daft ommnaton. Al to lan and ha knowldg/nfomaton ao th nt. Bn jdgmnt and analytal don makng – Al to manag nfomaton and ppot tnton and dpoton of nfomaton and od. Can ah, pot, and dlv a nfomaton fom vao o and ndpndntly pond to a nq. Dv fo Rlt – Al to tak ponal ownhp and aontalty to mt dadln and ahv agd-pon lt and ha th ponal oganzaton to do o. Tamwok (Collaoaton) and Inlon – Collaoat wth oth tam mm and ontt ffntly to tam’ wok and otpt, dmontatng pt and flxlty fo dffnt pont of vw. Povty ha no od, nth do xlln. W d a of o dffn and w ontnoly ah fo qalfd ndvdal wth dv akgond fom aond th glo. Nva héahq Pm mplo St Thnolog t v d l’nfomaton Gton d aoaton t fondaton Sv fnan Typ d’mplo Tmp pln Fonton Admntaton COMMENT POSTULER ? 
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