World Vegetable Center recruits 01 Consultant – Nutritionist

Wold Vgtal Cnt t 01 Conltant – Nttont Réfén Sala xxx/ mo Loalaton Cotono / Bénn Expaton 22 Oto 2020 Off vté Dpton d l’off Conltant – Nttont • Nva d’étd: Ba + 5 o pl • Expén: 5 an • Exp l: 22-10-2020 • Wold Vgtal Cnt Cotono, Bénn Hmanta (ONG, Aoaton, …), Pojt/pogamm d dévloppmnt Conltant – Nttont NUTRIFOOD Pojt Cotono, Bnn Th Wold Vgtal Cnt (WoldVg) a non-poft, atonomo ntnatonal agltal ah nt wth hadqat n Tawan and fv gonal off aond th glo. WoldVg ondt ah and dvlopmnt pogam that ontt to alz th potntal of vgtal fo halth lv and mo lnt lvlhood. Fo mo nfomaton pla vt o wt: woldvg.og WoldVg kng a flltm(a 50-60% tm fo th nmnt an alo ngotatd to mt ndvdal mtan) ) Conltant Nttontad n Bnn to hlp dgn and mplmnt atvt nd ‘Ntfood’, a pojt fndd y th Gloal Challng Rah Fnd, Bothnology and Bologal Sn Rah Conl (GCRF-BBSRC) of th Untd Kngdom. NUTRIFOOD (‘Th podton and pomoton of ntnt h foodtff to add th dol dn of malntton’) ld y th Royal Holloway Unvty of London (RHU) n patnhp wth WoldVg, IITA, and CIAT, and ngmplmntd n Bnn and Nga. In Bnn, NUTRIFOOD wll wok wth th Wold Food Pogamm to ntod/mpov hool and hom-ad vgtal gadn n ltd ommnt; ollaoat wth hool and ommnt to dgn ntto mal plan fo hool antn; and na ntton knowldg and awan of tagtd hool and ommnt. Th Conltant Nttontwll wok wth hool and ommnt to ndtand loal food lt and pfn and apply th ndtandng to hlp dgn p and mal plan fo hool antn. Th Nttont wll povd tanng to tdnt, tah, nttd ommnty mm, and thnal taff of ltd NGO n a ntton pnpl, th mpotan of vgtal and halthy dt. Th nmnt wll wok loly wth Wold Food Pogammtaff, taff of ltd NGO and WoldVg’Bnn taff to ahv pojt dlval. Th poton wll ad at WoldVg’Rgonal Cnt fo Wt and Cntal Afa – Coatal and Hmd Rgon (WCA-CH) n Cotono, Bnn and pot fntonally to thPojt Manag and admntatvly to th WCA-CH Rgonal Dto. Ky jo ponlt: • Undtand hool and ommnty food pfn and hat and a th mal vd y hool antn; • In ollaoaton wth hool and ommnt, popo two to th p that ntgat dv vgtal (tomato, onon, hl ppp, amaanth, oka, jt mallow, goma, t.) wth lgm and al, and oth ntto food; • Dgn/modfy ntton tanng matal n Fnh and loal langag on a pnpl of ntton and halthy dt, th mpotan of vgtal mphazng nttonal qalt of vgtal gown n th hool gadn; • Oganz ookng dmontaton on at th hool and hool antnto noag and pomot adopton of halthy dt y hool and ommnt; • Ra awan among tah, tdnt, mm of antn managmnt ommtt and Pant of Stdnt Aoaton on ntton ; • Dgn and lad a pot ntvnton amnt to ma Knowldg, Atttd and Pat (KAP) of tdnt, tah and ommnt aot ntton, dvfd dt and mpotan of vgtal n hman halth; • Wt qatly pot on ntton atvt and mt to thnal pvo Th Pon: Th anddat hall hav th followng omptn, kll and xpn and/o hall hav flly dmontatd th attt n atal wok taton: • A mnmm of an MS. (BAC+5)n Ntton Sn, o latd dplnntton daton wth at lat 5 ya pot-gadaton flltm R&D wokng xpn; • Expn n ntton latd to hldnand wth hool fdng pogam wll a tong at; • Expn n ntton amnt, KAP amnt and onmpton amnt; • Hand-on xpn n mpovd Afan p wth dvfd vgtal ookng, wold appatd; • Expn a a ntton adv latd to vgtal onmpton to faml wth mall hldn dal; • Capaty to ffntly manag wokload and wok ndpndntly; • Spak and wt Fnh flntly, wth vy good wokng knowldg of Englh; • Spak at lat on loal langag of othn Bnn; • Expn n th of ompt and off oftwa pakag (MS-Off, R, SAS t.) qd; • Wllngn to tavl n othn Bnn wthn th pojt fo hool’ aa; • Exllnt ntponal kll and alty to wok a a mm of an ntdplnay tam n a mltltal, mltnatonal nvonmnt, and alty to ntat fftvly wth pojt patn and takhold. Th Rwad: Th a on-ya v ontat onltany poton wth a ompttv lmpm paymnt..Th poton only opn to Bnn natonal o anddat wth lgal pmon to wok n Bnn. Th ntal on-ya off an xtndd dpndng on qmnt, fndng avalalty, and pfoman of th nmnt. Th poton xptd to avalal a fomOto 26, 2020. COMMENT POSTULER ? How to Apply: Applant hold mt a ltt of applaton xplanng th talty fo and ntt n th onltant poton along wth th lm vta, a nt papot z photogaph, nam and add (nldng tlphon/fax/-mal) of th f, and dat of avalalty. Th mal jt hold laly ndat “Conltant – Nttont” n t. Pla nd applaton y -mal to  [email protected]  fo Oto 22, 2020.
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