Inner West launches Arts Grants Program (Australia)

Inn Wt lanh At Gant Pogam (Atala)

Dadln: 25-Ot-20

Th Inn Wt ha lanhd th At Gant Pogam, th At gant tam fnd a ang of atvt fo patng ndvdal att, gop of att, o at oganzaton fo pojt that dlv th podton and pntaton of nw atv wok, pofonal at, and kll dvlopmnt, oppotnt fo adn to ngag wth at and ltal patpaton, tngthn apaty and tanalty of Inn Wt’ atv ndt, and tho that nft th loal ommnty y onttng to loal dntty, longng and pd.

Sd Gant Ojtv

Conl’ at gant pogam am to:

Enoag atv xlln and nnovaton n th ontnt and dlvy of at pojt and pogam n th Inn Wt. Contt to th dvlopmnt and tanalty of at ndt n th Inn Wt. Pomot tong at ntwok and patnhp oppotnt. Inad ommnty onnton thogh at n th pl doman, povdng a ang of a pont fo th ommnty to patpat n and njoy at and lt. Pomot a vant tt lf, ppot loal n, and noag vto to th Inn Wt. Fndng Infomaton

Indvdal Att Gant of p to $5,000 ah p ya n 2020; At Pojt Gant of p to $10,000 ah p ya n 2020. Elglty Cta

To lgl fo fndng, yo mt:

B an ndvdal att, gop of att o an at oganzaton wth a dmontatd atv pat. B an Atalan dnt o pmannt dnt agd ov 18 ya. B a lgally gtd, nopoatd not-fo-poft oganzaton o gop. Unnopoatd gop mt apd y an nopoatd not-fo-poft oganzaton. Not: Th lglty va fo At and Commnty Htoy and Htag gant n 2020. B a dnt of o dlvng v n th Inn Wt Conl aa o off a pojt that nft dnt of th Inn Wt. Inld a ookng onfmaton fom fo of a Conl falty qd a pat of a gant applaton (.. Conl vn, pak, and pot gond) nl othw ngotatd wth th lvant Conl gant off. Mt th gant tam lglty ta. Add th gant tam ojtv. Dmontat yo pojt n th pl ntt and n aodan wth Conl’ Commnty Statg Plan, pol, and glaton. Only mt on applaton p applant ah ya. Inlglty Cta

Inn Wt Conl do not fnd:

Applant who hav not aqttd pvoly ompltd gant pojt o povdd an ntm pog pot fo any ottandng gant pojt fndd y Inn Wt Conl. Applant who hav ottandng dt of any knd to Inn Wt Conl. Applant who pnt a tat o fdal govnmnt dpatmnt. Fo-Poft Oganaton and Sol Tad. Not: th lglty va fo At Gant – Indvdal Att atgoy Sol Tad an apply. Applant who pnt a hool o ttay nttton. Pant and Ctzn’ Aoaton howv a lgl to apply fo pojt that an dmontat thy nft th Inn Wt ommnty. Pojt that hav ommnd o alady takn pla. Conl do not povd toptv fndng. Pojt that dplat xtng v alady povdd n th Inn Wt Conl aa. Captal wok, h a novaton to ldng. Not: th lglty va fo Envonmnt Gant n 2020/2021. Fnanal atan fo nttat o ova tavl, o oth ot wh t old pvd that th applant wold dv xv ponal nft. Sala of pmannt mploy who wll pvng o wokng on th pojt a pat of th al dt. Howv, gant may fnd addtonal taff to wok pfally on th pojt. Ongong opatonal xpndt h a fxd ovhad and admntatv ot. Gnal donaton to hat. Th onl do apt applaton fo pojt n y hat. Atvt that old pvd a nfttng poltal pat o aoatd gop. Atvt that old pvd a dvv wthn th ommnty. Amnt Cta

Th followng ta wll ondd n th po of ang applaton:

Impat and qalty of th pojt that ontt to th Conl’ Commnty Statg Plan and At gant ojtv. Exlln and nnovaton n at and atv pat and th dlvy of at pojt. Enhan ommnty onnton to at n th pl doman and povd oal and atv nft to ommnt n th Inn Wt. Applant’ apaty to dlv a wll?plannd pojt nldng lvant applant xpn and ppotng matal, kll, and tm. Ralt dgt, nldng all o of pojt nom and qot wh lvant. How To apply

Conl SmatyGant admntaton oftwa to manag t gant pogam. Applaton mt mttd va th Inn Wt Conl SmatyGant wpag. Applaton mt mt th lglty qmnt and no lat applaton wll aptd. Had opy applaton a not aptd. Fo mo nfomaton, vt

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