International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) recruits 01 Research Assistant

Intnatonal Food Poly Rah Inttt (IFPRI) t 01 Rah Atant

Jo Smmay

Th Intnatonal Food Poly Rah Inttt (IFPRI) k a Rah Atant / Rah Analyt (RA) fo a on-ya, xmpt, nwal appontmnt n t Makt, Tad and Inttton Dvon. Th Rah Atant/Rah Analyt  wll wok pmaly on th EC-fndd Food Sty Potal and th Afa Food Sty Potal, povdng ah and pojt-latd ppot to th EC-fndd Food Sty Potal (FSP) and to th USAID-fndd Afan Gowth and Dvlopmnt Poly (AGRODEP) Modlng Conotm pojt. Th poton ad n Daka, Sngal. Inttd applant mt hav wok athozaton to wok n Sngal.

Ental Dt:

Spf dt and ponlt nld t a not lmtd to:

Povd atan n data managmnt, dplay, and domntaton. At n ontnt mgaton to th nw FSP t. Povd atan n FSP-latd vnt (.g. wna, dalog, tool) and otah and n AGRODEP-latd vnt (.g. tanng, ah ollaoaton) and otah, nldng thogh oal mda Pfom ltat vw and at n daftng pot and pntaton At n th dvlopmnt of FSP -lanng o. At wth ommnaton wth FSP and AGRODEP ah ollaoato and patn Oth lvant dt a agnd y th pvo.


Rqd Qalfaton:

Bahlo’ dg n Eonom, Agltal Eonom, Intnatonal Eonom, Statt, o loly latd fld. At th Rah Analyt lvl, Bahlo’ dg  n on of th aov fld pl 2 ya f lvant xpn o  a mat’ dg n on of th aov fld. Expn wth data pong, analy, and managmnt ng vao tattal oftwa pakag (Exl, STATA, R); Expn wth pntng data and lt gaphally ng data valzaton oftwa (.g. Tala, BI, R Shny); Alty to handl mltpl tak and pod ompltd podt on tm; Exllnt val and wttn ommnaton kll n Englh and Fnh; Exllnt ntponal kll and alty to wok ndpndntly and wth ntatv, wth ollag fom dv lt.

Pfd Qalfaton:

Famlaty wth latd to povty, onom gowth, food ty, and agltal o al dvlopmnt n Afa. Expn wth dlvy of -lanng o. Expn wth wt ontnt-managmnt (fo AGRODEP) . Expn wth ng oal mda (Twtt, Faook).

Po potl à pot vllz vt  phf.t.talo.nt .

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