Khyentse Foundation Trisong Grants to promote Mental Health and Well-being

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Khyentse Foundation Trisong Grants to promote Mental Health and Well-being

Deadline: 30-Sep-21

Applications are now open for the Khyentse Foundation’s Trisong Grants Program to identify and support organizations and individuals who are working to promote mental health and well-being in the world.

Grants are intended to help develop programs that are grounded in the principles of kindness and compassion. Although projects don’t need to be expressly Buddhist, they should share in values that alleviate suffering and strengthen both physical and mental health.

They encourage applications for projects related to depression, anxiety, substance abuse and addiction, prison outreach, domestic violence, end-of-life care or hospice, mental illness, spiritual caregiving and pastoral counseling, and psychosocial education.

They welcome disciplines and methods that offer innovative and practical approaches to the complete range of factors contributing to basic well-being. These may include traditional healing practices, psychotherapy, and related medical treatments as well as creative proposals using art, dance, theater, music, multimedia, and tech-based solutions like health apps.

Funding Information

Trisong Grant awards are generally in the $5,000 range, and occasionally more, depending on the scope and needs of the project.

Eligibility Criteria

Khyentse Foundation Trisong Grants are open to the public and aim to identify and support organizations and individuals that are working to promote mental well-being and resilience in the world.


Your application will not be considered if:

You are requesting funds for a building and construction project.
Your application does not adequately explain the budget and scope of the project.
Your application is for a film project; they are not accepting proposals for film projects at this time.
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