Krousar Thmey recruits 01 Project and Donor Relations Officer

Koa Thm y t 01 Pojt and Dono Rlaton Off – Koa Thmy Camoda

Koa Thmy  th ft Camodan oganzaton hlpng dadvantagd hldn, fondd n 1991 n th St II fg amp n Thaland.

Koa Thmy off a potfolo of o-ttng pogam and pojt ppotng ov 2,500 hldn n th dvlopmnt: hld wlfa, pal and nlv daton fo daf o lnd hldn, ltal and att dvlopmnt, aadm and a onlng, a wll a halth and hygn.

In th pt of tanal aton, Koa Thmy n that t ppot do not lad to any pvlg, dpndn o dpaty n th ommnty.

Apoltal and la, th aton of Koa Thmy ha n aknowldgd ntnatonally fo t mpat, apaty fo nnovaton and tanalty.

Koa Thmy’ man pnpl th dvlopmnt of pojt ld y Camodan fo Camodan. Only fo Eopan volnt povd th oganzaton wth ppot n ommnaton, dono laton, pojt oodnaton and ntnal ontol.

Th mon of th Pojt and Dono Rlaton Off  wll to ppot th mplmntaton of Koa Thmy’ pogam and pojt fndd y ntttonal dono, ntnatonal oganzaton, fondaton, o ndvdal dono, th allowng th oganzaton to at tanal hang. Thy wll ontt to th tmly, ffnt and qalty managmnt and mplmntaton of pojt, whl nng that all atvt omply wth dono glaton.

Th Pojt and Dono Rlaton Off wll alo patpat n th dvlopmnt of nw pojt and th oodnaton of atvt wth non-govnmntal oganzaton wokng n th fld of daton and hld potton n Camoda, oth takhold and v povd.

In addton, th Pojt and Dono Rlaton Off at a laon twn Koa Thmy and t dono. In th apaty, thy a ponl fo wtng popoal and pot.

Thy wll wok n lo ollaoaton wth th Pogam Manag, a wll a th Fnan, Montong & Evalaton and Commnaton dpatmnt. Thy wll nd th dt pvon of th Extv Dto.

Ky ol and ponlt

Pojt dgn and managmnt

Sppot th dgn, plannng, dgtng, mplmntaton and montong of pojt atvt, wokng loly wth th loal tam, whl nng th pt of dono’ En that pojt atvt opat n ln wth Koa Thmy’ val, mon and tatg ojtv, a mplmntd a plannd, and adaptd a ndd followng lon land o hang n ontxt. Contt to th gla follow-p of pojt atvt xpn, and n ot-fftv dgt managmnt. At th Commnaton Off fo xtnal ommnaton and dvlopmnt of ommnaton matal latd to pojt and pogam, nldng annal pot, famly ltt o wt. Contt to th managmnt of patnhp wth oth NGO and lvant takhold. Condt fld vt to monto atvt and ollt th nfomaton ndd fo popoal and pot.

Fndang, potng and dono laton

Dvlop fndng popoal and gant applaton, n ollaoaton wth Koa Thmy’ ntnatonal ntt. Enng qalty and tmly mon of naatv and fnanal pot to dono. Mantan potv latonhp wth xtng dono, and ldng nw patnhp wth loal and ntnatonal dono, n ollaoaton wth Koa Thmy’ ntnatonal ntt. La wth Pogam Manag a wll a wth M&E and Fnan dpatmnt to n that popoal and pot a ohnt and lvant. Idntfy fndng oppotnt and potntal lvant dono and/o patn n Camoda and aoad (fondaton, pvat to patn, NGO, govnmnt agn, t.). En xtnal aontalty to dono thogh th mplmntaton of tmly and hgh qalty atvt, ladng to aat potng. Coodnat vt fom patn and dono, n ollaoaton wth th Commnaton Off. Povd gla and tmly pdat on pog and hallng to lvant tam mm. Pfom oth latd tak, a agnd y th Extv Dto.

Expn / Tanng

At lat 2 ya’ wok xpn n a lvant poton, n th dvlopmnt o NGO to, nldng om xpn aoad A Mat’ dg n Intnatonal Rlaton, Dvlopmnt Std o oth lvant fld Sgnfant xpn managng pojt, ltvatng latonhp wth dono, wtng popoal and pot, and managng dgt Exllnt ommand of wttn and pokn Fnh and Englh Expn n th fld of hld potton and/o daton Stong ommnaton, ngotaton and ntponal kll, wth an alty to wok wll n a mltltal tam, wth popl fom dv akgond Atonomo and poatv, wth a n of ntatv, adaptalty and flxlty A pvo xpn n Soth-Eat Aa wold an at Th volnt mt adh to Koa Thmy’ val and mon


Stat : Volontaat d oldaté ntnatonal (VSI) Loaton : Phnom Pnh, Camoda, wth oaonal fld vt to oth povn Statng dat : Janay 2021, wth a mandatoy tanng n Pa fom 18


 to 21


 Janay (o 14


 to 15


 Dm f gnfant xpn). Sjt to hang, dpndng on th volton of th ongong pandm. Daton of mon : 1 ya, wth a polty of xtnon Allowan : USD 600 p month (USD 700 aft 12 month) Oth ondton and advantag : halth nan, pataton and atan; on tn flght p ya of mon; 24 day annal lav, Camodan pl holday; aommodaton on t wth th oth volnt; povon of vhl; allowan fo Khm langag o

How to apply

Inttd anddat a nvtd to nd th applaton n Englh, nldng a CV and a ov ltt, y mal to Daong CHOUR at  [email protected]

Th fl applant wll xptd to omply wth Koa Thmy’ Chld Potton Poly.

Only hot-ltd anddat wll ontatd fo ntvw.

Clong dat fo applaton: 9


 Novm 2020

Koa Thmy an qal oppotnty mploy and th anddat wll ltd ad on mt.

Womn and popl wth dalt a tongly noagd to apply.

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