La Crosse Community Foundation announces Emergency Survival Grant

La Crosse Community Foundation announces Emergency Survival Grant

Deadline: 15-Oct-20

La Crosse Community Foundation is pleased to announce a new grant opportunity to help charitable organizations in La Crosse County survive the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Emergency Survival Grant will provide unrestricted funds to nonprofits to offset pandemic-related revenue losses and expenses.

1000 new grants and donors
Funding decisions will be made primarily based on two factors:

The ability to show with financial records that your organization is significantly impacted financially by the pandemic; and,
The feasibility that the amount requested will help.
Funding Information

Grant awards will primarily range on average between $5,000 and $30,000.
Eligibility Criteria

View and receiving grant information
All charitable organizations that primarily serve La Crosse County are eligible to apply, with the exception of large public and/or charitable organizations (hospitals, city/village/town governments, county government, school districts, and universities) and other funders.
About La Crosse Community Foundation


La Crosse Community Foundation (LCF) is a charitable organization created through gifts from individuals who care about enhancing the greater La Crosse area. The donors’ gifts are the building blocks of permanent endowment funds that LCF invests. They use the annual earnings from these funds to provide grants to qualified local nonprofits who are meeting identified community needs.
By starting an endowment fund or giving to an existing fund, donors become catalysts for good today and for generations to come. Any individual, family, business, or qualified charity can start a fund, which is managed by La Crosse Community Foundation in perpetuity. Gifts made to funds continue to grow and provide resources for the community forever.
Once a fund is established, donors can advise grants or rely on LCF staff to determine the best use of resources. Nonprofits can also apply for grant funding through a competitive grantmaking process. The Foundation’s board reviews and awards grants quarterly with assistance from staff.
A key benefit of the community foundation model is that it can adapt to the changing needs and opportunities of the people it serves. La Crosse Community Foundation staff have a deep, unique knowledge of the community, objective evaluation of nonprofit organizations, expertise in impactful charitable giving, and a commitment to sustainable philanthropy. They pride ourselves on being a leading resource in facilitating the magic of philanthropy in the region.
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