L’Ambassade des Etats-Unis Dakar recrute 01 Travel Supervisor

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L’Ambassade des Etats-Unis Dakar recrute 01 Travel Supervisor

Salary: 14,433,916 CFA/year

Application deadline: 12/28/2021

Job description

Incumbent is required to know the U.S. Department of State travel regulations contained in 14FAM 500. Incumbent is the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) for the embassy travel contract. The incumbent is responsible for the supervision of the Travel Management Center (TMC) and all Embassy Travel operations.   Incumbent supervises an Expediter and two Travel Clerks. Incumbent is responsible for providing high quality services to all U.S. government agencies subscribed to ICASS cost center 6462 – Travel Services.

Job requirements

  • Minimum three years of experience in travel sector and one year of supervisory experience is required.
  • Must have detailed knowledge of U.S. Government Travel regulations, Fly America Act, Standardized regulations, and pertinent sections of 3FAM, 4 FAM, and 6 FAM. Must have a good working knowledge of each of the 14 regions within Senegal. This should include, but is not limited to, awareness of the condition and services offered by major hotels in each region, the status of regional airports, ferry services, and other regional means of transportation.
  • Two years of college/university studies is required.
  • English Level III (good working knowledge speaking reading and writing) is required; French Level IV (fluent, speaking, reading and writing) is required.

Skills and abilities

Tact in dealing with mission personnel, visitors and public; able to draft written communications in English. Incumbent should be an intermediate or advanced user of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Oultook, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Must be able to use E2, various airline flight reservation systems (ex, Amadeus), and various flight itinerary and fare comparison tools (ITA Matrix). Incumbent must type 30-50 words per minute. Numerical skills are required to manage/oversee the Embassy’s Travel Contract. Postuler