Linum Consult recruits 01 Regional After-Sales Coordinator

Lnm Conlt t 01 Rgonal Aft-Sal Coodnato

Lnm Conlt’ lnt a makt lad n th dtton of mahn pat ao th Mnng, Cvl Engnng and Havy Indty to n Afa. D to xtndd gowth thy a lookng to h a Rgonal Aft-Sal Coodnato wth xpn n th Contton & Infatt to fo th off n Daka.


Ladng and managng th loal al fo Atvly montong th makt omptton (off, p, op of v, t.) Dfnng th PSSR ojtv and ommal aton plan Implmntng KPI to monto th aft-al al pfoman Implmntng montong tool Rpotng th aft-al v atvty of th da Rglaly vtng agn and lnt Dvlopng tanng plan Rglaly ang th PSSR kllt Managng th aont of offho lnt Oganng PSSR mna Patpatng n th dvlopmnt of annal dgt Sppotng th “nw pojt” al fo dng th EPC ontat ngotaton Spplyng and ng th CRM tool fo tak latd to th aft-al v atvty Advng tom and PSSR on t pat (mantnan, potton agant ontamnaton, to toag mod, OPEX optmaton) Dvlopng th ompany’ pat, v, and ontat off n ollaoaton wth ppot v: otng tool, off modl, ontat modl, maktng ppot, fn

Jo qmnt

BAC+5 n a Commal o Thnal dpln, dally n Mhanal o Eltal Engnng At lat 3 ya’ xpn n th al of qpmnt and/o pat & v n th pl wok, qayng, o ngy to Flnt n Fnh & Englh Stong ndtandng of gnato, th ntallaton and opaton of pl wok mahn and qa Good knowldg of pa pat and th pfaton Exllnt ommal kll; wth a dmontal htoy of pomotng podt and v n a thnal nvonmnt Good ndtandng of dagnot tool and xllnt gnal IT kll Atonomo, tom ontd, t tant, al to manag pot, ntpnal & qk thnkng wth an analyt mnd APPLICATION PROCESS

If yo flfl all of th ky ta fo th poton, thn pla fomally mt yo CV along wth yo nt fnanal pakag dtal fo th attnton of Fdk Thgnot on  [email protected]

If yo flfl all th ta tplatd, yo wll ontatd wthn 24 to 48 ho. If yo do not flfl th mnmm ta, w may ontat yo gadng altnatv poton.

Applaton dadln: 30 Sptm 2020.

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