Maersk Line recruits 01 Area Product Manager

Mak Ln t 01 Aa Podt Manag

Mak Ln

Daka, Sénégal
Tanpot t logtq

Aa Podt Manag – Sngal SngalDakaLoalSpply Chan/Logt Opaton Lat applaton dat: 22/10/2020 W a lookng fo a ommally fod and dvn anddat to tak p th nw and xtng ol of Aa Podt Manag fo Mak Sngal. Th Aa Podt Manag lad th Nothn Wt Afa Aa (9 ont) Loal Sv tam n hag of dvlopng podt, ttng at and povdng podt xpt to th Sal tam. Loal Sv ov .g. ntmodal, WnD, CHB, LCL, dpot, ntontnntal al, and ago nan, and ng th to dd tag. Th Aa Podt Manag a mm of th Aa Ladhp Tam and ponl and aontal fo: • Co-dvlopng wth al ladhp th NWA Logt & Sv (L&S) Gowth hot and long tm aont plannng and n dvlopmnt) and png tatgy• Co-ownng wth Aa CFO th ovall P&L alan ht (GP/EBIT) ao logt & v fo NWA• Idntfyng & dvng nvtmnt and M&A oppotnt• Dvng th opaton fo ownd and lad at n Wahong & Dtton and Dpot and nng that nay ontol a n pla fo th xton of that n (fnanally, opatonally and n tm of HSSE)• Povdng podt knowldg and jt matt xpt nto th ommal po. W off A hallngng and xtng oppotnty to wok n fat-gowng and dynam makt wth a hghly-ommttd ladhp tam. An ngagng and wadng ol a yo wll lad, oah and dvlop a tam of ngagd and pofonal ollag. Expo nto xtv llng and takhold managmnt kll that a qd to thv n a fat-gowng makt. Ky ponlt Poft & Lo • Nw and xtng tom managmnt• Contat managmnt• WnD & Dpot St pfoman (ot/tlzaton) L&S Aa P&L • Contno mpovmnt & optmzaton of at• Invtmnt don and follow p on th amPodt• Manag day to day WnD and dpot v dlvy n ln wth talhd KPI’• Expand WnD and dpot footpnt n a poftal mann• Bn dvlopmnt plan algnd wth tatgy and makt• Wok loly wth al to dvlop val popoton fo nw oppotnt• Dvlop and dlv podt tanng to al• Atvly nvolvd n llng and ng nw n and tom tnton n lo o-odnaton wth NWA al tam• Tnd managmnt jontly wth alOpatonal xlln• HSSE adhn• Dv omplan & glatoy adhn• St opaton a ty / IT tandad• Wok wth opaton to n tom nd a dlvd onGnal Managmnt• La admntaton• Contat managmnt• Dv adhn to govnan famwok / Aa RICC omplan• En L&S podt an mt ft gowth qmnt and ahv tanal n lt. Ladhp • Dvlop talnt ppln• Engagmnt of th podt tam ao loaton n NWA W a lookng fo • Stong L&S knwoldg and xpn nldng opatonal and afty (W&D, Dpot, CFS)• Bn dvlopmnt tak od• NWA makt knowldg: ndtandng of makt/tom nd and dvlopmnt of podt/olton to at fo tho nd• Fnanal amn – alty to ad, ntpt and dv P&L• Stakhold managmnt & ollaoaton n a matx oganzaton• Chang & pojt managmnt• Statg mndt• Stong analytal and data dvn mndt• Motvatonal ladhp & alty to ommnat laly and t fo/dton• Sold plannng kll POSTULER

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