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Mak Ln t 01 NWA Podt Fnan Bn Patn

Mak Ln

Daka, Sénégal
Tanpot t logtq

NWA Podt Fnan Bn Patn SngalDaka Fnan/Aontng Lat applaton dat: 21/10/2020 Do yo want to play a ky ol n a hallngng and ngagng wokpla, povdng xllnt lanng oppotnt wthn th NWA AREA – loatd n Sngal? Mak ntly lookng to h a NWA Aa Podt Fnan Bn Patn to jon o tam. W off An aa fnan n patn dvng Logt &Sv n pfoman n od to xt L&S tatgy, povd aat and tmly nght/foght, nal don makng po fo podt managmnt. Dv End to End L&S foatng po fo ky fnanal matx ao th aa.

At Mak yo wll hav an xtng and attatv a, n an amto and ollaoatv nvonmnt wth th polty of ontno pofonal and ponal dvlopmnt, n a tly gloal oganzaton. Ky ponlt Pfoman managmnt/ Managmnt Rpotng: Anho of End to End Logt &Sv ROFO po • Coodnat twn lvant Cnt, Rgonal and Aa tam.• Algnng and hallngng nm to av to amto t alt tagt maxmzng ompany poftalty• Enng all fg agd a otly fltd at agggatd aa lvl Anho of L&S pfoman managmnt • Pfoman Managmnt thogh Mak Opatng Sytm n all lvant mtng• En all ky mt and domntaton a avalal fo pfoman dalog• Atv nvolvmnt n majo aa tnd po and ngagng oth aa ontpat a qd• Alway ng awa of majo k and/o oppotnt mpatng aa pfoman Co-Anho of CAPEX dpln fo L&S • Condt qatly nvtmnt follow-p on don a omplan wth aa.• Coodnat aa npt and patpat n monthly nvtmnt mtng wth Rgon• Cat vlty and mpovmnt ommndaton aond nvtmnt pfoman fo gonal takhold Spang Patn of Rgonal and Aa Podt Tam • Anho fo jont ollaoaton dv fo L&S twn Rgon, Aa and CEN a qd.• B nfomd of aa mao tnd potntally mpatng gonal pfoman Patnng: • Contt to fom n don and nal follow-p. At n valatng altnatv tatg and povng ommndaton to th n. Pfom ad-ho analy and nght to n ad on n nd• Oppotnty and ppln managmnt: Povd fowad lookng and ndpndntly ntatd analy. Sppot ot analy a a jt matt xpt fo gvn aa• Contno mpovmnt: Dv mplfaton of pot, analyt tool and atomaton of potng. W a lookng fo Th dal anddat wll hold a Mat’ dg n fnan o onom omnd wth th to fv ya of wok xpn fom analytal poton wthn fnan, managmnt potng, FP&A o qvalnt. Fthmo yo • Hav a thoogh ndtandng of fnan and a n ntt n ndtandng th n to dv pfoman and val.

• A lt dvn and hav a tong logal and analytal apaty • A wll ttd wth a tong adhn to dadln • Hav hgh attnton to dtal • A a lf-tat wth a tong dvng fo, tvng fo ontno mpovmnt and wantng to olv polm vn f fndng anw a not ay • A a tong tam play wth th alty to ngag wth and nfln, gd and hallng mltpl takhold • Hav xllnt ommnaton and ntponal kll, tong ntgty and ollaoaton mndt that go wll wth popl at all lvl n a gloal oganzaton • A d to and njoy wokng n a hallngng, fat pad and hangng nvonmnt dalng wth a lot of dffnt tak at th am tm • A hghly klld n Exl and PowPont, whl xpn fom BI ytm a pl • A flnt n wttn and pokn Fnh and Englh POSTULER

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