Maersk Line recruits 01 WA Area Legal Manager

Mak Ln t 01 WA Aa Lgal Manag

Mak Ln

Doala, Camoon
Tanpot t logtq

WA Aa Lgal Manag CamoonDoala LoalLgal Lat applaton dat: 21/10/2020 Mak lookng to h an Aa Lgal Manag to jon o tam n Doala. Rpotng to th Had of IMEA Lgal and Complan Manag H/h wll ponl fo nng Lgal Complan wthn th SWA Aa. W off A wadng and hallngng oppotnty wh yo an dmontat thnal Lgal xpt, knowldg of loal tattoy and tax glaton, ommal amn, ommnaton kll a wll a potaton and plannng kll n a hgh-pfomng, dynam, xtng Aa wthn Mak. Yo wll jon a tly ntnatonal nvonmnt and wok wth a pofonal and omptnt tam wh yo wll al to lan t pat, aq dv takhold managmnt kll and gan hand-on xpn and managmnt xpo fo fth a advanmnt wthn th oganaton. Ky ponlt Ovall ponl fo lgal and omplan fo Camoon, Rpl of Congo, Dmoat Rpl of Congo, Angola, Gaon, Chad, Eqatoal Gna and Cntal Afan Rpl. • Poatv n patn fo loal managmnt and flaggng k wth a ommal and pagmat appoah towad polm olvng.• Rponl fo handlng and ovng of ltgaton n th aa.• Rponl fo ngagmnt and managng of xtnal lgal onl, nldng lgal dgt.• Sppotng dt ollton tam wth ltgaton fo ottandng lam.• Sppot on opoat taal matt h a oad mtng, appontmnt, opoat olton t.• Adv and ppot on daftng of ontat and oth lgal domnt.• Advng on vao ngagmnt (wttn o oal) wth athot.• Sppotng oth ntnal takhold on lgal matt h a Hman Ro, HSSE and pomnt. W a lookng fo • A mnmm Bahlo’ dg  n Law. A Mat’ dg wll an advantag• Maty of OHADA ommal law (Shppng law a pl);•  3+ ya of’ lvant xpn  n ho o n a law fm. Indty xpn an advantag.• Stong ntponal, tamwok and ommnaton kll.• Mt al to wok nd p wth tght dadln;• Attntv to dtal and lt-ontd.• Ha a good n of gny wth tong apalt to wok wth tght dadln.• Flnt val and wttn ommnaton kll n Englh and Fnh. POSTULER

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