Maersk Line recruits 01 Warehouse and Distribution Manager

Mak Ln t 01 Waho and Dtton Manag

Mak Ln

Cao, Egypt
Tanpot t logtq

Waho and Dtton Manag EgyptCaoLoalTmnal Opaton/Engnng Lat applaton dat: 31/10/2020 W a lookng fo Waho and Dtton Manag to jon o Egypt Waho and Dtton (WND) tam to n day-to-day WND opaton a xtd n aodng to tatgy and tagt. Ha ponlty fo th optmzaton of Po and Podtvty wthn th WND Podt n th onty. W off • A tly ntnatonal, opn and ngagng wokng nvonmnt n a modn wokng loaton.• Val and tam-ad ladhp• Impov ytm & po knowldg• A wd ang of ntnatonal a oppotnt.• Oppotnt fo ponal and pofonal gowth n a dynam nvonmnt. Ky ponlt •Ha ponlty fo all WND latd matt n th onty, nldng adhn to opatonal pod and pol• Dv WND ontton magn optmzaton• Sppot and gd ommal tam on WND oppotnt• Dv Cnt/Rgonal/onty tatg towad loal oganzaton and gv ppot whn qd.• Povd th mot lal and ffnt v to o tom at th lowt pol ot.• Dvlop and mplmnt a tatgy to at tomzal olton ad on tom nd, whl mantanng tandad podt offng. W a lookng fo • knowldg to olv ommon n . Opat wthn pat and pod ovd y pdnt o wll dfnd pol alatng all non-otn polm.• Expn n a fntonal aa otnly applyng knowldg of tho, mthod, thnq and po.• Undtand th ovall nat of th n and th ntdpndn twn own and oth fnton.• Wll aontal fo th pfoman and lt of a tam wthn own dpln o fnton.• Dvlop popl – oahng and mntong to ld oganzatonal apalty, talnt and nh tngth.• Th ndvdal w a lookng fo mt hav tong ommnaton, ntwokng and ntponal kll thogh whh h o h an to ngag wth a oad ang of takhold oth ntnally and xtnally.• Alty to wok ndpndntly and a pat of a tam• Poatvly and flly omplt agnd tak wth xllnt lt whl mtng agd dadln• Alty to manag ntnal & xtnal takhold ffntly• Exllnt Aa and Englh ommnaton kll oth val and wttn POSTULER

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