MAERSK recruits 01 Commercials

MAERSK t fo Commal.

Do yo want to jon a wnnng tam? If yo hav n dtd h, w ond yo a talntd pofonal and w wold lk to tay n toh wth yo fo ft jo oppotnt n ommal aa (al, n dvlopmnt &  )

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Intnatonal and dynam nvonmnt Wokng wthn ladng and wnnng oganzaton Btt ndtandng of makt and tom fat and dv Impov ndtandng of how t gnat poft fo Mak Ln Dvlop vy dp tong knowldg aot makt, omptto and I- ndty tnd Stong pofny on Bn-to-n maktng Fdom to at wth ponlty to dlv Stong Stakhold kll dvlopmnt

In a w hav any nw opn poton, w wll pmaly look fo th anddat gtd n th Mak Gnal Applaton – Commal Rol.

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Complt th onln tt that wll nt to yo and nfom n a yo taton and ntt n Mak hang n any way.

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Popl ontd, ngt, lf-motvatd and ddatd tam play, wth paon fo hppng. Exllnt ommand of wttn and pokn Englh Commal mndt, xllnt ommnaton kll, takhold managmnt kll, hghly motvatd anddat fom all ndt.

Clong dat : 31 Dm 2020

Po potl à pot vllz vt .

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