Maersk recruits 01 NWA Product Finance Business Partner

Mak t 01 NWA Podt Fnan Bn Patn

Do yo want to play a ky ol n a hallngng and ngagng wokpla, povdng xllnt lanng oppotnt wthn th NWA AREA – loatd n Sngal?

Mak ntly lookng to h a NWA Aa Podt Fnan Bn Patn to jon o tam.

Jo dpton 

Anho of End to End Logt &Sv ROFO po

Coodnat twn lvant Cnt, Rgonal and Aa tam. Algnng and hallngng nm to av to amto t alt tagt maxmzng ompany poftalty Enng all fg agd a otly fltd at agggatd aa lvl

Anho of L&S pfoman managmnt

Pfoman Managmnt thogh Mak Opatng Sytm n all lvant mtng En all ky mt and domntaton a avalal fo pfoman dalog Atv nvolvmnt n majo aa tnd po and ngagng oth aa ontpat a qd Alway ng awa of majo k and/o oppotnt mpatng aa pfoman 

Co-Anho of CAPEX dpln fo L&S

Condt qatly nvtmnt follow-p on don a omplan wth aa. Coodnat aa npt and patpat n monthly nvtmnt mtng wth Rgon Cat vlty and mpovmnt ommndaton aond nvtmnt pfoman fo gonal takhold

Spang Patn of Rgonal and Aa Podt Tam

Anho fo jont ollaoaton dv fo L&S twn Rgon, Aa and CEN a qd. B nfomd of aa mao tnd potntally mpatng gonal pfoman 


Contt to fom n don and nal follow-p. At n valatng altnatv tatg and povng ommndaton to th n. Pfom ad-ho analy and nght to n ad on n nd Oppotnty and ppln managmnt: Povd fowad lookng and ndpndntly ntatd analy. Sppot ot analy a a jt matt xpt fo gvn aa Contno mpovmnt: Dv mplfaton of pot, analyt tool and atomaton of potng.
Jo qmnt 

Th dal anddat wll hold a Mat’ dg n fnan o onom omnd wth th to fv ya of wok xpn fom analytal poton wthn fnan, managmnt potng, FP&A o qvalnt.

Fthmo yo 

Hav a thoogh ndtandng of fnan and a n ntt n ndtandng th n to dv pfoman and val. A lt dvn and hav a tong logal and analytal apaty  A wll ttd wth a tong adhn to dadln Hav hgh attnton to dtal A a lf-tat wth a tong dvng fo, tvng fo ontno mpovmnt and wantng to olv polm vn f fndng anw a not ay A a tong tam play wth th alty to ngag wth and nfln, gd and hallng mltpl takhold Hav xllnt ommnaton and ntponal kll, tong ntgty and ollaoaton mndt that go wll wth popl at all lvl n a gloal oganzaton A d to and njoy wokng n a hallngng, fat pad and hangng nvonmnt dalng wth a lot of dffnt tak at th am tm A   and PowPont, whl xpn fom BI ytm a pl A flnt n wttn and pokn Fnh and Englh

Lat applaton dat: 23 Oto 2020.

Po potl à pot vllz vt .

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