MAG recruits 01 Senior Logistics Experts

MAG t 01 Sno Logt Expt – Shot Tm Dploymnt Pool

Sno Logt Expt – Shot Tm Dploymnt Pool

Catng of a pool of Sno Logt Expt fo dploymnt ao MAG onty Pogamm

COVID-19’ mpat on gloal hmantaan opaton ha nad th omplxty of ppotng onty pogamm. MAG nd to ppa fo a al p of opaton ao val onty pogamm, and wthn th nxt opl of ya th wll mltpl hot-tm no dploymnt that wll qd to n tong logt po a n pla to ppot MAG opaton. MAG lanhng a p-lton po to t p a Pool of no logt xpt, mathng on o mo of th pf dploymnt ToR’ ltd and dd wthn th Canddat Infomaton Pak.

Spf tm fo th Pool a) Daton of th Pool: P-ltd no logt xpt wll ag to th dtal (nldng CV and oth ponal nfomaton a nay) ng kpt y MAG wthn a ddatd Pool fo a daton of 2 ya, ntl 31 Dm 2022. Aft th pod, all ponal data onnng th p-ltd no logt xpt wll dltd and, f nay, a nw p-lton po may lanhd at dton of MAG. By applyng, anddat thfo ag that, f fl, MAG kp th ponal data fo th daton of th Pool. Unfl applant’ data wll pod p MAG’ nomal tandad and th ponal data wll thfo dltd followng x month.

) Agnmnt: whn nty fo a dploymnt along on of th pf dploymnt ToR’ ltd and dd low, th lt of appovd no logt xpt p-valdatd fo th pf typ of ToR wll vwd to hk avalalty. Among th avalal and p-valdatd no logt xpt, lvant xpn n th opatng ontxt and an ntvw wth th hng manag wll dtmn th ltd xpt that wll dployd.

) Daton of Agnmnt: Shot-tm dploymnt a ntndd fo a daton not xdng 12 wk’ total daton; th xat daton p-agd y pat ahad of ah dploymnt and latd to th pf typ of ppot qd y MAG Conty Pogamm.

d) Dtnaton of Agnmnt: dploymnt dtnaton a nd-ad; th Pool ov all MAG Conty Pogamm woldwd.

Bad on th op and pan of th wok qd, MAG v th ght to off dploymnt ad a th a onltant o a fxd tm mploy.

a) Conltant: MAG wll t and ag a daly, wkly o monthly at fo th onltany. MAG wll alo povd mdal nan, aommodaton, p dm, va and oth admntaton ppot and flght. ) Employ: Bad on th nat of th ol, MAG wll off a alay t ng t jo valaton famwok, a wll a a Cot of Lvng Allowan and oth allowan a appopat fo th poton. A an mploy, th ndvdal wll alo ovd y MAG’ mdal nan pol, a wll a v aommodaton, annal lav and flght. MAG wll alo mak all tavl and va aangmnt.

Loaton of wok Dtald, tm-ond and maal ToR’ wll dvlopd and agd to ahad of any dploymnt. Howv, fo th ppo of th aton of th Pool, th dffnt typ of xampl ToR’ hav n dvlopd and applant hold t ot n th applaton whh of th ToR’ thy want to ondd fo. Th th ToR’ a dtald wthn th Canddat Infomaton Pak low.

Applant may apply fo on o mltpl ToR’. Wh applant lt mltpl ToR’, thy may qd to omplt a lton x fo ah ToR thy apply fo. Thy wold only qd to attnd on ntvw howv.

Pla not that a pat of MAG’ ommtmnt to afgadng, th pot jt to akgond hk fo an off of mploymnt o onltany onfmd. Th a ally ompltd at th tm of appontmnt howv, fo fl anddat on th Pool, fn hk wll p-ompltd, vwd and appovd a ndvdal a ntd on to t. Rmanng akgond hk wll ompltd on appontmnt to a ol, a th a onltant of an mploy.

MAG ommttd to th pnpl of dvty, qalty and nlon. If yo thnk yo wold td to on of o ol w wold wlom yo applaton gadl of yo akgond. W tv to povd an nlv and ppotv wokng nvonmnt wh all mploy fl ptd and ppotd n flfllng th potntal.

How to apply

Fo fth nfomaton and dtal of how to apply, pla vt o wt at www.magntnatonal.og/vaan-at-mag fo th long dat of 4th Oto 2020.

D to th hgh volm of applaton that w v, w a not al to pond to vy applaton. If yo hav not had ak fom wthn th wk of yo applaton, t man that yo applaton ha not n fl.

Clqz po potl


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