Meadows Foundation launches Call for Applications for 2020 Grant Program

Meadows Foundation launches Call for Applications for 2020 Grant Program

Deadline: Ongoing

The Meadows Foundation has launched a call for applications for its 2020 Grant program.

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The Meadows Foundation exists to assist people and institutions of Texas improve the quality and circumstance of life for themselves and future generations. Under the terms of its charter, the Foundation can distribute grants only to qualified public entities or 501(c)(3) charities serving the people of Texas. The Foundation does not lend or grant money to individuals.


Grants are made in five categories:

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Arts and Culture
Civic and Public Affairs
Human Services
Within these categories of giving, there are currently three initiatives, each with an individual strategic plan:

Mental Health
Public Education
Funding Information

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Requests of any amount are considered.
Each organization is limited to one application within a 12-month period. Applications are acknowledged within one week and are usually processed within three to four months.
Eligibility Criteria

The Foundation provides grants throughout the state of Texas, but tries to allocate between one-third and one-half of its grant resources to organizations helping those in the Dallas area.
Applications for specific programs or projects, capital projects, and less often, for general operations, are considered. Endowment and scholarship grants are rare.
The Foundation also considers program-related investment loans as part of its grantmaking activities.

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The Foundation looks for one or more of the following conditions in an application:

Foundation support would be vital or catalytic to a proposed project’s success
The project is well planned and the agency has the capacity to execute the plan
Financial support from other sources exists to ensure that the project will be implemented and continue after the grant period. It will expedite the review process if between one-third and one-half of the needed project funds have been secured before applying.

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Applications should include:

Organization Information
A brief history of the organization, its current focus, and recent accomplishments:
A copy of the latest verification of tax-exempt status from the IRS
Certified audits for the previous three years (if a young agency, send last fiscal year’s financial statements and the most recently filed IRS Form 990)
The organization’s current operating budget and year-to-date financial statements
Market and Customers
The current population served including socio-economic status, ethnicity, gender, age, and geographic location.
Project Description
A statement of need for the proposed project and a description of how it will address that need
Targets and Outcomes
Who will be served and what specific results are expected from the proposed activities and within what stated time period?
Key Individuals
List of directors and corporate officers including profession, ethnicity, and gender, and names and qualifications of key staff involved with the proposed project
Financial Projections
A project line item budget including income and expenses
The specific dollar amount requested from the Foundation and date payment is needed
A list of all entities asked to give financial support to the proposed project (include their responses to date and dollar amount committed)
Financial support for the project after the grant period
Verification and Learning
Plans to measure progress against expected outcomes
Include current or baseline levels, if available
Describe program data to be collected and how it will be used to improve the program
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