2021-22 Direct Aid Program – Bosnia and Herzegovina

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2021-22 Direct Aid Program – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Deadline: 1-Oct-21

The Australian Embassy in Vienna calls for applications for aid projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the 2021-22 Australian Direct Aid Program (DAP).

The Direct Aid Program (DAP) is a flexible small grants program funded by the Australian Government and managed through the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT) overseas posts. The program aims to support projects with a strong development focus that complement Australia’s broader aid program which contributes to sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction.

Funding Information

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Eligible Activities

The DAP program in Bosnia and Herzegovina focuses on supporting small-scale development projects and activities:
Particular attention is given to projects providing direct benefits to those most in need in the local community.
They will favourably consider projects supporting education, health, disability, water and sanitation, vulnerable children, women’s empowerment, sustainable livelihoods and income generation for marginalised communities.
Applications should clearly detail the expected developmental impact of the project.
All applications must be accompanied by a fully costed project budget.
Australian Embassy will generally NOT fund the following:
cash grants or micro-credit schemes or projects that involve the return of money
commercial ventures, purchase of major assets, eg vehicles or land
Australian or overseas study tours
international travel
sponsorship of major sporting tournaments or cultural displays that do not have a clear developmental benefit
staff salaries
routine, recurring running costs and administrative expenses including office rental and utility costs, spare parts, routine maintenance
Eligibility Criteria

DAP is available on a not-for-profit basis to NGOs engaged in development activities.
For more information, visit https://austria.embassy.gov.au/vien/DAPBiH_2021.html