Medic Mobile recruits 01 Project Manager

Md Mol t 01 Pojt Manag, Sngal

Jon dpton

W’ kng an xpnd Pojt Manag to jon o Dlvy tam. A Pojt Manag, yo wll ponl fo managng pojt and pojt tam to optmally dgn and oll ot dgtal halth app lt on th Commnty Halth Toolkt (CHT). Yo wll  wokng n an agl nvonmnt alongd and oodnat wth a dynam, mlt-klld, mlt-ltal tam of dvlop, dgn, halth ytm palt, data ntt and ngn.

Yo wll wok on th fontln wth ommnty halth wok, manag dgtal halth thnolog, and dlv olton that nal popl to lv halth lv n Wt Afa.

Ky Rponlt

Lad th dvlopmnt and mplmntaton of applaton lt on th CHT o famwok Coodnat apaty ldng of patn tam n dgnng, dvlopng, hotng and dployng CHT applaton Bld a tong appot wth a ntwok of patn, nldng natonal and ntnatonal oganzaton and Mnt of Halth Dvlop pojt thnal domntaton nldng wok plan, dgt and pot fo oth ntnal & xtnal takhold, ontnoly monto pojt pog, and dntfy and ommnat hang to op and tmln Poatvly manag pojt o and op, k and ntant and ldng and mplmntng ontngny and mtgaton plan Lad qalty aan of otpt nldng thnal qmnt domntaton, pot, dvlopd toolkt (w, mol applaton and dahoad), alongd pahadng ontno po mpovmnt

Jo Rqmnt

5+ ya of xpn ladng tam, th n dgtal halth dploymnt,  , podt managmnt, oftwa dvlopmnt, thnal opaton, o a lvant aa Dmontatd htoy of dlvng hgh-qalty lt on hdl and wthn dgt Ottandng and fftv ntponal kll pad wth tong wttn and val ommnaton kll, nldng an alty to tanlat thnal jagon nto patn-appopat fld onvaton Expn n ngagng wth govnmnt takhold at all lvl – no offal to fontln halth wok Cltal ntvty and adaptalty to hangng ontxt and ommnaton tyl Alty to oganz and manag mltpl pot, analyz polm, and fnd olton to mgng at tatg and fntonal lvl Slf-motvatd lt-ontd tam play, who alo an oodnat and lad dynam tam, om mot o gloal that pan mltpl tm zon Alty and wllngn to wok n a fat-pad, dmandng, and omtm nttd nvonmnt Stong ndtandng of th halth / mHalth oytm Paonat aot haltha ng dlvd a a hman ght Flnt n oth Englh and Fnh (wttn and val ommnaton) PMP, Pn2 o an qvalnt tfaton n Agl Pojt Managmnt Mt lgally lgl to wok n Sngal.

Bon Expn

Dmontatd dp ndtandng of hman-ntd dgn pnpl and mthodolog Expn wth onfgaton managmnt and la managmnt Gnal ndtandng of lod-ad thnology, opn-o oftwa, dvlopmnt po, and dataa Wokng knowldg of montong o valaton of thnology/oal nnovaton pojt, knowldg of t pat n th fld Famlaty wth th halth ytm n Wt Afa, and xpn wokng wth magnalzd ommnt n oal mpat pogamm n th gon

Applaton dadln : 27 Nov 2020

Why Md?
Oppotnty to ontt to an nnovatv and ltally dv tam fod on ahvng mpat thogh o mon and von Tavl nan Flxl wokng lt Monthly ommnaton allowan Enjoy tavllng to an annal fll tam mtp to mt yo tammat fom aond th wold, fa to fa

Aot Md Mol

Md Mol a 501()(3) nonpoft oganzaton fondd n 2010 to advan halth and hman flohng wth and fo th hadt-to-ah ommnt. W nvon a mo jt wold n whh halth wok a ppotd a thy povd a fo th ngho, nval halth ovag a alty, and halth a d hman ght. Patally, w hav advand o mon y ldng, mplmntng, and ppotng opn-o dgtal tool that ppot Commnty Halth Wok, manag, and falty-ad halth wok. Along wth o patn, w ld and apply oftwa that hlp halth wok dlv hgh-qalty, qtal a n dgnd halth ytm. O tam and patn ppot mo than 28,000 fontln halth wok ang fo an tmatd 15 mllon popl n 18 ont ao Afa and Aa.

Eah mm of o tam wa dawn to th mon and moldnd y a von of gloal halth qty. O dvty of kll and xpn hlp takl omplx hallng – w look fowad to hang fom yo and xplong way to wok togth.

Po potl à pot vllz vt .

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