MRAC’s Equity Response Grant Program is open for Disable Groups – U.S.

MRAC’ Eqty Rpon Gant Pogam opn fo Dal Gop – U.S.

n: 26-Ot-20

Th Mto Rgonal At Conl (MRAC) now k applaton fo t Eqty Rpon Gant Pogam that povd o fo Blak, Indgno, Popl of Colo (BIPOC)-ld, Popl wth Dalt (PWD)-ld, and/o Lan, Gay, Bxal, Tangnd, Q, Intx, Axal/Agnd, Two-Spt (LGBTQIA2+)-ld MRAC lgl gop.

Sd Gant Eqty Rpon gant povd fndng fo tagtd mall-al pojt a a tatng o tanton pont fo gop to ppot th alty to povd a to th at n a hangng nvonmnt (COVID-19 and nt oal hang alt).

Fndng Infomaton

Eqty Rpon gant povd fndng p to $2500. Elgl Pojt

Som xampl of lgl pojt old , t a not ttd to:

Mt a gop’ nd tal to t ontnd alty to povd at atvt to t ommnty. Advan th gop’ jony thogh (-)nvonng, plannng, ng nay matal, and/o plotng nw way of wokng. Explo, ntat, o xpand ollaoaton/tatg patnhp/o hang that ppot a lnt at oytm n th gon. Exampl of lgl xpn tm:

Contatd Att Admntatv & oth ponnl Pofonal f/onltant Sppl and/o aptal pha Spa ntal Eqpmnt ntal Alty-latd ot ( pf) Falt xpn Admntatv ovhad ( pf) Rf to th ltng of nlgl xpn gvn. Inldng nlgl xpn may afft th amont MRAC wll awad f fndd, o nd th nt applaton nlgl.

Fnd do not Sppot

Pojt that do not phold applal fdal, tat, and loal law, l, glaton, and odnan n laton to th of MRAC fnd. Attndan at tanng vnt/onfn otd th tat of Mnnota. Pojt that a managd y anoth ntty oth than th applant. Pojt and atvt dgnd to a fnd/gant/donat fnd on half of anoth pon, oganzaton, o a. MRAC fnd annot onttd to anoth oganzaton o pon. Pojt that attmpt to nfln any tat o fdal lglaton o appopaton; to ppot atvt that a ntally fo th lgo oalzaton of th patpant o adn; o dmnat agant pon o gop. Pojt that nld ot nd fo Ealt Gant Expndt Dat. All xpn nldd n th gant popoal mt nd on o aft th dat. Inldng xpn nd po to th dat may dm th nt applaton nlgl. Pojt fo whh any poton of atvt tak pla aft Jn 30 of th MRAC fal ya followng th on n whh th awad wa d a nlgl. Th latt pojt nd dat Jn 30, 2022. Th man that th pojt omplt and all gant fnd hav n xpndd. Pojt dgt that nld nalzd nom h a holahp o n-knd ppot. Pojt n whh any poton of atvt a loatd otd th vn-onty mto aa a nlgl. Expton: attndan at tanng/onfn vnt may otd of th vn-onty mto aa a long a thy tak pla n Mnnota. Th dolla annot ttt oth tat dolla. Th nld: Rqt n whh any poton of th pojt dgt wll d to pay an att o at oganzaton to povd ntally th am v that an ongong tah, tahng taff, o at palt pvoly povdd o wold xptd to povd n a hool ttng a nlgl. Rqt n whh th pojt wll pla dontnd o nonxtnt at pogam that hold flfllng th tat’ at lm qmnt n hool a nlgl. Th pha of al tat popty. Dvlopmnt of ndowmnt. Captal pojt (falty mpovmnt) to lad pa that a not appovd y th popty own a not lgl. No aptal mpovmnt an mad to hom. Wttn pmon fom th popty own of th pa qd. Dt dton and ldng ah v. Tavl xpn to o fom Mnnota. Yo may ngag an ot-of-tat att o onltant wthn yo pojt, t th tavl xpn to gt to o fom Mnnota annot nldd n a MRAC qt. Expn to pha alohol vag o to pay aoatd ot (v, nan, lqo ln, t.). Cot fo loatng th applant’ lgal add/dn otd th tat of Mnnota. Ung th fnd a a math qmnt fo oth MRAC awadd gant. Pojt xpn that a nldd n anoth MRAC gant. Elglty Cta

Th pogam fnd IRS 501()(3) nonpoft at and/o ltal oganzaton, non-at nonpoft, and ommnty daton nt wth a htoy of at pogammng, and nfomal/nnopoatd at gop applyng wth a nonpoft a a fal pono. Th applant gop and pojt mt loatd n th 7-onty (Anoka, Cav, Dakota, Hnnpn, Ramy, Sott, Wahngton) mtopoltan gon. Th applant gop’ annalzd opatng/at pogammng xpn mt l than $400,000. Fally Sponod gop mt hav th own oad of dto o advoy ommtt that povd npt on th pojt and ovght of th gant fnd. Applant gop annot : Indvdal. Pl, pvat, altnatv, hat, tantonal, o hom hool (th nld hool ppot oganzaton h a PTA, PTO, hool fondaton, t.). Oganzaton who man ppo to a fnd fo anoth pon, oganzaton, o a. Rvw and Slton Po

Staff: MRAC taff vw all applaton fo lglty.

Panl: A p vw panl vw all lgl applaton. Th panl vw fo FY21 wll tak pla motly. Panlt wll v tanng fom MRAC taff and thn wll ad and at applaton. Panl ommnt an had wth applant pon qt.

MRAC Boad of Dto: MRAC taff mt th panl ommndaton to th MRAC oad of dto who mak th fnal don on fndng.

Appal: Appal mt mad n wtng wthn 30 day of th notfaton of th oad don. Contat MRAC fo a opy of th appal poly.

Fo mo nfomaton, vt http://ma.og/gant/qty-pon/

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