MSF recrute 01 Medical Advisor Women’s Health – Midwife

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MSF recrute 01 Medical Advisor Women’s Health – Midwife

Description de l’offre


Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
Dakar (Sénégal)
Grade: Unspecified
Occupations: Diversity and Gender, Healthcare, Social and Inclusive Development


Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, healthcare exclusion and natural disasters.
MSF provides assistance to populations in distress irrespective of race, religion, creed or political convictions.

MSF Australia (MSFA):
The Australian Section of Médecins Sans Frontières was established in 1995 and is one of 30 sections, 24 associations and other offices that form the MSF global movement providing oversight and expertise, funding and staff for field operations and communicating on the needs of our patients.
MSF Australia deploys over 200 field staff per year from Australia and New Zealand.
The organization secures an annual revenue of AUD 90 million in untied funds.
The Australia section hosts a Medical Unit in Sydney bringing specialized expertise in the field of Women’s health and Paediatrics in support of our operations overseas.
MSF Australia has over 70 full time staff and an active association of over 600 members.

MSF Operational Centre Paris (OCP):
OCP consists of four partner sections (Paris, New York, Tokyo and Sydney) as well as an offices in the UAE, Senegal and, in 2022, Nairobi.
OCP carries out operations according to a common strategic and medico-operational plan.
In 2005, the Medical Unit Sydney was created and is currently responsible for the medical expertise and quality in the areas of Women’s, children and neonatal health and sexual violence care within the Medical Department of MSF OCP.

The overall purpose of the MSF OCP medical department is to achieve MSF’s social mission by its leadership, expertise and advocacy through:
• The co-creation of medico-operational strategies and priorities
• Pertinent, context-adapted medical support
• Leading/oversight of/support for continuing improvement of quality of care and respect for medical ethics
• Conducting operational research and new medical approaches
• Internal and external advocacy based on field needs, our experience and the results of our research
• The development of links between MSF and the medical world.
Due to a recent reorganisation we are recruiting another midwife advisor based in Dakar with a focus in West Africa but also other countries (will be negotiated with other midwife advisor). In the field of women’s health there will be two midwives full time FTE (one based in Sydney and one based in Dakar – dividing cell/country support between them). They will be supported by one obstetrician-gynaecologist part time (0.5 FTE, based in any OCP hub apart from New York) and one sexual violence advisor (0.5 FTE, based in Sydney). The work of the midwife based in Dakar is collaborative with the other women’s health advisors, they will also work collaboratively with the team in Dakar (OCP/OCG/OCBA/WACA) with a long-term vision towards more regional MSF support across the operating centres.

Overall Responsibilities
Medical support to OCP operations and projects – the advisor will –
• Contribute, through their expertise in midwifery, to the improvement of care of patients in MSF projects through medical support directly to the projects and to the operations department
• Share the work collaboratively with the other midwife advisor, as well as the obstetrics and gynaecology and sexual violence advisors.
• Participate in defining medico-operational priorities through contributing their specialist expertise in the areas of Women’s and Children’s/Neonatal health within OCP and supporting their implementation
• Develop strategies according to medico-operational objectives – aligned with the OCP strategic plan and ensure their implementation.
• Identify priority projects according to these strategies and participate in development of the medical department and MSF Australia Medical Unit action plan.
• Work collaboratively with other advisors and MIOs in Dakar hub to develop inter-OC (operational centre) support to MSF projects in the West Africa region – specifically OCG, OCBA and WACA with a long-term view towards a regional support model.

Main Tasks and Duties
1. Field/Operational Support:
• Provide advice to specific OCP projects with regards to women’s health – this is done in direct collaboration with medical-operational managers (cells) and medical coordinators (country-level)
• The support consists of:
• Design of Projects: Participation in discussions on construction, implementation, and review of projects together with the cell
• Briefing and debriefing: of medical field workers (primarily international)
• Medical Data: Regular follow-up and feedback on medical data and reports with analysis of project data and sharing results with coordination teams and medical managers
• Project visits: Conducting project visits and providing a concise report upon return – expected 3 visits per year
• Medical Orders: Reviewing medical orders (on request)
• Support to colleagues: Informing and updating colleagues in the medical department on evolution and current issues in women’s health on a regular basis
• Protocols, guidelines and policy papers: reviewing and writing protocols, guidelines and policy papers including updates as needed. Monitoring implementation of guidelines, protocols and tools and modifying if needed.
• Quality of care: ensure that tools and procedures to improve quality of care are available to teams and assist in continuous quality improvement in MSF projects. Alert operational managers/medical coordination in case of non-application of important quality of care measures (procedures, strategies, protocols)
• Patient centred care: Implement and improve patient-centred care measures such as respectful maternity care in MSF projects – in line with the focus on patient-centred care in the OCP and MSF Australia strategic plans.
• Focal point for projects: be the focal point for questions from projects, coordinations and cells for West Africa plus other countries (to be worked out in collaboration with the other midwife advisor) in the area of women’s health and sexual violence, consult and review questions with regards to questions on obstetric and gynaecology and sexual violence with the relevant specialist technical advisors.

2. Innovation and Improvements in Midwifery/Women’s health
• Monitoring and participating in research and development in order to develop innovative practices and standards for implementation in MSF projects
• Develop and propose new tools, medicines, materials, strategies, techniques, procedures, and guidelines, taking into consideration operational realities of MSF projects and budget.
• Develop a network of medical and research actors, humanitarian actors and others in the areas of midwifery and women’s health – with a specific focus on institutions based in West Africa

3. Specific requirements in Women’s Health dossier:
• Remain current in medical literature relevant to Women’s health
• Support (with other women’s health advisors, training unit, pool manager and paediatric advisors), the planning and implementation of trainings in the domain of women’s and newborn health (e.g. Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO), Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) training, Evaluating Values and Attitudes (EVA) workshops) as well as other trainings if requested.
• With other advisors, provide analysis of womens health activities including the annual medical activities report
• Communication and exchange with colleagues working on specific dossiers in and outside MSF
• Suggest questions and ideas for operational research, follow up on operational research projects
• Participate in the International Working Group meetings (The other midwife is the core working group member)
• Attends and presents at relevant national or international forums (with agreement from their manager)
• Supports recruitment and validation of midwives
• Works with the midwife pool manager to ensure appropriate placement of midwives and other pool-related issues as needed
• Represents MSF-OCP/Dakar and Australia in their specialty outside the movement as requested

4. Contribute to transversal development
• Share information and knowledge and develop the ability to work with other referents, services, departments and satellites of MSF as part of improved collaboration across the medical department
• Travel and work in other MSF OCP hubs (Paris, Australia, Dubai, Nairobi, New York, Japan) in order to collaborate with the other women’s health advisors, head of MU Sydney, other medical department/MSFA colleagues, cells based in those locations) – anticipate for 1-2 months per year. This is recognising that while much work can be done remotely, working beside colleagues is important for team building and cohesion and for informal discussions and networking.

5. MSF-Australia related responsibilities
• Contribute to MSF Australia internal and external communication of project-related issues, including potentially presentations for fundraising. Supports communications department to formulate relevant messages when required
• Provides input into MSF Australia office on relevant issues and project experiences (e.g. field visits) and enhances debate amongst colleagues – including potentially presentations to MSF Australia Board.

6. MSF Dakar related responsibilities
• Work collaboratively with other advisors, MIOs and operations in Dakar hub to develop inter-OC support to MSF projects in the West Africa region – specifically OCG, OCBA and WACA with a long-term view towards a regional support model
• Develop a network of medical and research actors, humanitarian actors and others in the areas of midwifery and women’s health – with a specific focus on institutions based in West Africa
• Participates in promotion of recruitment, communications and fundraising in West Africa or other relevant locations.
• Participates in external events and trainings if relevant (with agreement of manager)
The field of medical responsibilities can be adjusted according to needs within the department.

Professional skills
• Degree in Midwifery
• Master of Public Health/ International Public Health (or equivalent)
• ALSO instructor certificate
• Experience in a coordination of management position and/or project management
• Experience in implementing strategies, research projects and training programs

In MSF Australia, we believe the the following 5 values form the foundations of our culture – Transparency, Respect, Understanding of Diversity, Stepping In and CollaboraTion.
At MSF Australia we value T.R.U.S.T as an essential element to how we operate and believe that these organisation values flow from this trust that we build.

Applications MUST address individual selection criteria.
If possible, please illustrate with examples from your work either inside or outside MSF.
You should also write a cover letter indicating why you want to work for Médecins Sans Frontières Australia and attach a copy of your CV.
Please note that a criminal record check may be required as part of the selection process.
Applicants with criminal records will not automatically be ineligible for the position they are ing for.
Médecins Sans Frontières Australia has a Child Protection Policy in place and all employees are required to comply with this policy.
Médecins Sans Frontières Australia is committed to creating an inclusive workplace for all our staff.
We believe that a diverse team helps us better serve those most in need, we encourage flexibility (in all its forms) and we encourage people from a wide range of backgrounds to for this role, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, LGBTQIA+, people from other culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds and people with disabilities.
People with a disability can request support from our Domestic HR Department if you think you may require reasonable adjustment during the recruitment.

• Agreement with MSF OCP medico-operational plan
• Agreement with MSF Australia strategic plan (attached – in English only)
• Significant experience in MSF projects (as clinical midwife and maternity manager positions) – minimum 3 assignments with MSF.
• Proficient in technical skills of midwifery
• Strong written and oral skills in English and French (C1 level)
• Strong organisational and communication skills
• Ability and willingness to take initiative and work autonomously
• Ability to work and collaborate in a team
• Flexibility
• Good problem solving skills and solution-oriented thinking
• Ability to convince, anticipate and plan
• Skills in scientific analysis and reporting
• Willingness and ability to travel regularly
• Willingness and capacity to work outside regular office hours

Position’s specificities
Status: Full time/ 2 years contract

N.B. The successful candidate will be based in Dakar, there may some flexibility in timing of re-location if required.
Applications close: January 17th, 2022

Contract type
Fixed-term contract
Contract duration
24 months
Job vacancy
Fin Janvier 2022
Deadline for submission
17 January 2022

MSF pays very close attention to the protection of the personal data of its members, staff and people wanting to join the association.
The data collected in the course of your application will be processed in a fair and high quality manner, only by the staff in charge of recruitment, wherever in the world they may be working for an MSF entity.
For more information on the processing of your personal data and your rights, please see our privacy policy.

Only selected candidates will be contacted.
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