NRC recruits 01 humanitarian Access Adviser

NRC t 01 hmantaan A Adv – NRC Ng/Bkna Fao

All NRC mploy a xptd to wok n aodan wth th oganzaton’ o val: ddaton, nnovaton, nlvty, and aontalty. Th atttd and lv hall gd o aton and latonhp.

Ng  on of th poot ont n th wold, tatd at th hat of th Sahl. Ng ha a lak of tat apaty to pond to hmantaan  and  alo odd y ont afftd y onflt and ntalty (Chad, Nga, Mal, Bkna Fao, and Lya n th fa Noth). Thn t  pat of th mgaton ot towad Nothn Afa. Ng ntly ha n xpnng dtoaton n ty; n o-od attak y non-tat amd gop – tagtng amd fo and ommnty lad. It ha n vng many fg fom Nga, Mal, and latly fom Bkna Fao.

Bkna Fao ha n xpnng an npdntd n voln and hmantaan nd n aly 2019. Bkna Fao wa a latvly tal onty t now th nm of Intnally Dplad Popl (IDP) ontn to na a th govnmnt ontn tgglng to ontan th non of th non-tat amd gop. In Janay 2019 th w only appoxmatly 20,000 IDP, now th a tmatd to  mo than 1,000,000 IDP and th xptd to ontn. NRC’ pogam potfolo nld all fo o omptn of NRC.  ICLA (Infomaton, Conllng and Lgal Atan), Lvlhood and Food Sty, WASH, Shlt, and Edaton.

w a lookng fo a  Hmantaan A Adv  to ppot pnpld pogam dgn and mplmntaton y povdng analy and opatonal gdan to n tand and qalty a.

Spf ponlt 


Mantan atv ontat wth A/Laon ontpat fom p agn (nldng Loal Hmantaan Patn) and lvant oganzaton. Rpnt NRC n all a latd aa nldng povdng ppot to xtng a mhanm (A Wokng Gop, CMCood). Wok loly wth fld taff to n ond knowldg of pnpld a and ngotaton. Wok n lo ollaoaton wth th Rgonal Analyt and ACLED to monto and analy onflt dynam, dvlop an analy mthodology and dlv npt to th a / analy platfom (nd dvlopmnt). Coodnat wth th Gloal A Advo on ky and a tatg dton. Sppot wth talhng and mantanng ontat wth th athot n th aa of opaton wth a pf fo on th dvlopmnt of a latd ntwok. Analy and Advoay ppot  Sppot th talhmnt of a ontxt montong ytm to ollt and analyz ky nfomaton and data lvant to NRC’ pogammat and tatg don makng. Dvlopmnt of ontxt-pf tool n ppot of ldng antpatoy analy – n lo oodnaton wth th Rgonal Analyt and Gloal A Advo. Povd wttn and val analy to NRC onty managmnt tam and aa tam hghlghtng onflt dynam and tnd analyzng th mpat on nt and ft NRC a and pn Monto th ty and poltal taton on th gond ldng on th xtnal ntwok; ha gla ontxt pdat and analy. Wt glaly a wll a ad-ho pot ptanng to ty ndnt, a dvlopmnt and oth ontxtal onn n od to tt nfom th don-makng po. Sppot th Poly and Advoay dpatmnt n dntfyng a latd and n podng vdn fo advoay ppo. Fld ppot  Sppot Conty and aa managmnt tam on managmnt, ndnt managmnt and pot-ndnt managmnt whn qd. Sppot th NRC Conty and Aa Off Managmnt Gop n makng nfomd tatg don latd to hmantaan a and th patal applaton of hmantaan pnpl. Coodnat th mplmntaton of a tatg fo all opatonal aa. Povd apaty ldng and to fld taff on a latd top (hmantaan pnpl, ngotaton, ontxt analy). Pogammat ppot  In oodnaton wth HO a tam and lvant AO/CO ollag, ontt n dgnng a tatg fo nw opatonal aa. Sppot n nng that pogam atvt a plannd, mplmntd and montod afly thogh advoy and thnal ppot. Contt n nng that all ntvnton a ondtd n pt of th Do-No-Ham pnpl and n a onflt-ntv mann. Hghlght opatonal dlmma thoghot all PCM pha and nfom CMG don.

Expén / Fomaton


Gn pofonal omptn fo th poton

3 to 5 ya of xpn wthn a mla fnton wth NGO, th UN, o th pvat to. Pvo xpn fom wokng n omplx and volatl ontxt Domntd lt latd to th poton’ ponlt Thnal xpt n hmantaan a Thnal knowldg of and xpn managng and/o advng on hmantaan a Knowldg aot own ladhp kll/pofl Pvo xpn n mot managmnt Flny n Englh and Fnh, oth wttn and val Bahlo dg n a lvant fld Stong ompt and data analy kll Analytal-mndd and al to ad poltal /fn map Gnal ndtandng of hmantaan wok Contxt latd kll, knowldg, and xpn Expn n lang wth ommnt and athot a wll a NGO, Expn of ang poltal, oal, and ty taton n th onty Flny n Aa. Famla wth loal lt, polt, and gogaphal aa Stong ntponal kll, nldng apat to ngotat wth non-govnmnt takhold

Ponal qalt

Statg thnkng

Plannng and dlvng lt Wokng wth popl Commnatng wth mpat and pt Analyzng Handlng n nvonmnt


Commnmnt: ASAP Daton: 12 month Dty taton: Oagadogo  wth fqnt tavl Ng and fld fl off Salay/nft: Gad 9 of NRC Salay Gd Pla not that yo a qd to nt th gogaphal loaton fo all yo pvo poton whl gtng yo CV. Th no pf fld fo th nfomaton n o CV fom, t yo an th “Company nam” fld fo oth ompany and loaton. Only CV and applaton wttn n Englh wll ad Fo mo nfomaton, pla lk on th lnk Jo Dpton

Clqz po potl

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