NRC recruits 01 Wash Project Manager

NRC t 01 Wah Pojt Manag – (Mol Dllng) Cntal Afan Rpl, Nowgan Rfg Conl

NRC CAR tng a Wah Pojt Manag to lad th mol dllng pojt and tam. 

Cntal Afan Rpl (CAR) xpnng a hmantaan , wth mo than 600,000 ntnally dplad, and 500,000 fg n nghong ont, and many mo afftd.

NRC tatd th nt onty pogam n CAR n Fay 2014, and ntly opatng n fv fld off; Bat n th Soth Wt, Dkoa n th Cnt-Wt, Kaga Bandoo n th Cnt-Noth, Ndl n th noth, Alndao n th othat, a wll a th aptal off n Bang.

Th ty taton hghly volatl and vy dfflt to pdt. NRC’ gogaphal aa of ntvnton a tal at th momnt t t dfflt to pdt f thy wll man tal, vn n th hot tm.

Th pogam potfolo nld all fv o omptn of NRC.  ICLA (Infomaton, Conllng and Lgal Atan), Lvlhood and Food Sty, WASH, Shlt and Edaton, Mdaton, a wll a Potton and Commnty Bad Plannng pogam.

Th ntalty n CAR ha onttd to dng poplaton apaty to a a oal v, nldng th alty and ontnty of wat and antaton v. Th 2019 flood waknd th lv of om 2,000 vlnal hohold who tll lv on t n dfflt ondton. In addton, th advnt of th COVID-19 pandm vald th nadqay of WASH v at th lvl of halth tt whh had an mpat n tm of th pon to th .

Th poplaton’ a to WASH v man vy low n CAR n oth an and al aa. Aodng to govnmntal athot, th wat ovag at of th od of 32% and l than 30% fo antaton. 2.5 mllon popl hav tal nd n th aa of Wat, Hygn, and Santaton.

Rpotng to th Had of pogam, th Wah Pojt Manag  (Mol Dllng) wll lad th dllng mol tam and ontt to th ahvmnt of onty WASH ojtv latd to wat povon.

Dt and ponlt
En adhn to NRC pol, handook,  and tool Contt to th dvlopmnt of NRC’ Conty tatgy, aton and atvt plan, and pot n th WASH/SHELTER to Contt to th dvlopmnt of NRC CAR’ WASH mao tatgy and log fam dvlopmnt Engag don wth NRC and oth hmantaan ato n CAR to a ohol oopaton n CAR and polt to nt ot dllng v (PAT- dll and ohol tam) In oodnaton wth th Pogam Dvlopmnt Manag (PDM), ppa popoal, dgt, and pot latd to th  managd pojt Evalaton, vw, and qalty ontol of WASH pojt Idntfy tnd n ondton/tandad and dono pot and a tt way to at Implmnt tanng and apaty ldng of th dllng mol tam, ollag, and xtnal takhold on lvant wah top, nldng hygn pomoton and COVID19 Dvlop patnhp and ollaoaton n th hmantaan ommnty and oodnat wth athot at th povnal and mnty lvl Dgn and manag ohol latd / dllng pojt, ng nnovatv appoah and adaptaton to COVID19 Coodnat wth th WASH lt and oth NRC and non-NRC takhold on th ho and aptan of aa of ntvnton and alo hang pojt-latd nfomaton En NRC ha th apaty, ntwok, and tool to a qd hydogologal, wat qalty, and oth thnal apt of ohol ttng En th qalty of th aton ad ot n th fld, plannng, follow-p on pog, potool, and xton of atvt ohnt wth th ntvnton tatgy. A avag ot of dllng nldng th dvty of nao, dpaton ot, pa pat, hman o. Th ot hall d to nfom ft managmnt of th PAT Dll 421, nldng potntal ntng ot to patn. Wth th PDM oodnat loly wth PAA and HoP on potton and advoay Thogh lo montong of th ontxt, dvlop appoah and atvt nng th pomoton of th Do No Ham pnpl

Expén / Fomaton

Mnmm 3 ya’ xpn fom wokng a a Pojt Manag n a hmantaan/ ovy ontxt Domntd lt latd to th poton’ ponlt Expn fom wokng n omplx and volatl ontxt Dllng xpt – an and al Flny n Fnh, oth wttn and val Knowldg of th ontxt n CAR dal Expn dllng pojt n CAR Expn wokng wth WASH lt Flny n Englh, oth wttn and val
Ponal qalt
Knowldg aot own ladhp kll/pofl Managng o to optmz lt Statg thnkng Empowng and ldng tt Handlng n nvonmnt


Commnmnt: Dm 2020 Daton: 12 month Salay/nft: Aodng to NRC’ gnal dton and f hong of modat tandad. Gad: 8 n NRC’ gad tt. Dty taton: Bang 50 to 65 % tavl to th fld.  Bang a non-famly potng. Intnatonal taff mm a qd to lv n jont aommodaton. An appovd halth tfat wll qtd fo th ontat tat. Applaton pod and CV gtaton: Pla not that yo a qd to nt th gogaphal loaton fo all yo pvo poton whl gtng yo CV. Th no pf fld fo th nfomaton n o CV fom, t yo an th “Company nam” fld fo oth ompany and loaton

Clqz po potl

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