Nutrition International recruits 01 Biochemist

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Th gnal ojtv of th thnal atan to a th mpat of food fotfaton ntvnton on th on, folat, and vtamn A tat of hldn (12-59 month) and womn of hldang ag (15-49 ya) n Sngal.

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Idntfy th oo-onom fato of on, folat and vtamn A dfny n womn of hldang ag and hldn nd fv, nldng gnd dmnaton Ma on tat, C-atv potn (CRP), alpha-glyopotn (AGP), folat and vtamn A n womn (15-49 ya) Ma on, CRP, AGP and vtamn A tat n hldn (12-59 month) y gnd Analyz and ntpt th lt otand Mak ommndaton fo mpovng o fomlatng pol fo ntton ntvnton latd to th attl agant montnt dfn Ppa a fnal pot Oganz a wokhop to ha and dmnat th lt.

Exptd lt

Th oo-onom fato of on, folat, and vtamn A dfn and anma n womn (15-49 ya) and hldn (12-59 month), nldng fato latd to gnd nqalt, wll known. Ion, folat, vtamn A tat of womn (15-49 ya) Infto tat (CRP, AGP) of womn (15-49 ya) wll known Amnt of on, vtamn A tat n hldn (12-59 month) Infto tat (CRP, AGP) of hldn (12-59 month) wll known Th fnal pot of th lt otand wll ppad, nldng nfomaton aot anma. Th pot wll nld a dpton of th doag and tattal analy mthodolog and fn aot th matal/qpmnt d. A wokhop to ha and dmnat th lt wll oganzd

Agnmnt Loaton

Th onltant wll wok fo 20 day to gath th nay data fo th pot. If th onltant an ntnatonal onltant, a 10-day pn n Sngal wll qd.

All tavl qd nd th onltany wll povdd fo y Ntton Intnatonal. Tavl allowan maxmm a ad on tandad at of th oganzaton.

Pofl/qalfaton of onltant

Fo th mon, th Pat Inttt wll ommond y Ntton Intnatonal to ay ot ohmal doag n th laoatoy (Pha 1). Fo Pha 2, an ntnatonally nownd onltant wth povn xpn n ohmty, analy of ohmal mak of nttonal tat and tattal mnng of data wll td. Canddat may ond a tam of natonal and ntnatonal onltant (f qd fo th agnmnt).

Applaton Po

Inttd onltant a nvtd to nd th applaton y mal to  [email protected]  fo Sptm 20, 2020, ndatng a jt “SEN-03 Applaton: Nam of th ompany/fm” and “Impat tdy on montnt n Sngal”. Only omplt applaton wll ondd.

Th applaton hold nld:

An p-to-dat Clm Vta (CV) A thnal popoal: no mo than fv pag, dng th ndtandng of th tak, th popod mthodology, th ponlt of th ky patpant and a dtald wok plan that dtngh th atvt fom th lt. A fnanal popoal: nldng th p dm at, th popod nm of tp/day n th onty and any oth xpn qd to flfll th tm of th onltaton (fld tp, mtng, qpmnt, t.). A onfmaton mal aft omplton of th NTEAM’ pofl of all onltant ltd n th applaton.

NB: Pla ttl yo applaton mal a follow: Applaton TAN CODE: Nam/ompany – Fll TA ttl

Ntton Intnatonal ommttd to gnd qalty. Conltant a qd to ndat how thy wll n that gnd qalty ondaton a nldd n th way thy povd thnal atan.

Ntton Intnatonal ommttd to th fndamntal pnpl of qal mploymnt oppotnty. Womn a noagd to apply.

Fo th omplt Tm of Rfn (ToR) and nfomaton on th applaton po pla vt:

Englh ToR: 

Cliquer pour accéder à SEN-04-ToR-EN-fnal.pdf

Fnh ToR: 

Cliquer pour accéder à SEN-04-ToR-von-FR-fnal-1.pdf

Po potl,  nvoyz vot CV t vot ltt d motvaton  pa -mal à 

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