Orange recrute 01 Cyber Security Manager

Cy Sty Manag


Infomatq, Téléommnaton

Cy Sty Manag Rf :  558189 | 06 ot. 2020 Dat lmt d anddat : 04 janv. 2021 CtySta, Cao, Égypt – Egypt Vot ôl Jo Ppo : Th ol of Sty Manag to povd a val addd xpt v ntd aond nfomaton and y ty on half of ontat tom. Gloal ownhp of tom’ y ty, and nfomaton k dtal. Ownhp of ty v lfyl (dfn, a, vw, and mpov ) to mt tom’ ty ojtv. En omplan wth tom ty qmnt, Oang ty pol, and gnally wth ndty t pat. Ctom latonhp managmnt to n tom’ atfaton and loyalty. Ky Tak and Rponlt To dvlop and to mantan a ty pogamm to manag tom’ qmnt wthn ontat op;  nldng dntfaton of tom’ ty ojtv, amnt of xtng ontol, pfomng gap analy, dvlopng  nay ma to ov any gap, and to ontnally monto and to mpov th tom ty pot. To ay ot thnal vlnalty amnt, and  to dv nay aton to fftvly ontol dntfd vlnalt. To manag and to mtgat mgng that ompomng th tom ty. To pond apdly and fftvly to ty ndnt aodng to ndnt managmnt po, and to pod analy pot wth ommndaton of mdal aton. To adopt a Rk Managmnt appoah to dv dffnt aton n th ty pogamm n laon wth tom’ ty athot. To patpat n ntnal/xtnal adt ty latd tt and vw. To pod and to pnt lvant pot to th tom ty athot and to ntnal opaton managmnt and ty govnan off a qd. To povd SME adv and gdan on th applaton and opaton of all typ of nfomaton ty ontol, and to wok wth opaton manag to n th hght pol ty tandad a mt and mantand. To patpat wth dffnt opaton tam to mpov po, tool, domntaton modl and mthodolog. Dvlop p-llng oppotnt to mt nw tom’ qmnt and hallng. To kp p to dat wth mgng ty tnd, that, t pat and tandad (ntnal and xtnal), glaton, and ty nhanng thnolog. To manag oth atvt that may a thogh volton, gowth o ttng. Vot pofl Edatonal Expn : A Mat’ o ahlo’ dg n Compt n, ommnaton, lton , o a latd fld. Pofonal Expn : Yo a a mat ty pofonal wth +7 ya of xpn; wth a mxt of opatonal and tom fang kll, and wth an apttd to hav a la vw of th applaton and opaton of dffnt nfomaton ty doman. Yo had kll nld : CISSP, CISM,CISA, SANS GIAC, ISO27K tfaton o qvalnt. Stong thnal ndtandng and xpn of at lat two of th followng : Ntwok and nd-pont ty Idntty and a Managmnt (IAM), Ntwok Pntaton Ttng and Ethal Hakng That and Vlnalty managmnt. Sty Infomaton and Evnt Managmnt (SIEM), and SOC opaton, Sty ndnt handng . A good wokng knowldg of  nfomaton ty t pat , ndty tandad , and oth latd lglaton Stong akgond of IT and ntwokng ahtt and thnolog. Good ndtandng of ITIL po. Yo oft kll nld : Exllnt analytal and polm-olvng alt. Stong tom fo, al to pond qkly and fftvly to tom’ qt, and al to adapt to a fat hangng tom landap and hallng. Exllnt val and wttn ommnaton kll at all lvl. Exllnt data pntaton and potng kll. Exllnt ladhp, tamwok and ollaoaton kll. Expn wokng wth vtal and mot tam mm and takhold. Rlt-ontd, hgh ngy, lf-motvatd.. Potv atttd towad lanng and dvlopmnt dmontatd y a od of ontnng pofonal dvlopmnt Expo of wokng wthn a Matx Managmnt nvonmnt n a mdm to lag oganzaton . Exllnt val and wttn Englh langag kll L pl d l’off Ctom Sv & Opaton Oang Bn Sv manag and ntgat th omplxty of ntnatonal ommnaton, fng o tom to fo on th tatg ntatv that dv th n.  O xtnv xpn and knowldg n gloal ommnaton olton, togth wth o ndtandng of mltnatonal n and loal ppot n 166 ont and tto, n that o tom v a ontnt, gloal olton whv thy do n Entté Ctom Sv & Opaton Contat Rgla POSTULER

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