Orange recrute 01 Sr. Supervisor, Marketing Mobile Money Payment

Oang t 01 S. Spvo, Maktng Mol Mony Paymnt


Infomatq, Téléommnaton

S. Spvo, Maktng Mol Mony Paymnt Rf :  CEGY481 | 05 ot. 2020 Dat lmt d anddat : 05 nov. 2020 Oang Egypt – Smat Vllag – Egypt Vot ôl Dgn nw v, dvlop nw podt to flfll n nd, na tom loyalty, and gnat vn.Ppa all ndd ommnaton matal fo th Mol Mony n makt to nhan tom awan.Contantly gow and na Mol Mony KPI, wth a fo on Atv Ba, thogh ongong nnovatv CBM lanhDvlop Mol Mony n y gttng nto agmnt wth dffnt ntt fom th pl and govnmntal to n th makt to n offng th hght nft to Mol Mony Coopat wth lvant tam (Rglatoy, Sal, Thnology, t.) to ah th t olton and flow fo GTM tatgDgn t n la Ctom Expn ao hannl thogh ontnoly nhanng and pdatng th tom jony flow and mnmzng and fald po and tanatonCondt otdoo atvt to dvlop patnhp wth xtnal takhold & pat y attndng mtng & onfn wth all ntt that at n oppotntRponl fo Makt Intllgn analy to dntfy th gap twn o v & ompttoCat all ontnt, onpt domnt, po, and atvt ndd to ollot Mol Mony v (Cah In, Ot, P2P, Paymnt…) nd dt, ndt, and opoat aont followng d glaton.Algn wth th patn ank to gt th ndd CBE appoval and NTRA valdaton to noll dt and ndt hannl otlt, to avod any lalty on th n that may lad to k on th v.Cat ndd Mol Mony tanng matal & lad Mol Mony tanng plan to n havng a ontnt mag & awan ao all hannl otltCat an anmaton plan, nldng ontt, nntv, and vnt, n oopaton wth all ntnal and xtnal tam.Monto and pot Mol Mony pfoman ao all hannl to analyz th ovall pfoman and lad dffnt hannl to ovom any polm and n applyng otv aton.Contnoly wok wth gloal gop tam to dntfy t pat and adapt to loal makt mplmntaton to povd nnovatv maktng oltonManag and monto tam mm pfoman to n Mol Mony makt ladhp.Povd on-th-jo tanng and monto th dvlopmnt of th tam.Coah and np all tam mm to ahv pf goal.Condt gla mtng wth th tam to tngthn ommnaton and n hang th am von. Vot pofl Edaton Unvty gadat pfaly n Bn; Mat dg a pl Expn Mnmm of 5 ya xpn n a latd fld; 2 ya n mnmm n tlom Compétn Exllnt ompt and pntaton kllQalty fo wth gat attnton to dtalStong n nMaktng tatg awanMaktng gmnt know-howExllnt ommnaton kll nng dplomay n dalngStong popl managmnt kllStong pojt managmnt kll Entté Tanfomaton & Opatonal Effny Ahvng Mol Mony Paymnt and Collton dgnd maktng plan and th dgtd KPI to n plannd vn dlvy.Dgnng th poply gmntd val popoton, png, off, and anmaton atvt to maxmz Mol Mony pntaton fo B2C and B2B tom ng dv CBM atvtPoton Mol Mol mony Podt ffntly thogh lvant ommnaton ao all hannl  Contat Rgla POSTULER

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