Palladium recruits 01 Grants and Operations Assistant

Palladm t 01 Gant and Opaton Atant, Sngal

Palladm a gloal lad n th dgn, dvlopmnt and dlvy of Potv Impat – th ntntonal aton of ndng oal and onom val. W wok wth fondaton, nvto, govnmnt, opoaton, ommnt and vl oty to fomlat tatg and mplmnt olton that gnat latng oal, nvonmntal and fnanal nft.

Fo th pat 50 ya, w hav n makng Potv Impat pol. Wth a tam of mo than 2,500 mploy opatng n 90 pl ont and a gloal ntwok of mo than 35,000 thnal xpt, Palladm ha mpovd – and ommttd to ontnng to mpov – onom, ot and mot mpotantly, popl’ lv.

Palladm a hld-af oganaton, and n applant fo talty to wok wth hldn. W alo povd qal mploymnt to all patpant and mploy wthot gad to a, olo, lgon, gnd, ag, dalty, xal ontaton, vtan o matal tat.


Th Nw Patnhp Intatv (NPI) Expandng Halth Patnhp—NPI EXPAND Pojt— a fv-ya, U.S. Agny fo Intnatonal Dvlopmnt (USAID) fndd pojt whh am to ppot Mon wth nang th avalalty and tlzaton of qalty halth v ao all USAID poty halth aa.

In ln wth th Jony to Slf-Rlan (J2SR), USAID ommttd to xpandng t ang of mplmntng patn y nvtng n nw and ndtlzd loal patn (NUP) and tngthnng th apaty to tatgz, plan, and mplmnt halth to pogam wth USAID fnd. Enhand patpaton of apal loal patn to na dmand fo and dlv hgh-qalty, hgh mpat halth v wll nal govnmnt to mt al halth goal qtaly and tanaly. NPI EXPAND wll atalyz oppotnt to al p nnovatv ntvnton y tngthnng th apaty of NUP wth vayng lvl of apalt and xpo to USAID.

NPI EXPAND Sngal Atvt Ovvw

Th goal of th NPI EXPAND atvty n Sngal to na a to qalty poty podt and v nldng famly plannng and matnal, nonatal and hld halth podt and v and to na th ommtmnt of ndvdal and ommnt n th managmnt of th halth v.

NPI EXPAND wll ahv th goal y mtng th followng ojtv: 

    Stngthn th tanalty and oganzatonal apaty of ky NGO to flly manag oal maktng and halth advoay pogam a pm pnt of USAID fndng. Ina tlzaton of poty halth podt and v nldng oally maktd ontaptv and FP v, wat tatmnt podt and moqto nt. Inad adopton of nnovatv halth pat, nad adopton of nnovatv thnolog y th halth to, and alng of ndd halth nnovaton.
Poton Dpton

Th ndtakng of th Sawad/Gant Managmnt pogam of NPI EXPAND to povd fftv and ffnt awad/gant managmnt, gdng gant thogh th gant lfyl to ppot th fl mplmntaton of atvt, n ppot of th NPI EXPAND ojtv.  Th Sngal Gant and Opaton Atant, nd th NPI EXPAND Gant and Pojt Dlvy Tam, wll ad n pomotng ontnt mplmntaton of poly and pod, flxlty, ponvn, nnovaton, and ollaoaton n th admntaton of NPI EXPAND awad/gantmakng pogam n addton to ppotng th Fnan and Opaton Manag wth opatonal atvt wthn Sngal. Th poton wll pot admntatvly on a day-to-day a to th Conty Tam Lad, wth fntonal potng to th Gant Managmnt Dto and Manag, Pojt Dlvy n Wahngton, DC.

Dt and Rponlt

Th Gant and Opaton Atant wll xptd to:


Sppot ovght of gant managmnt and mplmntaton at th onty lvl; Wok loly wth HQ ollag to povd fftv and ollaoatv d dlgn and ovght atan of gant; Patpat n k amnt po, povdng ppot nto th amnt of th lglty and gant admntaton apaty of poptv gant; At n analyzng popoal dgt fo allowalty, alloalty, and aonaln; Daft nw gant agmnt and amndmnt fo appoval y Gant Tam and HQ; Povd atan nng th mooth managmnt of onty gant potfolo, nldng tmly paymnt, qk pon to gant nq, and ffnt polm-olvng; Sppot vfaton of mlton ahvmnt n ah gant awad; Sppot mantanng an p-to-dat onty gant potfolo, ndng mnd, follow-p, and loot a ndd; Sppot vw of gant fnanal pot, paymnt qt, and at n ondtng olton of nvo vw fndng; Sppot faltaton of gant’ ndtandng of gant, potng, and adt qmnt; Sppot nng that gant awadd a omplant wth US Govnmnt and/o oth pal qmnt; Sv a pont of ontat fo pot-awad gant mplmntaton, nng all gant fl a omplt, aat, and p to dat fo pot hk and adt; Sppot vw of ntnal domnt and po fo omplan a ndd;


Collaoat wth th n-onty tam to foat off’ ah nd; Sppot pong good and/o v a p th pomnt pol and lnt glaton nldng otanng appopat lvant athozaton, mantanng vndo lt, oltaton of qotaton/popoal, domntaton of pomnt don and ontat, and managng vndo latonhp thoghot th fll agmnt lf yl; En tmly pt of qalty v/good and t val fo th p ollaoatng wth pojt taff to monto pfoman and ahvmnt of dlval a p ptv agmnt fo pong of paymnt() to vndo; Sppot managng off falt, qpmnt, at, IT, t. and at n mantanng aat at gt; Adh to and tan lvant taff n all pojt admntatv and opaton pol and pod a ndd; Coodnat wth th HQ Pojt Dlvy tam to ntat vttng po fo vndo, onltant, nw h, t.; Daft fnanal domnt h a nvo, dlvy not, pha od and oth domnt to n th ompltn, aay, and valdty of fnanal data; Sppot dmnt of fnd fom th pojt ank aont nng adhn to ntnal ontol and omplan wth Palladm’ fnanal pol and pod; Daft ontatal domnt to appovd y th Fnan and Opaton Manag,, Gant Coodnato, CTL and/o HQ Pojt Dlvy tam; Sppot mantanng ytm fo takng ontatal domnt, opondn and potng, kpng ontat fl pdatd fo pot hk and adt; At wth Intatng thoogh, fftv and poatv opondn qt fo ontat modfaton and appoval h a: op adjtmnt, pfoman pod hang, mplmntng patn hang, onltant appoval, t.; Sppot oodnaton of atvt twn pogam managmnt, tom, and otd pat whh may nld makng tavl aangmnt, xtnal mtng aommodaton, t.; Oth dt a agnd to ppot NPI EXPAND.

Pod and Loaton of Pfoman

Pod of pfoman on ya, wth annal nwal ad on pfoman and fndng avalalty. Loaton fo th ngagmnt Daka wth tavl n-onty. Som ntnatonal tavl may qd to ppot oth NPI EXPAND atvt, attnd mtng o patpat n onfn o wokhop.  Only Sngal natonal ntly dng n Sngal wll ondd fo th poton .

Rqd Qalfaton and Expn
Bahlo’ Dg n ntnatonal dvlopmnt, ntnatonal td, n, fnan, aontng, non-poft admntaton, o oth lvant fld; Expn wokng wth gant, n, fnan, aontng, o oth latd fld; Expn managng gant fo dono oganzaton, USAID gant managmnt ytm hghly pfd; Efftv ommnaton and xllnt ntponal kll; Exllnt kll n pakng and wtng Englh and Fnh; Hgh lvl of ompt ltay and tong xpn wth Mooft Off podt; Alty to dal appopatly wth ntv and mantan a hgh lvl of onfdntalty at all tm; Alty to tavl on an oaonal a; Attnton to dtal and alty to mlt-tak, t pot, and oganz tm ffntly; Stong alty to a tam play and lf-tat, omfotal n a ppotng ol, wokng ndpndntly, and n a mltltal nvonmnt; Sngal natonalty.

Po potl à pot vllz vt .

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