Plan International recruits 01 Administrative Coordinator

Plan Intnatonal t 01 Admntatv Coodnato

Plan Intnatonal

Aa, Ghana
Hmanta (ONG, Aoaton, …), Pojt/pogamm d dévloppmnt

Admntatv Coodnato Loaton: Aa, AA, GH Company: Plan Intnatonal Th Oganaton Plan Intnatonal an ndpndnt dvlopmnt and hmantaan oganaton that advan hldn’ ght and qalty fo gl.

W lv n th pow and potntal of vy hld. Bt th oftn ppd y povty, voln, xlon and dmnaton. And t’ gl who a mot afftd. Wokng togth wth hldn, yong popl, o ppot and patn, w tv fo a jt wold, taklng th oot a of th hallng fang gl and all vlnal hldn. W ppot hldn’ ght fom th ntl thy ah adlthood. And w nal hldn to ppa fo – and pond to – and advty. W dv hang n pat and poly at loal, natonal and gloal lvl ng o ah, xpn and knowldg. W hav n ldng powfl patnhp fo hldn fo ov 80 ya, and a now atv n mo than 70 ont. Jo Dpton         Poton: Admntatv Coodnato      Gad: C2Contat:  Fxd tm

Dpatmnt & Loaton: Admntaton Dpatmnt, Conty Off   Dat: Novm  2019 Rpot to (poton): Logt & Pomnt Manag  Ppo:  To povd ppot v y atng n th mantnan of off and nvonmnt, to and at n domntaton of xpatat taff and vto n ln wth th mplmntaton of th onty’ pogam.

Dmnon of Rol: Fnanal ma o tatt lvant to pot h a dgt; lt of dt and ndt potAa of Rponlty – Conty Off Typal Rponlt – Ky End Rlt of Poton:  Off Falty Managmnt En fftv and ffnt falty managmnt of th Conty Off Monto Janto to n lanln of th off, oth ndoo and otdooEn adqat pply of wat and ltty fo off En tand y gnato n good wokng ondton at all tmEn mno pa of off pm nldng t not lmtd to plmng, ltal and apnty latd wok and mantnan of a-ondton t.Alt Logt and Pomnt Manag on any majo pa qd fo don makng.  Faltaton of Vto tavl domnt Otan adtaton ltt fo vdo gappl who om nto onty fo offal wok At to aq va fo Plan Intnatonal taff vtng GhanaWok wth tom ok to n all mpotd good and qpmnt a lad on tm fo fl pojt dlvy.Otan all hppng domnt latd to good and qpmnt to mpotd a pod fo fl laan n ln wth govnmnt l and glaton and th dty-f pvlg.Faltat th aqton and nwal of dnt and wok pmt fo xpatat taff to nal thm ttl poply and pfom th dt fftvly.  Off Admntaton Rv good nto SAP At n oganzng wokhop and oth vnt.Tak fl onmpton of oth vhl and gnato and pod monthly pot.En pa, mantnan and vng of all vhl to n thy a n good wokng ondton and a oad wothy.Po th monthly fl ll.En all vhl a nd pomptly.En all taff a ovd wth gop ponal nan at all tm/Ppa Dv’ hdl (otatonal movmnt plan) to n Dv agnmnt faly alloatd and ha otatonal plan wth all dv and th Logt and Pomnt Manag fo vw and montong.En tok onmpton montod, plannd and plnhd to avod oth hotag and pl. (Th hold don on a pojt y pojt a, and poatvly, o that PojtManag an mak nfomd and tmly don aot th nd fo th plnhmnt o tok alloaton and not k pojt dlvy d to dlay o watag)Stok hold otatd on a ft n, ft ot (FIFO) a to n old tok a d ft and that watag kpt to a mnmm. (Th patlaly mpotant fo tm h a food and mdal tm and any oth tm whh hav hot hlf lf and xpaton dat to ond)En a tok ontol ytm pt n pla whh nld th of th followng mnmm domntaton.Good Sv Rpt Not mt ompltd and gnd whnv good a vd. Th an don ng th GSRN Tmplat and thn ompltng th MIGO tp n SAP.Povd ppot to th pomnt of good and v aodng to Plan Intnatonal pod and pat.Pfom all oth dt agnd y yo pvo.  Dalng wth Polm: Complxty of polm handld & th dg of nvtgaton, analy, & atv thnkng qd to olv thm: Dmontat ndtandng of admntatv qmnt a p th OB and oth pol and pod and povd ppot to th admntaton taff n th dlvy of admntatv fntonRv, ot, lafy, , tok good and matalCondt toktakng and nvntoy of toWok wth mnmm pvon

Commnaton and Wokng Rlatonhp: Wokng ontat nd and otd th oganzaton; nld th ppo and lvl (hgh, mdm, low) of th ontat Mantan a hgh ontat wth ontato, v povd and ppl fo th povon of good, matal, qpmnt, tlt, pa and mantnan of off qpmnt to n that Plan v val fo mony and opat amlly.Kp and mantan a hgh ontat wth all onty off taff to v and po qt fo vao admntatv vMantan mdm ontat wth taff fom th pogam nt off to off admntatv latd ppot v towad mplmntaton of pogam Knowldg, Skll, Bhavo, and Expn Rqd to Ahv Rol’ Ojtv: Gand thogh daton, tanng, & xpn  Knowldg and Expn Ft dg  n Bn Admntaton o Logt. 3 to 5 ya wokng xpn  n Admntaton n a ptal oganzaton pally n th NGO nvonmnt.Stong gnal knowldg n th pomnt pply han po a pl.Alty to dv n and aond AaDmontatd havo ndd y th pot-hold to flly pfom th ol:Tmln and poatv n th dhag of dt Good plannng and oganzatonal altGood pvoy and ltnng altOpn to fdak and wllngn to adopt to nw appoah and poAlty to nt-fa wth all lvl of managmntGood tam playCommnat laly and fftvlyHgh awan of afty qmnt of aa of opaton Skll Spf to th pot ndd to pt knowldg nto pat.

Good ommnaton and ICT kllGood nt-ponal kllGood lnt and tom latonGood wtng and potng kllHgh n of jdgmnt and ponltyStong tam playCltally ntvGood ngotaton kll  Phyal Envonmnt and Dmand: May “typal off nvonmnt”; not f havy lftng, lmng, x tavl, t. Tavl qmnt Th poton q 40% of tavl tm wthn Aa and Plan pogam nt wth 60% off wok.  Lvl of Contat wth Chldn: Low ontat:     No ontat o vy low fqny of ntaton Md ontat:     Oaonal ntaton wth hldnHgh lvl:        Fqnt ntaton wth hldn Low ontat – th jo ponlt of th poton do not q th pot hold to hav any on-to-on ontat wth hldn on a daly a. Th wold oaonal ontat wth hldn and t xptd that hldn hall pottd at all tm.

 Loaton: Aa Typ of Rol: Admntaton Rpot to: Logt and Pomnt Manag Gad: C2 Clong Dat: 13th Oto 2020  Ealy applaton noagd a w wll vw applaton thoghot th advtng pod and v th ght to lo th advt aly.

A ang of p-mploymnt hk wll ndtakn n onfomty wth Plan Intnatonal’ Safgadng Chldn and Yong Popl poly. A an ntnatonal hld ntd ommnty dvlopmnt oganaton, Plan Intnatonal flly ommttd to pomotng th alaton of hldn’ ght nldng th ght to potton fom voln and a. That man w hav patla ponlt to hldn that w om nto ontat wth. Plan Intnatonal lv that n a wold wh hldn fa o many that of ham, t o dty to n that w, a an oganaton, do vythng w an to kp hldn af. W mt not ontt n any way to hamng o plang hldn at k.  Eqalty, dvty and nlon at th vy hat of vythng that Plan Intnatonal tand fo. O oganaton ad on a lt of nlvty and w tv to at a wokpla nvonmnt that n vy tam, n vy off, n vy onty, h n dv popl, thoght, and da. W wll povd qalty of oppotnty and wll not tolat dmnaton on any gond. W fot an oganatonal lt that ma and xmplf o ommtmnt to gnd qalty, gl’ ght and nlon whl ppotng taff to adopt good pat, potv atttd and pnpl of gnd qalty and nlon. POSTULER

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