Plan International recruits 01 District Officer

Plan Intnatonal t 01 Dtt Off

Plan Intnatonal

Kono/Kalahn/Ftown, Sa Lon
Hmanta (ONG, Aoaton, …), Pojt/pogamm d dévloppmnt

Dtt Off – Kono Loaton: Ftown, E, SL Company: Plan Intnatonal Th Oganaton Plan Intnatonal an ndpndnt dvlopmnt and hmantaan oganaton that advan hldn’ ght and qalty fo gl.

W lv n th pow and potntal of vy hld. Bt th oftn ppd y povty, voln, xlon and dmnaton. And t’ gl who a mot afftd. Wokng togth wth hldn, yong popl, o ppot and patn, w tv fo a jt wold, taklng th oot a of th hallng fang gl and all vlnal hldn. W ppot hldn’ ght fom th ntl thy ah adlthood. And w nal hldn to ppa fo – and pond to – and advty. W dv hang n pat and poly at loal, natonal and gloal lvl ng o ah, xpn and knowldg. W hav n ldng powfl patnhp fo hldn fo ov 80 ya, and a now atv n mo than 70 ont. Plan Intnatonal Sa Lon kng to t top-noth pofonal to flfl th poton of Dtt Off (x2-Fmal Applant) ad at Kono and Kalahn to dlv th tak otlnd low:  Th GATE-GEC pojt a 4 ya daton pojt whh tatd n Apl 2017 and nd n Jly 2021.  Th pojt ppot magnalzd gl and hldn wth dalt to ovom a to ganng a qalty daton wth th am to na ltay and nmay otom. Th pojt at a a ond pha to th GEC 1 wth a fo on lanng, tanton and tanalty. Plan Intnatonal tv fo a jt wold that advan hldn’ ght and qalty fo gl. Th pojt wok ao 5 dtt n om of th mot mot aa of Sa Lon. Smmay of th poton: Th Stdnt Tah omponnt of GATE-GEC pojt pomotng gl’ daton y ppotng yong womn to tan and qalfy a pmay hool tah n al aa of Moyama, Pot Loko, Kan, Knma, Kalahn and Kono Dtt. Th Stdnt Tah a yong womn who ap to om pmay hool tah and ol modl fo gl n th ommnt

Th Dtt Off wll ponl fo th mplmntaton and montong of atvt nd th tdnt tah omponnt at fld lvl.

DIMENSIONS OF ROLE Th ol wll ontt to th qalty plannng, mplmntaton, montong and potng of pojt atvt nd th tdnt tah omponnt n th pojt’ opatonal dtt. Th ol wll ppotd y th Pojt Manag.

Th Dtt Off pnt Plan Intnatonal Sa Lon at mtng at Dtt Lvl latng to th Stdnt Tah omponnt of GATE-GEC Pojt. Aontalt To ondt wkly fld vt to th hool wh th Stdnt Tah (ST) a ondtng th hool patal xpn. To ondt mtng wth th Had Tah of th hool wh th Stdnt Tah a ondtng th hool patal xpn to follow p on th ST’ pfoman.To ondt wkly montong vt to th la ondtd y th Pat Std Mnto (PSM) and to mt wth th PSM to follow p on th ST’ pfoman.To ollt attndan od fo ST n th hool and td la.To ondt mtng wth th Stdnt Tah to follow p on th ngagmnt n th pogamm a wll a to d on any o onn.To dvlop monthly pog pot and ha thm wth th Pojt ManagTo pomptly pot any afgadng thogh th PISL potton foal pont.To ollt lvant pojt data y ng th agd montong tool.To povd wkly and monthly montong data to th M&E Off and th Pojt Manag.To tmly pot any wth montong data ollton to th M&E Off and th Pojt Manag.Sppot ST y adng thm n managng that may mpat o mpd th tdTo monto and to ppot ST and PSM n th of th talt.To mt glaly wth dtt athot to pdat on th ST Componnt.To ondt glaly oodnaton mtng (wkly/monthly) wth GEC fld taff wokng n th am dtt. KEY RELATIONSHIPS

           Intnal Conotm patn taff n th opatonal dtt to n qalty mplmntaton of th pojt. Wok loly nd th pvon of th Stdnt Tah Pojt Manag.Wok loly wth th M&E Off and th t of th GEC fld tam n th dtt.   Extnal takhold Engag loly wth lvant takhold at hool, ommnty and dtt lvl h a Had Tah, TSC and MBSSE offal. TECHNICAL EXPERTISE, SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE Edaton/Pofonal Bakgond: Ental Unvty dg  o t qvalnt (fom a ognzd nttton) n Soal Sn, Eonom, Dvlopmnt, Statt, Mathmat, Evalaton o oth fld latd to daton. A mnmm of 3 ya wokng  on Edaton pojt n Sa LonExpn wokng wth daton takhold h a Had Tah, tah, TSC/MBSSE offal.Stong ntt and wllngn to ngag on afgadng and gnd qalty latd to hallng nom and havoPvo xpn n data ollton wthn daton pojt.  Dal Pvo n data and analy wthn daton pojt. PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT Th ol wll qd to tavl to th hool/ommnt fqntly (on a daly a) to n tmly ppot and pvon to th Stdnt Tah. GENERAL ACCOUNTABILITY En that Plan Intnatonal’ gloal pol fo Chld Potton (CPP) and Gnd Eqalty and Inlon (GEI) a flly mddd n aodan wth th pnpl and qmnt of th poly nldng lvant Implmntaton Standad and Gdln a applal to th aa of ponlty. Th nld, t not lmtd to, nng taff and aoat a awa of and ndtand th ponlt nd th pol and Plan Intnatonal’ Cod of Condt (CoC), th lvan to th aa of wok, and that onn a potd and managd n aodan wth th appopat pod.

En taff ndtand Plan Intnatonal’ ommtmnt to dvng a fmnt agnda wthn th oganzaton, and th amton fo gnd qalty and gnd tanfomatv ladhp mddd n o val-ad ladhp famwok. Plan Intnatonal’ Val http://plan-ntnatonal.og/aot-/a-plan-ntnatonal/o-val-wok

 APPLICATIONS: Lat dat fo mon of Applaton (CV and ov ltt) : 15th Oto y 5:00 pm To apply fo th jo, kndly lk on « Apply » Yo applaton hold nld:  A ov ltt A omphnv CV nldng dtal of two f, on of whom hold yo nt o mot nt pvo           Only hot-ltd anddat hall ontatd. Rfn wll takn and akgond and ant-tom hk wll ad ot n onfomty wth Plan Intnatonal Safgadng Chldn and Yong Popl Poly. Plan Intnatonal follow an qal oppotnty poly and atvly noag dvty wlomng applaton fom all pally womn and popl lvng wth dalty. Loaton:            Kono and Kalahn Dtt Typ of Rol:      Dtt Off Rpot to:         Pojt Manag Gad:                 B Clong Dat:     15th Oto Ealy applaton noagd a w wll vw applaton thoghot th advtng pod and v th ght to lo th advt aly. Plan Intnatonal lv that n a wold wh hldn fa o many that of ham, t o dty to n that w, a an oganaton, do vythng w an to kp hldn af. Th man that w hav patla ponlt to hldn that w om nto ontat wth and w mt not ontt n any way to hamng o plang hldn at k.  A ang of p-mploymnt hk wll ndtakn n onfomty wth Plan Intnatonal’ Safgadng Chldn and Yong Popl poly. Plan Intnatonal alo patpat n th Int Agny Mondt Dlo Shm. In ln wth th hm w wll qt nfomaton fom applant pvo mploy aot any fndng of xal xplotaton, xal a and/o xal haamnt dng mploymnt, o ndnt nd nvtgaton whn th applant lft mploymnt. By mttng an applaton, th jo applant onfm h/h ndtandng of th tmnt pod. Eqalty, dvty and nlon at th vy hat of vythng that Plan Intnatonal tand fo. O oganaton ad on a lt of nlvty and w tv to at a wokpla nvonmnt that n vy tam, n vy off, n vy onty, h n dv popl, thoght, and da. W wll povd qalty of oppotnty and wll not tolat dmnaton on any gond. W fot an oganatonal lt that ma and xmplf o ommtmnt to gnd qalty, gl’ ght and nlon whl ppotng taff to adopt good pat, potv atttd and pnpl of gnd qalty and nlon. POSTULER

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