Plan International recruits 01 Grants Compliance Coordinator

Plan Intnatonal t 01 Gant Complan Coodnato

Plan Intnatonal

Maad, Egypt
Hmanta (ONG, Aoaton, …), Pojt/pogamm d dévloppmnt

Gant Complan Coodnato Loaton: Maad, C, EG Company: Plan Intnatonal Th Oganzaton Plan Intnatonal an ndpndnt dvlopmnt and hmantaan oganzaton that advan hldn’ ght and qalty fo gl. W lv n th pow and potntal of vy hld. Bt th oftn ppd y povty, voln, xlon and dmnaton. And t’ gl who a mot afftd. Wokng togth wth hldn, yong popl, o ppot and patn, w tv fo a jt wold, taklng th oot a of th hallng fang gl and all vlnal hldn. W ppot hldn’ ght fom th ntl thy ah adlthood. And w nal hldn to ppa fo – and pond to – and advty. W dv hang n pat and poly at loal, natonal and gloal lvl ng o ah, xpn and knowldg. W hav n ldng powfl patnhp

PURPOSE Gant Complan Coodnato (GCC) wll n th Complan of pojt n ln wth dono and Plan Intnatonal Egypt’ omplan gdln. Th GCC wll ponl fo oodnatng all apt of th gant omplan fo Plan Egypt gant potfolo fom th gant appoval tag tll th lo of th pojt/gant. Th GCC wll mantan th mat data n SAP fo oth gant and Sponohp fndd pojt to aat and pdatd to apt th latt agmnt wth natonal off. GCC wll ponl fo nom montong to n that Plan Egypt vd all th ommttd fnd a p th agmnt wth th natonal off. GCC wll vw and valdat that th patnhp agmnt fo gant fndd pojt to flt all th dono qmnt and omplan apt. Th GCC wll alo pomot a lt of gant omplan n Plan Egypt and ponl fo tanng Plan taff and Pojt patn on gant omplan and gant managmnt. Th GCC wll ponl fo dvlopng a FY /yaly alnda of pojt pot to Natonal Off, dono and n agd omplan dadln a mt. Alo, GCC wll vw th pojt pot to n th ontny and omplan to dono qmnt.

GCC wll pot dtly to Pogam Qalty and Patnhp Manag and wok loly wth th Pojt Coodnato/ Manag n th mplmntaton fnton. In addton, th GCC wll ollaoat wth Fnan, Montong and Evalaton, Bn Dvlopmnt, Pogam Advo, Pogam Unt Manag and oth fld taff. Aontalt GCC wll ontt to th fl managmnt of Plan Egypt’ Gant Potfolo y offng tmly and appopat ppot to ptv gant pojt h that hgh tandad of omplan a mantand

To oodnat wth oth dpatmnt and taff to n omplan apt a wll montod n all pojt whth gant and ponohp fndd pojt, (nldng omplan wth mplmntaton tmfam, and mplmntaton qmnt h a pomnt ondton, xpndt lglty ondton, potng qmnt, dgt amndmnt, ot o no ot xtnon, and o on) Th GCC wll ponl fo ttng p th Gant mat data fo FAD and SPAD aton ppo n th SAP gant modl and n th SAP data pdatd and aat fo oth th appovd fnd and fo pojt pndng on dono appoval. GCC wll n povdng ontaton to th pojt mplmntaton tam on dono glaton GCC wll ponl to pload th nom vd loally and mantan t n th ytm GCC wll tak th nom gtaton fo gant nom and lat monthly pot wth th pdatd nom to n that Plan Egypt v th total nom a p th gnd fndng agmnt  En that th lton Plan Egypt onfmd fnd ha-pont ytm pdatd along wth all ppotng domnt and mttd pot a pdatd on gla a to n th alty and hang of nfomaton among all Plan taff. GCC wll ponl fo th vw of th patn agmnt pakag fo gant fndd pojt. Th GCC wll patpat n th Ppaaton Pha of th gant and nvolvd n th mplmntaton of th Kk Off wokhop at CO and Stat p wokhop wth th patpaton of th pojt tam and patn to n tho wokhop ov all omplan qmnt. Th GCC wll ponl to tan Plan Egypt taff a wll a pojt oodnato ad at PA and PU on gant omplan and gant managmnt. Th GCC wll ponl fo dvlopng and pdatng a dataa of th gant omplan qmnt fo Plan Egypt potfolo, a wll a dvlopng and latng a yaly pot mon alnda fo th gant nd mplmntaton. GCC wll n that dono/NO podal pot a vwd n aodan to th dono gdln, ng th potng tmplat and n that pot a wth qalty. Th GCC wll ppot th PQP Manag to pomot a lt of hgh fftvn and ffny of Gant managmnt wthn Plan dffnt nt. En that Plan Intnatonal’ gloal pol fo Chld Potton (CPP) and Gnd Eqalty and Inlon (GEI) a flly mddd n aodan wth th pnpl and qmnt of th poly nldng lvant Implmntaton Standad and Gdln a applal to th aa of ponlty. Th nld, t not lmtd to, nng taff and aoat a awa of and ndtand th ponlt nd th pol and Plan Intnatonal’ Cod of Condt (CoC), th lvan to th aa of wok, and that onn a potd and managd n aodan wth th appopat pod. Thnal xpt, kll and knowldg 5 ya of xpn  n oodnatng gant omplan pfaly fo n INGO nvonmnt.

Knowldg of gant omplan mhanm n dvlopmnt. Exllnt ommand of pokn and wttn Englh Exllnt ommand on pokn and wttn Aa and alty to dvlop omplan and gant managmnt tanng pakag. Tanng and faltaton kll Povn tak od n kpng a pojt potng alnda and nng th potng pakag a algnd wth th dono qmnt and wth nng t qalty.

Stong ntponal kll and alty to talh good wokng latonhp wth NO, pojt oodnato, manag and oth Plan ollag Exllnt oal ommnaton kll. Alty to wok n tam and ntat wth dffnt adn. Povn ompt kll and knowldg of Mooft oftwa nldng MS Wod pong, Pow pont pntaton, Exl padht Rpot wtng kll Povn analytal kll n lt-ontd tak potzaton and polm olvng Bhavo (Plan Intnatonal’ Val n Pat) W a opn and aontal Pomot a lt of opnn and tanpany, nldng wth pono and dono.

Hold lf and oth aontal to ahv th hght tandad of ntgty. Contnt and fa n th tatmnt of popl. Opn aot mtak and kn to lan fom thm. Aontal fo nng w a a af oganzaton fo all hldn, gl & yong popl. W tv fo latng mpat Atlat a la ppo fo taff and t hgh xptaton.

Cat a lmat of ontno mpovmnt, opn to hallng and nw da. Fo o to dv hang and maxmz long-tm mpat, ponv to hangd pot o . Evdn-ad and valat fftvn. W wok wll togth Sk onttv otom, ltn to oth, wllng to ompom whn appopat.

Bld onttv latonhp ao Plan Intnatonal to ppot o had goal. Dvlop ttng and ‘wn-wn’ latonhp wth fnd, patn and ommnt. Engag and wok wll wth oth otd th oganzaton to ld a tt wold fo gl and all hldn. W a nlv and mpowng Sk onttv otom, ltn to oth, wllng to ompom whn appopat.

Bld onttv latonhp ao Plan Intnatonal to ppot o had goal. Dvlop ttng and ‘wn-wn’ latonhp wth fnd, patn and ommnt. Engag and wok wll wth oth otd th oganzaton to ld a tt wold fo gl and all hldn. Typ of Rol :  On ya fxd tm ontat Loaton: Conty off – Maad Rpot to: Pogam Qalty and Patnhp Manag Clong Dat:  21t of Ot 2020 Ealy applaton noagd a w wll vw applaton thoghot th advtng pod and v th ght to lo th advt aly. Pla not that only applaton and CV wttn n Englh wll aptd. A ang of p-mploymnt hk wll ndtakn n onfomty wth Plan Intnatonal’ Chld Potton Poly. A an ntnatonal hld ntd ommnty dvlopmnt oganzaton, Plan Intnatonal flly ommttd to pomotng th alzaton of hldn’ ght nldng th ght to potton fom voln and a. That man w hav patla ponlt to hldn that w om nto ontat wth. Plan Intnatonal lv that n a wold wh hldn fa o many that of ham, t o dty to n that w, a an oganzaton, do vythng w an to kp hldn af. W mt not ontt n any way to hamng o plang hldn at k.  Plan Intnatonal opat an qal oppotnt poly and atvly noag dvty, wlomng applaton fom all aa of th ntnatonal ommnty. POSTULER

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