Plan International recruits 01 Social Assistance Officer

Plan Intnatonal t 01 Soal Atan Off

Plan Intnatonal

Gaoa, Camon
Hmanta (ONG, Aoaton, …), Pojt/pogamm d dévloppmnt

Soal Atan Off Loaton: Gaoa, NO, CM Company: Plan Intnatonal Th Oganaton Plan Intnatonal an ndpndnt dvlopmnt and hmantaan oganaton that advan hldn’ ght and qalty fo gl.

W lv n th pow and potntal of vy hld. Bt th oftn ppd y povty, voln, xlon and dmnaton. And t’ gl who a mot afftd. Wokng togth wth hldn, yong popl, o ppot and patn, w tv fo a jt wold, taklng th oot a of th hallng fang gl and all vlnal hldn. W ppot hldn’ ght fom th ntl thy ah adlthood. And w nal hldn to ppa fo – and pond to – and advty. W dv hang n pat and poly at loal, natonal and gloal lvl ng o ah, xpn and knowldg. W hav n ldng powfl patnhp fo hldn fo ov 80 ya, and a now atv n mo than 70 ont. ROLE PROFILE Ttl: Soal Atan Off Fntonal Aa: Gaoa Pogam Inflnng and Implmntaton Aa Rpot to: Pogam Inflnng and Implmntaton Aa Manag Loaton: Gaoa Tavl qd: Lmtd Efftv Dat: 01/11/2020 Gad: ol PURPOSE Th CP/GBV Soal/Ca wok wll ponl fo povdng oal v nng n ln wth ky hld potton pnpl nldng t ntt of th hld, onfdntalty, do no ham and hld patpaton. Th oal wok wll wok loly wth hldn and womn /gl nldng Unaompand and Spaatd Chldn and oth vlnal hldn at k of and vvo of voln, a, xplotaton and nglt, povdng a managmnt v n ln wth Plan’ Standad Opatng pod, and Gloal mnmm tandad of hld potton a managmnt and GBV a managmnt. Soal /Ca Wok (Sv Povd o Staff): Rponl fo pvng th atvt of Commnty Foal Pont, povd tanng on Chld Potton and GBV, Commnty Bad Mhanm (CP/GBVCBM), ppot womn of CP/GBVCBM to onl gl on xalty latd , follow-p dntfd a ndng pyhooal ppot and pv th ado pogam. Laon twn th Commnty Foal Pont and Gnd Spalt. Th Soal Wok wll povd gla pot on pogam atvt n h/h zon of ntvnton on wkly/monthly a to th Pojt Coodnato. H/h wll ponl fo onoldatng montong data fom th zon alloatd to hm/h. Th Soal Wok wll alo povd ppot to Commnty Foal Pont n makng fal to loal potton agn, f onn a ad aot hldn y nfa and oth ato.  H/h wll appov any fal mad. H/h wll n that data olltd and onoldatd a qd. Majo Rponlt Th Soal/Ca wok wll am fll ponlty to a th lvl of k that hldn a xpod to, and th k fato to GBV and mmdatly pot any a that old volv nto hgh k a to th dt ln Spvo (Ca Managmnt Off/ Pojt Coodnato/Gnd Spalt). Idntfy, potz, a and povd pyhooal ppot to hldn at k of voln, a, xplotaton and nglt and GBV vvoMonto and pot of hld potton and GBV and volaton n agnd ommnt o zon.Povd a managmnt v n ln wth th Natonal Standad Opatng Pod fo GBV a managmnt n ln wth GBV IMS & Gloal Chld Potton Ca Managmnt Gdln.Tak at lat 25 dntfd CP a of vlnal hldn fom Intal Amnt to Ca Clo ng th Int-Agny Ca Managmnt fom dng th pojt pfoman pod.Povd pyhooal ppot and adqat fal to ontfl GBV vvoEn that hldn a followd p and vng pop a managmnt and that a a ppad fo a don/a managmnt mtngEn gla a managmnt mtng and onfn a ondtd to flt on pog and to aommodat th lon land and mpov a managmnt ytm aodngly; [patpat n Bt Intt Dtmnaton a appopat.B poatv n dntfyng oppotnt to tt ppot hldn thogh faltatng po, ytm t.En adqat altnatv a v: Sk to ndtand tadtonal a tatg fo UASC (nldng potntal potton k lnkd to th). A th apaty of th ommnty to ao hldn that nd a, and th omplmntay ppot that potntally qd.Molz ommnty lad and ommnty-ad oganzaton (h a fot pant’ gop) to ppot altnatv a.Povd pyhooal ppot fo hldn n a, pant and agvPovd pant and agv wth nfomaton on hld pyhooal dt, and on how thy an ppot th hldn to ov, a wll a a v.Etalh gla ttd atonal atvt, ld y ommnty volnt/Commnty foal pont, and oodnat th wth oth atvt. Th may nld hld fndly pa, nng that ag and gnd-ntv atvt a dvlopd and mplmntd fo hldn and adolnt.Wok wth oth to and patn to n that thy ond th potton and wllng of hldn and at thm to mak th v hld-fndly and al.En fll ponlty & aontalty –fo mantanng, daftng and pdatng pot whh nld a managmnt pot and fld atvt pot.Pomot and n th pnpl of hld potton, GBV ppot and hld patpaton a ptd wthn th Plan Intnatonal pojt and wth dntfd hld potton o at fld lvl.Sppot tanng and ontaton of CPC mm, Commnty Foal Pont and Fot faml on hld potton, SGBV and potv pantng.Oganz fal pathway qatly mtng at th Dvonal lvl wth potton ato (MINPROFF, MINAS, Pol, Gndam, Dtt hoptal, Jt, patn NGO)Oganz fal pathway qatly mtng at th ommnty lvl wth ommnty-ad oganzaton, th gnd/potton ommtt and Plan Intnatonal Camoon In ollaoaton wth ommnty lad, and ntttonal patn, th Soal Wok (Soal and Commnty Atan Off) wll dntfy GBV-afftd vvo and oth vlnal gl and oy who ptvly math a laly dfnd lglty ton. In ollaoaton wth ntttonal patn and tagt nfa, dntfy th onttnt lmnt that mak p a tat-p kt, and/o th fom of ppot that wll povdd to th tagt gl that wll dntfd.Faltat th povon of tat-p kt to gvn to vvo of GBV.                                     Podally monto th of th ppot povdd to tagt nfa n ollaoaton wth patn (MINPROFF, MINJEC, MINAS t.).Tan tagt nfa on gnd qalty, afgadng, ntpnhp and ladhp.In ollaoaton wth MINJEC, MINEDUB, MINESEC MINAS and MINPROF, th modalt of aton and fntonng of th l wll dfnd.Oganz th tanng of vao l mm wth th thnal ppot of patnMonto th atvt of th dffnt l on a monthly aOganz tanng and fh of gnd yoth l ladPovd ppot (hool ppl) fo th fntonng of tagt l.Contt to th oganzaton of pal vntContt to th von of all GPIIA potContt to all gnd atvt ondtd n GPIIACollt GBV/CP data Montong, Evalaton, Aontalty and Lanng En CP/GBV k amnt don fo agnd zon En all hld potton onn a potd and alo patpat n a managmnt mtng.En th aton plan of Gl/Boy l, adqatly followd and mplmntdRpot on oppotnt and ontant and any adjtmnt ndd n th pojt.En amnt, domntaton, good follow p of all fd a and pot aodngly;Follow-p vvo fom GBV/hld a, dntfaton and valaton of th ndGv fdak on th pojt dng ommnty mtng wth nfa and Commnty lad a month.En Chldn and Yong Popl Saf Gadng Poly of Plan Intnatonal Camoon and Gnd and nlon a ptd y all. And appld n all ntvntonComply wth Plan Intnatonal’ Fad Poly at all tm to afgad and pott Plan’ at and ptaton of honty. Infomaton and Co-odnaton Povd gla wkly pdat wth npt fom all Commnty Anmato Smt monthly pot to Pojt Coodnato on atvt mplmntd.Wth th pmon fom th Gnd Spalt/PTO an pnt Plan n CP/GBV tak hold mtng.  Hman Ro and Admntaton Patpat n th tanng and fng of Soal Wok and Commnty Foal Pont of CFS and oth ky takhold on CP and/o latd .

Dalng wth Polm Mantan ntalty to on-gong . Th jo q ntn ntvnton on th fld, n aa patally at k. Th q pdn, vglan and omplan wth ty ntton on th pat of th anmato.Exllnt and atv ladhp kll wll tlzd to poply mplmnt th atvt, n aodan wth th tandad, pnpl and wth pol tan fom ollag a oftn th a n mgny pon wokS/h hold wok nd p and apt tavl and tay n aa oftn at. Ky latonhp Kp and mantan hgh ontat wth hldn, th faml and ommntMantan a hgh ontat wth oth patn at th Dvonal Dlgaton of Halth, Soal Affa, Mnty of Womn Empowmnt and th Famly, Ba Edaton, ntwok and oth oganzaton.Mantan hgh ontat wth loal patn. Qalfaton and Expn GCE A/ Lvl o t qvalnt. A dg n oal n, law, daton o latd fld wth good knowldg of talhd ntnatonal hld potton/GBV tandad, an an advantag;  wth at lat 2 ya of xpn  n Soal Wok o ommnty dvlopmnt.B al to pak Englh. Alty to pak th loal langag of th agnd zon wll alo an addd advantag.Ha xpn n wokng wth hldn (oy and gl)Exllnt wttn and val ommnaton kll.Rdnt n th agnd ommnt  Skll Tmly and fftv dlvy of pojt atvt and oth otpt (pot, t.) Commtmnt to hld potton, gnd qalty and patpatonSkll n patpatoy amnt, atonal atvt, nfomal daton, lf kll tanng and ntzaton on hld and adolnt potton and pvnton of GBV.Good ompt kll (Mooft Wod, Exl, PowPont, Intnt Explo)Alty to ntwok wth gaoot tt.Comptn n wokng wth vvo fom GBV/CPIE a, a managmnt  Bhavo Commtmnt and adhn to hmantaan val and tandad, Not n nvolvd n any hld potton Dmontat ntalty n th nt oo-poltal .Wok wth ttwothn and ntgtyRln/Adaptalty and flxlty: Alty to opat fftvly nd xtm mtan nldng t, hgh ty k, dv ltal ontxt and hah lvng ondton. Wok and lv wth a flxl, adaptal and lnt mann.Dmontat awan and ntvty to gnd and dvty.Patnt, adaptal, flxl, al to mpov and man ponv nd p. Plan Intnatonal’ Val n Pat W a opn and aontal Pomot a lt of opnn and tanpany, nldng wth pono and dono. Hold lf and oth aontal to ahv th hght tandad of ntgty.Contnt and fa n th tatmnt of popl.Opn aot mtak and kn to lan fom thm.Aontal fo nng w a a af oganaton fo all hldn, gl & yong popl W tv fo latng mpat Atlat a la ppo fo taff and t hgh xptaton. Cat a lmat of ontno mpovmnt, opn to hallng and nw da.Fo o to dv hang and maxm long-tm mpat, ponv to hangd pot o .Evdn-ad and valat fftvn. W wok wll togth Sk onttv otom, ltn to oth, wllng to ompom whn appopat. Bld onttv latonhp ao Plan Intnatonal to ppot o had goal.Dvlop ttng and ‘wn-wn’ latonhp wth fnd, patn and ommnt.Engag and wok wll wth oth otd th oganzaton to ld a tt wold fo gl and all hldn.  W a nlv and mpowng Sk onttv otom, ltn to oth, wllng to ompom whn appopat. Bld onttv latonhp ao Plan Intnatonal to ppot o had goal.Dvlop ttng and ‘wn-wn’ latonhp wth fnd, patn and ommnt.Engag and wok wll wth oth otd th oganzaton to ld a tt wold fo gl and all hldn.  Phyal Envonmnt Th poton q to hav alty of wok n hot and old lmat wth lmtd tavl fom aa of ponlty

Lvl of ontat wth hldn Kp and mantan hgh ontat wth hldn, th faml and ommnt Loaton: Gaoa

Clong Dat: 16/10/2020 Ealy applaton noagd a w wll vw applaton thoghot th advtng pod and v th ght to lo th advt aly. Plan Intnatonal lv that n a wold wh hldn fa o many that of ham, t o dty to n that w, a an oganaton, do vythng w an to kp hldn af. Th man that w hav patla ponlt to hldn that w om nto ontat wth and w mt not ontt n any way to hamng o plang hldn at k.  A ang of p-mploymnt hk wll ndtakn n onfomty wth Plan Intnatonal’ Safgadng Chldn and Yong Popl poly. Plan Intnatonal alo patpat n th Int Agny Mondt Dlo Shm. In ln wth th hm w wll qt nfomaton fom applant pvo mploy aot any fndng of xal xplotaton, xal a and/o xal haamnt dng mploymnt, o ndnt nd nvtgaton whn th applant lft mploymnt. By mttng an applaton, th jo applant onfm h/h ndtandng of th tmnt pod. Eqalty, dvty and nlon at th vy hat of vythng that Plan Intnatonal tand fo. O oganaton ad on a lt of nlvty and w tv to at a wokpla nvonmnt that n vy tam, n vy off, n vy onty, h n dv popl, thoght, and da. W wll povd qalty of oppotnty and wll not tolat dmnaton on any gond. W fot an oganatonal lt that ma and xmplf o ommtmnt to gnd qalty, gl’ ght and nlon whl ppotng taff to adopt good pat, potv atttd and pnpl of gnd qalty and nlon. POSTULER

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